The Rarest Nintendo Game Boy Systems -

The Rarest Nintendo Game Boy Systems

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Throughout Nintendo’s history they have released some rare and expensive versions of various Game Boy systems. In this video we look at the ones that collector’s crave the most! This is “The Rarest” a BRAND NEW series from the amiibo guys from RandomTens. We seriously hope you enjoy checking out all of the cool Nintendo swag in this informative video!

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Pretty much everything in this video is owned by Nintendo (just like my childhood!).

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  1. There's a black game boy color with link from ocrina of time on the front, it was in Germany at Nürnberg Spielware 98, and only 1 exsits as a display peice, its unknown where it is now

  2. Lol I have the rare picahu edition game boy

  3. I love how your intro have the shiny sparkles from Pokémon

  4. and nowadays, a replacement case of the pikachu sp is one of the most common ones on aliexpress or on ebay. 100% legitimacy right down the drain when you find one

  5. "GameBoy Micro Has Been Humped By A Mouse"

  6. Hey I love these videos but can you do another The Rarest episode?

  7. lol I actually have the game boy advanced sp pikachu edition

  8. Now I know I’m going to loose probably any credibility for my findings because I’m on YouTube but, the rarest gameboy ever to exist (as far as actually released) is the Kirby pinball gameboy dmg. The game boy has a pink shell with regular gameboy dmg buttons, the only marking that would make it Kirby related is the 1st gen. Picture of Kirby running across the plastic right below the screen. There was only 25 of them ever made, and only three ever found. They were only sold via a company in the UK called Jacobs company bakery, the bakery had released this system in combination with Nintendo to try and attract new customers. The only difference from the regular gameboy box and this box was a small designation on the top of the box above the gameboy picture reading, “limited edition.” I’m not sure that the company is still around today but it’s still worth finding and buying one of these

  9. Spacing means everything. Rarest gameboys vs rarest game, boys

  10. That gold Zelda ds is for sure holy grail gl finding that… price would be ridiculous . Great video tho !

  11. The rarest neck beard ever! I have both Tezuka World Shop GB Lights.

  12. I used to have a spongebob sp but I lost it during my last move…

  13. Hey it’s me from the future, your beard looks like shit, shave it

  14. I remember seeing the donkey gameboy sp when I was a kid living in Chicago

  15. Truly making Nintendo fans go bananas. As a kid I saw this video, and it helped in turning me into the retro gamer and collector I am today. Definitely good to see where it all started!

  16. I found a Limited Edition Pikachu Game Boy Advance SP on eBay.

  17. Okay but what about the ANA Airlines Gameboy pocket and color?

  18. I have a dark green GBA sp but i’ve only seem two of them in my life(including mine) and I couldn’t find info on it everywhere

  19. I actually own the Torchic GBA SP, although my Pokémon collection is still lackluster lol

  20. my gba sp ags101 is the rarest, for MINE existes only one. its got an added feature of falty on/off switch.

  21. I had the golden Gameboy 😨 my Dad gave it to me as a present but I forgot it on the train a few weeks later 😩😩😩 I‘m so maaadd

  22. the intro is literally a third of the video -_-

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