The Only Esport Played On Game Boy Advance - Mega Man Battle Network -

The Only Esport Played On Game Boy Advance – Mega Man Battle Network

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Mega Man Battle Network is an iconic series from Capcom that combines classic RPG elements with a unique tactical combat system.

Despite not being designed with esports in mind, Mega Man Battle Network has withstood the test of time and even cultivated it’s own competitive grassroots community that’s going strong to this day.

This is the story of Mega Man Battle Network esports and the people behind it.

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  1. I wonder If many people know of or have played the sequels. I own Megaman battle network 3 and 4. They add a bit more complexity to the original idea

  2. I used to take my frustration out on Gutsman in every series that I could.

  3. When he said N1 my heart stopped the nostalgia was to much. What a beautiful thing to have brought to life.

  4. I used to chat with one of these folks. Unfortunately I never had the patience to git gud at BN6 (the only one worth playing competitively.)

  5. Throwback to wacking those 300 samurais to advance the story with Lan

  6. holy smokes its insane how this blew up. I remember downloading an emulator on my phone to play bn1,2 and 3. Sadly the experience on my phone wasn't really enjoyable but the actual gameplay and strategizing was fun. I'm curious to see how big this game will get in a couple years because theres nothing like this. Well other than mega man star force.

  7. Had no idea BN had a competitive scene til I saw this video

  8. Where can I download the game on pc please tell me please

  9. I want an MMO of the Battle Network series with custom Navi and the Navi customizer function from Battle Network 5

  10. Me an absolute casual who plays single player through the game then restarts it instead of playing post game

  11. I used to play this game as a kid and it SLAPS BRO NO CAP 💯

  12. Starforce 4! Starforce 4! Starforce 4! Starforce 4!

  13. Someone should make a PC spiritual successor to MMBN with rollback netcode.

  14. not gonna lie this mega man game was my childhood bruh and i never even knew you could play online

  15. I always judged this game for the art style and for deviating from the main series and saw it as a baby game because my little brother was into it but this convinced me to give it a try. The meta stuff gives me a headache but the vanilla experience seems interesting

  16. we really need a localized remake of the Battle Network games with online support….they'd easily get 200 dollars from me

  17. Man I remember playing this on my brother's gba
    It's insane that there's an esport for gba

  18. I hope they make proper remakes of these games at some point. Or an actual sequel.
    I honestly had no clue these games still had an active competitive scene.
    I'm seriously tempted to get back into this game.

  19. Megaman battle network was my first Megaman game I ever played still one of my favorite games of all time

  20. I wonder if we should get a battle network collection and a way to put all your chips in one deluxe folder for online PvP

  21. I played so much MMBN 3 that I believed I was unbeatable, I wish I can play this game again

  22. I remember people used to hate on MMBN. I never got that part. Amazing game imo.

  23. Grateful to the fans that brought this up to where it is today. hope I get the time to play this with a friend one day

  24. Still can't believe Battle Network managed to predict modern day over-reliance on computers, networks and A.I. and it gets proven right even more by the year, unfortunately that also proves the near terror scenarios of BN as factible, but no Mega Man to fight that back here.

    We have also yet to reach the autonomous portable A.I. companions phase but inching closer by the day doesn't make it any better.

  25. God this game was amazing. I really want to replay it now

  26. Where is this competitive scene? Literally give me an address

  27. MegaMan, MegaMan X and MegaMan Legend should be proud of Battle Network

  28. Say what you want about the second half of the Battle Network games, but at least it stayed true to itself all the way through… Unlike Paper Mario who for whatever reason decided to throw away what made it unique just so it can be like the mainline 2D Mario games.

  29. "intended to be a horror game"

    A mega man horror game????

  30. I’m so happy to see that so many people are passionate about this series. I had friends in school who loved classic Megaman and just brushed off the battle network series cause they said it “ wasn’t real megaman” and it really hurt that they didn’t wanna give it a chance. So glad to see that people still love this series! EXE will always be my megaman and I’ll always love this game

  31. Sometimes when I think back, I'm fine with not having had much access to the internet as a kid. But seeing how things started like this is very awesome. I loved BN for such a long time and figured that not many people played because no one in school really did. Though I've been lucky to have someone point me to N1GP a few months ago. And today it is very awesome to hear about the history! Enjoyed th video! Have a nice day everyone.

  32. I loved this series as a kid. Still paly through them once in awhile.

  33. man i played the shit out of this as a kid but cant remember any of it or even how it was played. cool game.

  34. Does competitive BN3 include style changes and the Navi customizer?

  35. I remember loving this game and never knew what I was doing.

  36. BN will be a good phone game… Just saying

  37. Hoping for the Legacy Collection as well as a Mega Man Vtuber

  38. How do I get involved, I’ve been trying to play battle network with somebody for years battling network 3… I’m 30 an my son likes the game but he’s no competition.

  39. I actually loved this sequel. Might have to go back and play it again. 😊

  40. As a kid I really didn't like the game
    Now I'm going through the third one and I really like them so far
    I don't think I'd ever be able to get into competitive but I'd like to try that at least once

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