The Rarest Pokémon Game Boy Systems Ever Released -

The Rarest Pokémon Game Boy Systems Ever Released

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We’ve discussed many expensive and rare gaming systems in the past, including popular Game Boy handhelds, but on this episode we’re taking a look at the rarest and most limited edition Pokemon themed Game Boys ever made!

The Rarest GameBoy Games Ever Released:
The Rarest Nintendo Game Boy Systems:

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Pretty much everything in this video is owned by Nintendo/Game Freak/The Pokémon Company.

No copyright intended as it’s for review/commentary purposes.


  1. I wanted that Celebi GBA SO BAD when it came out! I still want it, even though I no longer have any games for it xD

  2. I have one GBA of the pokémon center of New York, look nice

  3. There was another GB color that had pikachu and Togepi on it.
    I know I have it somewhere…

  4. Don't forget the fake version pokemon marble on eBay just found out about this in 2018

  5. I just bought Celebi Green GBA does that make me cool?

  6. As a Pokémon Collector, the Pikachu SP is NOT Rare whatsoever. At my local Retro Games Store, they sell it for less then $50 Canadian. (Edit:And yes. I DO have one. I also have the GameBoy Pokémon Versions One Yellow Pikachu Edition, as well as A DSLite Pikachu Edition, and a DSi Kyogre Version as well as a ton of official and unofficial 3DS XL Faceplates. I also have a Pokémon DX:Gale of Darkness GameCube and a Pokémon N64 that I’ve had since I was a child. Actually, all the retro systems I have, save for one, I’ve had since child hood)

  7. Where can i find them besides online sites

  8. Wasnt there a diamond encrusted gba that was given out?

  9. before you said it was the hardest to find, i immediately paused the video upon seeing the latios and latias gameboy and found it ($1,185 CAD) and then as soon as i unpaused it you say that xD

  10. I remember my cousin had the torchic sp his dad got it when he went to Japan and he kept it until around 2 years ago he tried giving it me and when I asked if he knew how it cost he said he didn't know until I told him after that he sold it instead

  11. I have a GBA pika edition in the box from toys R Us.

  12. I love how these arent even the top 25 rarest ones.

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