The New Game Boy For Your PC -

The New Game Boy For Your PC

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The GB Operator has started to ship out and I wanted to take a look at it today. The features with this device include playing your physical cartridges on your PC as well as backing up your save files.

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  1. A video on how the device actually detects fake cartridges would be cool, I'm trying to mentally figure out just what it would be able to do to detect that. Detect the board? The mask rom chip make? I guess if it can check if it's using an EEPROM then that's half the way there already. Very cool little gadget!

  2. can this edit my physical save files on the actual cartridges? like could i just give myself event pokemon that i missed out on, and then transfer them forward to heartgold?

  3. the backup feature us amazing, is there something like this for n64 games?

  4. Now they just need to make a "Play it Loud" series.

  5. Most fake games are just a ROM card with the official rom uploaded, there’s no way for the system to detect a fake ROM unless the producer of the bootleg game used a bad dump. GB, GBC, GBA had little protection back then, no serial number/unique identifier as current games.

  6. This is so cool. Definitely gonna pick this up as a treat for myself since I've gotten into collecting gameboy games recently

  7. With the GB Operator you can download your games and savefiles and then continue playing them on a flash card like the EZ-Flash or the the Everdrive 😉

  8. I want a SNES and NES one, or maybe even an N64 one.

  9. This is not worth $50. A Game Boy reader shouldn't cost more than $10 including shipping. This is like charging someone $50 for a USB 3.0 adapter in the future so people can read old flash drives. It sounds much simpler to do what they did, and rip the reader out of an old Game Boy Advance, and soldier it to a USB cable so a free program can read its contents.

  10. I've gotta say that this little device absolutely rocks. I can't wait to see what it's going to grow into

  11. so you could create a randomized rom with a save file and play a randomized playthrough on original hardware then?

  12. I was going to suggest the InterAct Mega Memory Card for game save backup, but that's super expensive now. Also, counterfeit games use the same ROM's as authentic cartridges, so how could this device tell the difference?

  13. Such a shame it does not have link cable support

  14. I actually want to plug it into my gamecube too. Is there a adapter to make it possible? My GC doesn't have those serial ports things.

  15. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it also possible to get a Pokemon save data for the Advanced series via an R4 card? I've been trying to find a good one, but the site they are on does not specify if they are compatible or not with GBA carts as well.

  16. Sweet, maybe I can get a mew on my cartridge.

  17. HOPEFULLY they do this for DS and 3DS games !!! already purchased this when i saw it play GBA crossing fingers later down the line they do DS and 3DS games

  18. This is pretty useful, it seems to be a must have for Game Boy owners.

  19. 12:07 right before he said that I was thinking of teenage mutant Ninja turtle games from Nintendo and Sega because he said fantasy Star and I know fantasy Star was on the Master system and game boy's Nintendo so then I started thinking about teenage mutant Ninja turtle stuff for game boy Nintendo and then that happened

  20. I am going to have to pick this up. I don't think I have any GameBoy games that rely on a battery for saving, but it would be nice to make backups of all my GBA stuff. Also be great to have my everything is unlocked save for Advance Wars on my PC, then I can emulate it and play with friends remotely using Parsec!

  21. finally, a rom dumper for mac users with ooh aah flat design
    these have been a thing for decades

  22. I think know what this is just from the thumbnail and I've been waiting for these for so long, I hope they make them for more consoles!

  23. wish i had this like 10 years ago back when my games still saved :c

  24. Why are you saying "Soder" ?? its Sol-der, you're not the only one I've heard pronounce it that way since when did the "L" get dropped? or is this an American thing?

  25. I'd like something like this, but as a permanent drive on my pc's front panel

  26. Received mine just this week, a great little device.

  27. This would have been AMAZING to have 20 some years ago!! Ahh the irony of time lol

  28. If you could upload game files to restore corrupted games or to create your own physical copy of fan made games that would be amazing

  29. At this point I'm just waiting for the RetroArch Open Hardware project. To me it seems better than a closed solution like the one on this video.

  30. Finally a rom dumping device with a polished design and software.
    I'm ordering mine right away!

  31. Do you think it’s possible that would make a Nintendo ds version too

  32. i was always sad that the original tetris game never had a battery. all those high scores gone to the ether. 🙁

  33. all my game boy game saves are LONG GONE. the batteries died 15 years ago lol

  34. Very slick device. Too bad this wasn't around back in the day!

  35. Good sir, CHARGE YOUR GAMEBOY, PLEASE. That gives me anxiety seeing the red light on it.

  36. I used to use tape on my batteries, I didn’t use the soldering

  37. The problem with detecting fakes is it is not possible if they have fakes done right. At least via software.
    There is a copy protection chip that needs to pass a check then the ROM itself needs to pass a check. The legit Roms have been out for years chances the faked game doesn't have the legit Rom burned on it with a copy chip that doesn't pass…. Unlikely

  38. perhaps by official they mean a rom hack or actual studio released game

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