The New Tiny Game Boy Is Here -

The New Tiny Game Boy Is Here

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A while ago I backed a Kickstarter that was looking to further miniaturize the Gameboy Advance SP form factor to where you could attach it to your keychain and easily take it with you. Today we are taking a look at what showed up with the FunKey S.

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  1. I used to have a gameboy Mirco and the screen was just too small to be useful. It was kinda a novelty and I'd say this is really the same thing.

  2. For $90 US there's better options, no way in hell I would put it on my keys for that price

  3. I have a FunKey S…its okay. But the screen was poorly installed and I'm disappointed. Performs just fine, and isn't uncomfortable. But yep. I got mine in retro gray and put in the red action buttons.

  4. How would a normal size human play this? It’s like the sega gamegear micro. Way to small to be practical

  5. Thats not a gameboy.
    Too small to be useful anyway.

  6. I am one of the backers; this thing is dope, the community is awesome, and it feels so good in the hand. Y’all gotta get one. ☺️

  7. Personally, I think bigger is better, mainly because my eyesight isn't as good as it used to be. For me, this is more a proof of concept than an actual useable device.

  8. The size of the thing would just really annoy me tbh..

  9. Fun key s I always wondered what happened I been following for some time

  10. get ready for nintendo to sue the nintendo fan who made this glorious device

  11. That mini sp console is totally useless in my opinion what they should of done was make a Nintendo Game Boy Advance sp clone with ungraded emulated software with a raspberry pi hardware etc and make it all the same but make it bigger instead of this mini shit as a novelty piece its okay if you were a collector but for playability its out the window dose have nice specs but yeah way to small.

  12. The audio crackling sounds like the amplifier is underpowered.

    In a tiny battery, I'm not surprised.

  13. How is this with NES, SNES, Genesis games? Is the original CRT ratio (correct to the original game design) or is it stretched/smashed?

  14. I will probably be buying one of these. I really like playing gameboy games while i wait on the go, but playing them on a phone with the touch screen doesnt have the same feel, and I'm not a child anymore so it would be weird to carry a gameboy on me, but this I can work with.

  15. I can say from personal experience that this device is NOT too small to use. I've almost beaten Earthbound on it. Love my funkey

  16. How have they not been sued for stealing Nintendo's IP? This seems super illegal.

  17. The buttons seem too cramped to play anything that requires precision or quick reflexes.
    For any turn-based games, it should be perfect!

  18. Pretty cool. The battery sucks ass though. But that kind of is to be expected with that size.

  19. Cool device but playability is hampered. a powkiddyv90 is comparatively better being smaller then the og advance sp

  20. Why are your fingers nails cut so far back??? I'd be in pain.

  21. Would love to do a custom paint job on kne of those!

  22. sorry but I just don't see any real reason of being this small…

  23. That screen is definitely bigger than a postage stamp, a stamp is maybe 60% the size of that

  24. You could just map L & R to X & Y for GBA games. Also looks like you could easily 3d print buttons that are easy to press.

  25. I’m playing Diablo for PS1 on my Funkey S. It runs flawlessly. I love this thing!

  26. Great explanation. I bought my first unit back in March which i received 1 month ago. Loved it so much i bought a second unit.

  27. While it is cool, this looks like it is horrible to use. I will take comfort over portability any day.

  28. I've got two of them and I'm here to tell you they're not meant to be practical. There might be cool and in that they plainly win. Just saying.

  29. notice how all who dont own one whine over the supposed uncomfort or visibility but those who do own one say it works well

  30. stupid… who would play such small console??? wondering why they created it

  31. While I totally see why people are saying it's not the ideal gaming experience (because it isn't), but I think they're missing part of the point which is that it can go on your Keychain. There's portability, then there's literally going with you everywhere to use occasionally for like 5-10 minute bursts.

  32. Imagine Shaq tryna play that

  33. I been hanging mine since December and I can honestly say it's awesome..I beat so many games, despite how small it is. I can even combo on games like Tekken and marvel vs Capcom. It's not for everyone, it's more novelty than portability. Definitely a worthy buy, especially if you want to just have a mini sesh while you wait somewhere or have extra spare time to burn.

    **ALSO I would love to see someone perform a shoryuken on street fighter with the L button. I tried so hard but I can't even tatsumaki. And I'm an avid fighting game player. It was impossible for me hahah. Just thought I throw this challenge out there. 😂

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