The Rarest Pokémon Game Boy Systems Ever Released -

The Rarest Pokémon Game Boy Systems Ever Released

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We’ve discussed many expensive and rare gaming systems in the past, including popular Game Boy handhelds, but on this episode we’re taking a look at the rarest and most limited edition Pokemon themed Game Boys ever made!

The Rarest GameBoy Games Ever Released:
The Rarest Nintendo Game Boy Systems:

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Pretty much everything in this video is owned by Nintendo/Game Freak/The Pokémon Company.

No copyright intended as it’s for review/commentary purposes.


  1. I have a see through pink gameboy advance

  2. Um why didn't you bring up the Game Boy Micro systems?

  3. i have the pikachu one, that was mentioned first on the list :/, and my brother has the kyogre one, also shown in an image with the pikachu one

  4. my friend got the pickachu one at a garage sale for 2 dollars

  5. Seeing all these pokemon themed consoles is ruining my spirits. Recently I bought a $100 Pokemon silver/gold game boy color and pokemon yellow with the plan of starting a collection of pokemon games/consoles as I have been addicted to pokemon for a long time. Considering I just started collecting and seeing how many possibilities there are out there, I have already almost given up on getting them all 🙁

  6. i paid 10 US dollars for a green pokemon center gba with no battery cover. it's working though, was it a bargain?


  8. I have a periwinkle colored Gameboy advance it came with a pokemon chrystle game

  9. I got a Gameboy Color Pokémon edition with Pikachu, Togepi, and Jigglypuff in the corners on eBay for about $30 – $40 used and it works great. It's not the Pokémon centre edition but just above the Start and Select buttons there's the Pokémon logo.

    How much is it worth? I'm just curious

  10. $200 for one of the 3rd gen themed GBAs? My friend was selling one before at £30 and I could've bought it but I was too slow 😭😭 I had to settle for a Mario themed one…

  11. My former friend bought a working original gameboy for about 4$. I'm not kidding, I played it.

  12. What about the illusive Pokémon Gameboy Micro? I've seen them boxed for well over £1000!

  13. almost everybody has or had a transparent purple gbc

  14. I still have my Pikachu and Pichu one. My mom surprised me with it (still closed in the box) just a couple of days before my 8th birthday a lot of years ago. I was so touched by that kind gesture of hers (This happened on a hard day, maybe it was a hard day at school, don't quite remember anymore) and yeah that special GBA definitely got tons of playing time over the years! That special memory just came to mind from watching this. Gotta love nostalgia. 🙂

    Thanks for the video. Well done!!!

  15. I HAVE THE PIKACHU GAMEBOI but it has no face but just badly scratched ears 🙁

  16. missing one… it's the japanese gameboy micro pikachu edition. $400+

  17. I had one that was Orange. With a bunch of pokemon stickers on it.

  18. I have a slimmer Pokémon Game Boy Color…It's Yellow

  19. Err what about the 24k gold GBA SP console…was a prize for a zelda gold variant…with 6 golden tickets to upgrade to a real gold versions…

  20. Can we all agree, the original Pokemon art was much better?

  21. I wanted that Celebi GBA SO BAD when it came out! I still want it, even though I no longer have any games for it xD

  22. I have one GBA of the pokémon center of New York, look nice

  23. There was another GB color that had pikachu and Togepi on it.
    I know I have it somewhere…

  24. Don't forget the fake version pokemon marble on eBay just found out about this in 2018

  25. I just bought Celebi Green GBA does that make me cool?

  26. As a Pokémon Collector, the Pikachu SP is NOT Rare whatsoever. At my local Retro Games Store, they sell it for less then $50 Canadian. (Edit:And yes. I DO have one. I also have the GameBoy Pokémon Versions One Yellow Pikachu Edition, as well as A DSLite Pikachu Edition, and a DSi Kyogre Version as well as a ton of official and unofficial 3DS XL Faceplates. I also have a Pokémon DX:Gale of Darkness GameCube and a Pokémon N64 that I’ve had since I was a child. Actually, all the retro systems I have, save for one, I’ve had since child hood)

  27. Where can i find them besides online sites

  28. Wasnt there a diamond encrusted gba that was given out?

  29. before you said it was the hardest to find, i immediately paused the video upon seeing the latios and latias gameboy and found it ($1,185 CAD) and then as soon as i unpaused it you say that xD

  30. I remember my cousin had the torchic sp his dad got it when he went to Japan and he kept it until around 2 years ago he tried giving it me and when I asked if he knew how it cost he said he didn't know until I told him after that he sold it instead

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