The Rarest Nintendo Game Boy Systems -

The Rarest Nintendo Game Boy Systems

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Throughout Nintendo’s history they have released some rare and expensive versions of various Game Boy systems. In this video we look at the ones that collector’s crave the most! This is “The Rarest” a BRAND NEW series from the amiibo guys from RandomTens. We seriously hope you enjoy checking out all of the cool Nintendo swag in this informative video!

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  1. I have a advance SP but its just a standard silver colour

  2. my 2nd and Charles has 3 Pikachu's for $40 a piece in great condition

  3. I've seen the Pikachu GBA SP before and had no idea it was rare.

  4. found one of the pikachu for 99 dollars in brazil with the box and manuals

  5. I always love watching Tandom Rens's Rhe Tarest series

  6. I have a gameboy and it's completely black and has the face of wario on it can anyone tell me anything about it thanks

  7. Omg I HAVE A PIKACHU ONE and I didn't even know it was rare!!

  8. I WENT BANANAS!!INEEDONEOFTHESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. My sister's GBA was one othe zelda editions, I remember his birthday when my parents bought the GBA, dunno if we were the lucky ones here in Spain, we were all excited, my parents even bought a PS2 to my brother so we played the GBA and the PS2 and threw the boxes to trash and played all day. I wish we checked out if we were the winners.

    Several years after, we bought the Groudon version from a gamestop, i've managed to get all the 5 official mainseries cartiges(on my lenguaje) tru some retails shops that are on my village/city(is too small). I usually check retail shops if i see anything interesting.

    ¿Is a PS1 with controller + game worth 15€ (17$ more or less)?

  10. I just got a gba sp today with sonic advance

  11. I got the nintendo game boy micro and I got ps4

  12. gets a gold gameboy
    does drop test video
    gets destroyed

  13. Have the pikachu gameboy advanced sp
    Payed $3 at a thrift store

  14. If the Pikachu GBA SP is on there, why not the retailer exclusives that sold even less? Target Black Friday 2003 Lime Green, Circuit City Black Friday 2004 Pearl White, etc.

  15. How come you didn't mention the SNES Edition GBA SP

  16. Really? I can get original shells for all of the SP consoles for only £10 each

  17. I just got a pikachu one today, no scratches, a reasonable $95CA, paint was perfect, and it ran perfectly

  18. When i 1st saw this, i thought that by "THE RAREST" they would mean this type of rare GameBoy. By that i mean the bomb GameBoy from the Gulf War. If you do not know what it is and you are curious to see what it is, then make sure to check it out! Here's the (link to the video where i saw it.: And by the way… A bombed GameBoy… What's the excitement about it? Well it does still work.. So i guess that's something?

  19. i actually owned that pikachu gameboy but lost it somewere hopefully its in a better place. rest in piece rare gameboy

  20. So, let's say I have a Gold Plated Gameboy advance SP how much would it be worth?

  21. I will spend all of my money for a rare gameboy advance sp I do have the GameCube and I know I can get a gameboy player but I have a tv that doesn't have old cables it can't play my GameCube and that is the a car console and that is why I want a rare one so I can play all of the Pokémon games in the world

  22. you missed the shrek Gameboy its green and orange. i had one as a kid and ended up losing it

  23. You forgot about the gameboy micro famicom

  24. Cobalt is better !!! except that its ags ..001

  25. No pokemon center pikachu edition gameboy light mention? I've seen them go for more or less than the astro boy ones.

  26. I had the pikachu gameboy sp when i was 12

  27. I just bought the gold triforce GBA from my local retro game shop. Got it for $60

  28. I have the golden gameboy, bought it in 2004.

  29. I own one of the Pikachu gameboy Colors, very common but the one I got was the first one ever made, bought it at a con for 70 euros, im very proud to have it

  30. I have the Gameboy nintendo power limited edition :O

  31. i am ready for your children

  32. 1:08 "Powerful" That phrase didn't really age well in terms of today!

  33. 1:08 "Powerful" That phrase didn't really age well in terms of today!

  34. I bought the one on 2:56 . Though the front is quite battered. I got it for about $25 .

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