The Nostalgia Mines - Game Boy Color case -

The Nostalgia Mines – Game Boy Color case

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Found this little gem at a local garage sale.
DMG01 / GBC case.


  1. Back when I was like 9 in 2006 my parents got me this exact case from a garage sell. It came with the same purple Gameboy color inside including all the Pokémon games, dr Mario and super Mario land 2. It’s funny it had the same issue fitting my game boy color I guess that’s how it was manufactured maybe?

  2. The Gameboy color loading instruction shows booklets go underneath the GameBoy. I just bought a brand new one from 2001 model GB7. It also comes with 3 foam pads that 4 batteries go inside of. Those go above the Gameboy and 2 games on top of the stored batteries and 3 game in the other storage compartment so a total of 5 games.

  3. woah cool a good console i have a gameboy advance sp
    cyan but…
    Rip a month ago…

  4. I have a og gameboy case but the inside top half is brownish and dirty dont know what caused it what do u recommend for cleaning that should i fully clean that out or clean it then dye it back black

  5. I have been trying to figure my case out as well

  6. I thought this would be about the smartphones cases made after Gameboy

  7. I got a basically new game boy with 2 games and this case for <$100. The previous owner said his wife bought them back as a kid but only played on the game boy like 10 times max. Watched this video hoping to know what the empty space is for that goes under the gbc. Lol seems you don’t know either. It will remain a mystery I guess. Lol

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