The New Game Boy For Your PC -

The New Game Boy For Your PC

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The GB Operator has started to ship out and I wanted to take a look at it today. The features with this device include playing your physical cartridges on your PC as well as backing up your save files.

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  1. Like the GBA backup homebrew for the Nintendo ds

  2. I do this with a ROM cart and have saved for key points in the game so I quickly re-live those amazing moments.

  3. I can’t wait for mine to come in 🥰

  4. how about card that using micro sd adapter? have u test it?

  5. How did you get one already? I've been sitting on an order and says it won't ship til December! Lucky haha!

  6. please remove soy from your diet. your lips give it away… wow

  7. LOL at the official cartridge thing, is made to differentiate bootleg games from official releases and not if the game is a fake copy or not
    how do you expect a simple rom reader can detect fake hardware

  8. Be warned about those batteries you bought, I bought them 10 years ago the same ones, even had the yellow wrapper and they only last half as long. So expect them to lose power 8-15 years later.

  9. A version of this for DS cartridges is what I really want!

  10. Throwing some major shade at Bob there aren't ya? 😂

  11. Matt Gray is way into using the Gameboy camera. He basically made a similar thing that allows him to get his pics off the cart and onto his phone or pc

  12. LOL would love to see "How to use your GB Camera as a webcam" video, using the Gameboy Camera and GB Operator with a screen capture scene in OBS.

  13. I wish this existed in the 2000's, before I sold my Pokémon Silver with completed pokédex 🙁

  14. Dont' see any difference between this and any other emulator machine with a came boy cart interface, reading comments like its "reasonable for 50$ for what it can do"… it only reads and copies the cart to the emulator, there are no further benefits…

  15. this would be great to go with the steam deck i think

  16. This would be a great way to get emulation save files onto real hardware. A lot of people get upset with Pokémon games they spent so long playing on an emulator and can never transfer those Pokémon anywhere. Let’s hope they make a DS/3DS version of this program as well.

  17. Why pc , why not tablet ? Makes more sense .

  18. thank god you checked the pokemon in his party i was starting to shout then you did it 🙂 i can sleep tonight ty

  19. me at the beginning of the video: wait FIX??

    me at the end of the video: I'm starting my own gameboy shop

  20. Wait so you're basically paying $50 for an emulator and a way to transfer savedata?

    I will bet you this unit doesn't cost $50 to make… not even $5

    Despite this, I may just pick one up just to have it because I do have a few games that have battery saves.

  21. If they are working on making gb camera work with it. What about the gb printer?

  22. Have you heard about the MISTer FPGA project?

  23. Can you use this to flash hackroms to flashcarts?

  24. We already had this, but now it has a modern look into it. The old one used usb B and a green PCB.
    I guess you can re-release anything with a USB C and a black PCB and zoomers will love it.
    Not saying this is a bad thing, now people have more options, just saying this isn't something new, just a modern release.

  25. All that drama?!
    I have two gb emulators and a ton of games all on my phone
    Everything is digital, no hardware needed

  26. ffs its SOLDER not sodder, if your gonna say it a thousand times, at least say it right

  27. Thanks, I just bought it after watching this video to download some old gen 3 Pokemon events for Sapphire, Fire Red and Emerald. I want to shiny hunt that damn Mew and Deoxys… The whole concept with preserving old save files is great!

  28. Too bad it's not in a narrower version that I could slap to the back of the upcoming steam deck lol

  29. I wonder if you could push romhacks to a repro cartridge with this.

  30. The GB Operator comes from Romania. There is no problems getting this?

  31. I you have a Retron 5 this product is useless, You can back up and restore saves for NES, Famicom, SNES, SFC, GB, GBC, GBA, Genesis, and Megadrive with a Retron 5.

  32. Maybe ruby is a legit board just the outside casing may be replaced because of damage of previous owner.

  33. This thing is redundant if you have a GameCube and Gameboy player, helpful for those who can’t afford the real hardware.

  34. There's something like this on Kickstarter right now it's for SNES, NES and megadrive I think

  35. Couldn't you just play the game again and delete the save file instead of having to open the cartridge and take out the battery?

  36. Well detecting fake games is hard. Because even Nintendo changes some chips over time.
    Some Metrics i can think of you can do are:
    ROM Metrics:
    * If the Rom contains values that are unique to one Cartridge you can identify and flag pirated versions. (For Example Pokemon has a Id assigned to every official rom wich prevents duplicate Trainer Ids.)
    Signal Metrics:
    * Latency of Memory Chip. (Software)
    * Meassure Impedance of some io Pins. (Needs some extra components but wouldn't affect cost much.)
    * Meassure Tracelines by Reflection. (Defenetly needs special Hardware to do so.)
    Some can be archived easily by Software, some require Advanced Hardware wich will make the device expensive.
    For all of this Metrics it is crusial to have a good Dataset, wich means you need Access to a wide Variarity of Cartridge Versions and know ich one is a Original and wich is a Replica.
    But i think the best way is still to open the Cardridge up and check the Board Design(Components, Labels on the PCB, …) and Materials(Plastic of the Case, PCB Material, …)

  37. This is huge for pokemon, if you play a Rom of any gen 3 game on emulator you could upload to a blank cart afterwards and have the mons from your play through on a physical game for transferring up to current gen!

  38. I wish they had something like this for regular NES games.

  39. I think it can tell if it's an officially released game or some homebrew/other system game on the cartridge

  40. I actually got one of these first batch. To date, my favorite non-OEM hardware out there.

  41. Personally backing up a 100% save is kinda pointless

  42. I know what I’m getting myself for Christmas. 🙂

  43. Cool product! In Link's Awakening, make a profile called "Zelda" and the theme music will change 😊

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