The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Game Boy Color De-Make -

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Game Boy Color De-Make

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What if The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launched in the ‘90s on the Game Boy Color?

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Shrine Temple remix by eebrozgi –

Main Theme remix by mWind –



  1. everyone knows you cant open a chest from the side…

  2. This is really cool, I would love a whole rom of this

  3. Id play this…so much. I think this genuinely had potential. Of course dont make 120 shrines and 40 or so clothes and not all items would probabaly make the cut but i also think a missing link game or two could be made like this. Between link to the past and the gbc games

  4. The intro was beautiful and the music at the start was pretty good

  5. If I could turn back time….

  6. I Want Majora’s Mask On Game Colour, Anyways, Love It!

  7. Link's Awakening vibes dude this so awesome

  8. I just bought BOTW but now I wanna throw away my switch and play it on gameboy color

  9. How to download it for Android

  10. I don't want Link's Awakening HD, I want BotW gameboy version! This is awesome ♥️

  11. Omg, this is so cool! Pls Nintendo let the creator of this make a full game!

  12. La musique a l'air plus présente que dans le jeu d'origine ^^

  13. 동글동글왕감자대홍단감자 says:

    실제로 출시하면 재밌겠다

  14. Should’ve make the Sheika slate a game boy shape instead so it looks familiar

  15. I want to play it Someone have the link of the rom ??

  16. Hmm…well this is impressive though I noticed a few things. One thing off is the music quality at 0:55. There's no way the Game Boy could handle that. It sounds more fitting for GBA than GBC. I also noticed the color palette is a little bland, especially compared to how vibrant the colors were in the Oracle games. Nice attempt nonetheless!

  17. I wish there were more folks doing stuff like this in the LttP/SNES style instead. So much more can be done with that compared to the GBC 🙁

  18. Man oh man has this been made into a real game?

  19. Dang, that's a huge demake! Just goes to show how much gaming has developed!

  20. wait.. when the title screen music came in…… it sounded like……. something bout breath of the wild from terminal montage

  21. I know that if I would have read it on most other videos I would have rolled eyes but man for some reason this almost brought tears to my eyes! I have fond memories of my Gameboy color days…

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