The Only Esport Played On Game Boy Advance - Mega Man Battle Network -

The Only Esport Played On Game Boy Advance – Mega Man Battle Network

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Mega Man Battle Network is an iconic series from Capcom that combines classic RPG elements with a unique tactical combat system.

Despite not being designed with esports in mind, Mega Man Battle Network has withstood the test of time and even cultivated it’s own competitive grassroots community that’s going strong to this day.

This is the story of Mega Man Battle Network esports and the people behind it.

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  1. I'm never going to play this game, but I LOVE stories like this. A small community coming together to keep a game they love alive. Shit's beautiful

  2. "People assumed the game must be unbalanced."
    The game IS unbalanced for pvp. The games systems were not designed for pvp, they were designed for a single-player experience. From chip progression, to the code system and memory system, to the cross and beast out system, to the design of certain chips themselves like areagrab and invis, all of these things are great in a singleplayer pve experience but do not lend themselves to a balanced pvp game.
    -A balanced pvp game wouldn't have 90% of it's chip library be weak unviable chips that have completely better versions with no drawbacks for using the better versions.
    -A balanced pvp game wouldn't use memory and code based deck restrictions that pigeonholes people into playing the same letter code decks with no creative freedom. It works in singleplayer since you are playing by yourself and have no one else to compare to, once you start pvp and realize everyone plays the same decks, the code restrictions make deckbuilding really stale.
    -A balanced pvp game wouldn't have form change mechanics with no drawbacks so you're forced to play around them or lose out to the people that do. A better pvp game would let you pick between tons of different forms and select just a few to use for a specific deck, also would use a rebalanced version of the soul system from 4 and 5 where you need to sacrifice a chip to activate it, it only lasts 2 turns, but you can reactivate it multiple times in a single match (also give the souls more creative effects that are actually worth deckbuilding around). Meanwhile in 6 you have the same unchangeable 2 sets with gregar and falzar, if you're in a mirror match the type weakness doesn't even come up and theres no interaction there, not to mention that falzar has better crosses to begin with. Beast out just needs to be removed entirely, another mechanic where if you dont build around it you lose out to the people that do, and theres only 2 types so it gets stale really fast.
    -A balanced pvp game wouldn't have chips that are designed for pve(the overwhelming majority of them). Theres a reason every competitive deck in mmbn runs max copies of certain chips like areagrab and invis, because those mechanics are designed for pve and are incredibly degen in pvp. It's not exciting game design to see who drew into their areagrabs first and gets to arealock the opponent first, and it's not exciting for the opponent to become invincible for 2/3 of the turn timer, yet thats how competitive mmbn plays.
    Don't get me wrong I love the games, and the pvp can be fun, but the competitive mmbn community is really delusional when it comes to game balance, they will attack you if you even suggest that these singleplayer games could possibly have any room for improvement in regards to the pvp. I can't think of a single pvp game that hasn't had the devs make multiple patches to make it more balanced, but nah I'm sure this game that threw pvp in as an afterthought got it perfect the first try and theres absolutely no way it could be any better. The people in that community either have no imagination or they dont really play other pvp games in general.

  3. Netto-kyun…he’s such a precious and dorky SUPER ULTRA SPECIAL NETSAVER and I’d glomp him if I could. Also, the fact that Rockman.EXE is OVER 20 YEARS OLD really makes me feel like the 29 year-old I am x3

  4. Can't someone just make a unity game with all versions of megaman with various chips to use.

  5. This game was soooo good!!!! I remember being really obsessed with it. I really miss that feeling with games. Especially Pokémon games…

  6. This was a great find!! Just yesterday, I went to a gamers expo in my city, and found 2 different Starforce copies I didn’t have. This made me find my BN 4,5&6 copies for my gba, and currently playing it through

  7. I wonder if these guys would like one step from eden

  8. Should I play battle network 6 before watching the sport to understand it??

  9. and now thanks to mars, weenie and co we also have bn3-5 on tango rollback netcode, its so sick, and also of course 6 is there too, being the first.

  10. Binge watching MMBN videos after the switch bundle trailer dropped. The fact that people literally made their own version of the game to run Esports, based on an old GBA game I played as a kid is wild. Great video man!

  11. In the end, the Battle Network fan gets the W. Let's goooooo

  12. 1 year later announcement of MMBN "remaster" on steam, switch and PS

  13. Don't mind me, just passing by after the Legacy Collection announcement. Hype!

  14. I come from the future to say that Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection will be a thing in 2023! Dreams do come true!

  15. finally coming to the switch let's gooooo! 🙂

  16. Megamna NT warrior was one of my childhood shows. Im 28 now and just started playing the battle network games. So much niceness from childhood 😭

  17. Let's hope this announced collection had WIFI Battles!!!

  18. Man they better have rollback online for this legacy collection. If they go all out (surely for a 2023 release) it’ll pay off big time.

  19. MMBN Collection coming to PC let's fucking goooo!

  20. Hey 2022 here, were getting ports…. Can we NICELY request capcom attempt to add online play? There hasnt been any word on network/pvp…. I wish I knew there was a scene behind the game a LONG time ago!

  21. yayyyyy we will now have a legacy collection .

  22. The collection coming to switch! Hopefully this kicks back off

  23. Writing this comment after the trailer dropped and what made BN so successful was the lack of information out there for everything. I started at BN3 and I was a kid but the only resource we had was game FAQs no YT or anything so the best combos and what not was discovered by your friends or yourself running into it. I loved and hated that but looking back on it grinding all 7 stars in BN3 by myself was such a damn achievement

  24. Mega man battle network legacy collection let's fucking gooooooo

  25. Imagine they implement roll back online battles on the switch. I would play this game forever lmao

  26. Now with the announcement of the MMBN Legacy Collection, this scene will exponentially grow. Especially if the collection has the ability to play online.

  27. It took a year but N1GP was able to get MMBN6 with rollback

  28. Mega man battle network white version I could never beat it

  29. Battle network got rollback but smash still dont 💀

  30. Battle Network Legacy Collection, Persona 3 and 4! Welp, looks like I'm set for 2023

  31. this game isn't even fun regularly, why would you wanna play it competitively

  32. Nice to see some pokemon slander right on the video title lmao

    Jokes aside, no, pokemon is the esports game on gba.
    Megaman was designed with SINGLE-player in mind, its not a esports game by any degree

  33. This is one series I can’t wait to get into. It’s so unique and up my alley and I’m glad to know there’s a competitive scene. I heard there is rumored to be an online mode in the new collection coming up so that will be sweet!

  34. Thanks for this! Definitely gonna look into this as this was one of my favorite franchises👌🏿🙌🏿

  35. I was a beast at this game back in the day, particularly Battle Network 3 for me.

  36. this is so awesome! i remember finding out and seeing it was being held tournament wise etc years ago i was like "its about time!"

  37. Advance Wars also has a grassroot competitive scene

  38. And now, we have a release next year of the complete series haha, as so many say…LET’S GOOOOOO!!!

  39. i use to own the physical device where you had to put physical chips but the game was so bad that i gave up on it. was too poor for a GBA at the time so i never got to own this game.

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