The New Tiny Game Boy Is Here -

The New Tiny Game Boy Is Here

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A while ago I backed a Kickstarter that was looking to further miniaturize the Gameboy Advance SP form factor to where you could attach it to your keychain and easily take it with you. Today we are taking a look at what showed up with the FunKey S.

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  1. I wonder why they went with a 50Hz display. Seems like a very strange choice considering most of us will be playing 60Hz games. Not sure how they will be able to eliminate screen tearing w that mismatch.

  2. It kinda bugs me when ppl call things like this a "Game Boy" just cus of the way it looks. It really has nothing at all to do w the Gameboy & doesn't play Gameboy cartridges. It's simply an Emulation machine.

  3. I wonder if that screen bezel will crack or get damaged over time, as there seems to be no sort of rubber bump stops or anything like that on it for when it closes.

  4. Lol oh godd… That is WAY too tiny to play GBA on w the way it reduces it down.

  5. I think considering there is some extra room on the sides, that a device like this would have been better suited w the same aspect ratio as the GBA, so that games could actually be stretched in Emulation to make the picture appear a bit bigger on the tiny screen, and to allow GBA games to be played without being shrunk down so much.

    It worked well on the GBA SP when playing Gameboy games to make them appear a bit bigger than normal. Normally I'd never stretch my games out like that, but on the GBA it actually is nice considering the small screen size & my old tired eyes.

  6. Honestly tho, if there was enough space for some tiny tactile buttons, then I don't see why there couldn't have been room for some very thin rubber membranes instead. The contact points on the board would of course be flat, so it shouldn't have taken up much more space if any. It may have been a board real estate thing as the contact points would have needed to be significantly larger for rubber membranes, and perhaps because they didn't want to use a multi layer PCB there may have just not been enough space for the needed traces.

  7. Most ppl usually carry their phone on them & a smartphone these days makes for a far better handheld Emulation experience than this would, even w the lack of physical buttons.

    This just seems like more of a novelty thing to show off to your friends & be like "Hey guys check out this cool thing I got! Nothing wrong w that, plenty of money gets made on Novelty items. Just can't imagine someone using this thing very often if at all.

  8. I would like to see this in the size of a normal Gameboy Advance SP

  9. Still never understood why the gba did not have an X and Y buttons. hopefully that is why gba games had better controls than the snes. 2 buttons to look up and down in metroid really?

  10. This would be super uncomfortable to play, way too small

  11. useless won't pay a cent for that feels better not wanting it at all

  12. To this day, I will never understand this fetish of miniature handhelds. Why in heck would you want a system so small that it strains your eyesight? I want to enjoy games, not go blind.

  13. It would just sit on my shelf as a novelty item. Hopefully they take all of the work they have done and make a FunKey "XL" that's closer in size to a SP and more playable with a bigger screen.

  14. It’s as if the GBA SP and the GBM had a baby

  15. How about using earphones through micro usb somehow?

  16. 2:38 dude stop biting your nails u going to end up removing all the nails off your thumbs

  17. i wish they made an sp just barely larger than size of a gba game when it's closed, and have a gba slot

  18. Just completed my first playthrough of Castlevania SOTN on mine yesterday!

  19. I think I should buy me a pair of tiny hands and a giant eyeglass. Can't wait for the mini edition.

  20. I love playing pokemon and rpgs with one hand while multitasking!

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  22. At the beginning of the video I thought it was stupid af. Half way in I think I kind of like this thing.

  23. I also felt like I should have bought atomic purple instead of original purple. I put Gran Turismo 2 on mine and it’s both my favorite and least favorite way to play GT2.

  24. Could you use a micro usb to female auxiliary adapter? Yes they exist, rare but out there

  25. this is a definition of a conversation starter, but that's it… unless you carry a bag or backpack with you this will get damage as a regular key chain, playing on that looks uncomfortable for the eyes, the battery is weak and runs roms so better use your phone.

  26. I'm surprised how many people bought this thing to actually play games on it and not just as some novelty/shelf piece. Maybe my hands are just too big to imagine this being usable though lol

  27. Next project – "FunKeyS XL" … follow that Nintendo trend

  28. This would be great for playing Pokémon on the go.

  29. state the freaking Kickstarter price.
    I was sure I had to miss it at the start, but nope…
    next time bud, maybe use a script, so you at least can include basic things.

  30. moders: this is cool… NOW HOW CAN WE GET PS4 GAMES ON IT

  31. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  32. Atomic purple would have been the way to go.

  33. This Thing looks awesome. Probably gonna buy it. I have the pocket sprite which is a tiny gameboy and when you say these buttons are tiny, you have no idea how tiny they are on that thing.

  34. this does look like a nice way to play classic rpgs honestly

  35. I can’t recommend the Funkey S enough! Some may find the form factor uncomfortable but the emulation performance is incredible

  36. This is unusable lol. Smaller is not better, the same way bigger phones are not better.

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