The New Game Boy For Your PC -

The New Game Boy For Your PC

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The GB Operator has started to ship out and I wanted to take a look at it today. The features with this device include playing your physical cartridges on your PC as well as backing up your save files.

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  1. I own every game that I have roms to, physically. This seems pointless to me. I also own the systems I emulate on my PC. This is too little too late.

  2. I just realized you’re thinner. I watched one of your old episodes yesterday and noticed you slimmed down after watching this video. Not that you were unhealthy before.

  3. ok this thing is pretty cool, not only does it outclass the basic rom dumpers but it even beats out that crappy retron cube that could never save my games properly

  4. How long until Nintendo release the special Cease and Desist edition? Lol

  5. Cool Device I hope they can release something like this for all of the other cartridge based consoles too!! That would be rad!!

  6. preordered one early and use it almost every day… love it.

  7. looking forward to possible 3rd party hacks for this device 🙂

  8. The fact that this can dump and restore save files already makes it better than things like the Retron Sq. I may end up giving this a look. It'd make recording my GB/C and GBA games less of a hassle since I can just keep the same save going at all times, rather than have a physical save and an emulated save.

  9. SOMEONE needs to come up with something like this for NES carts! Retrode 2 doesn’t do NES carts so those saves are still in jeopardy til some company steps up.

  10. It's weird though as you don't switch it off to change carts, you just pull one out and plug the next one in!

  11. im not changing no fucking cartridge batteries

  12. I see these batteries with a yellow outline everywhere and I was wondering if I could get a battery with a more standard look. I mean for OG gameboy is all fine, but for gameboy color, the cartridges are transparent and it definetely stands out in an ugly way. But I haven't been able to find anything, at least in europe.

  13. Excellent! I just changed my battery for Metroid Zero Mission and Final Fantasy. This little device will store my precious GB and GBA games forever. Thanks!

  14. I'm like 99% sure, that you can't "authenticate" a gameboy cartridge that way. All software can do, is checking the rom data against some database, to see if the rom is an official retail one, or some kind of romhack. The rom is official, the cartridge can be anything, even an everdrive.

  15. The price tag isn't bad either. Mite grab.
    Says it works with linux? Maybe a rpi arcade cabinet with this and a few more cartridge slots they put out would be pretty neat.

  16. something like this for the switch will make pirates drool. :))

  17. If you randomize a game lets say pokemon for example. Could you push the randomized save to the cartridge?

  18. Joey and GBxCart RW are better and cheaper than this thing.

  19. another great use case for this could be to grab old mystery gift data for event pokemon and put them on a physical cart. it’s possible rn, but is a lengthy process

  20. Anyone else singing GB Operator like its "Smooth Operator" by Sade?

  21. Anyone remember using the Pelican brain boy to save your file?

  22. We now need a DS/3DS operator that would be awesome for streaming/video capture

  23. God damn. My homie looking like he’s hitting the gym pretty hard. Keep it going man.

  24. The price and function here really make me look twice at the prices people are asking for the gameboy player or the cost and work for something like the GBA Consolizer

  25. Did you burn the game pcb? Dark marks around the soder points. 😬

  26. It’s possible the pcb on your fake ruby is real and the label is fake?

  27. Man imagine using a legit the game boy camera as your webcam for fun. Wonder how it would handle being the primary camera for like a whole video.

  28. I'd hope it was made by nintendo otherwise…
    Oh god, I hear very quiet footsteps, I think the Ninjas are coming.

  29. Wished it had that unique transparent coloured look to make it feel more retro, but beside that, I LOVE the idea of this. It’s an amazing system that lets you play your cartridges on a computer, what more could you want? 👀

  30. would be great if they can do a ds version as well

  31. The steam deck is basically a pc, stick this port to the back of the system, now your steam deck is a true gameboy (or Gabeboy, if you will)

  32. I dont get why people care so much about originals years after they no longer sell them new. The argument has always been "to support the developer" but they don't get any money from pre-owned anyway and original carts are so damn expensive now for some games. I guess some may think its piracy? But on the GBC and even GBA I think more people play downloaded roms than originals these days. I feel its a collectors mentality wanting authentic so they can sell for more money down the road as non authentic carts have no value going forward.

  33. Now I can forever save my 400+ hour emerald data 😻🥰

  34. That seems like a nice device. I think it's slightly on the expensive side, but I've seen much worse.
    I'd like to have a(n) INLretro/Kazzo, which is a similar thing, but supports a lot more types of games, such as NES and SNES, but it's not quite done yet.

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