The History of Game Boy -

The History of Game Boy
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The Nintendo Game Boy is a classic handheld console that is known all around the world! Everything started in 1989 when the original Game Boy was released, and as the times changed, so did the Game Boy! Join us for a trip down memory lane as we take a look at when Nintendo released each version of the Game Boy. What was the first Game Boy handheld you owned, and what was the first game you played?😌

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  1. What about the mini Gameboy that had 1 game built-in to it?it might of had a keychain attached

  2. This is coming from the guys who destroyed the ique gameboy 💀

  3. I wonder why it took nine years to get color on the gameboy

  4. I always forget that Gameboy Micro ever existed.

  5. Out of all of these the SP is the best imo my favorite special edition is the pikachu one

  6. Lol of course you played the first GBA game I got which is currently the only authentic GBA game I have sadly

  7. Didnt know the pocket came before the color k😮

  8. I believe it is Britt's reflection from that gameboy. These videos vary from different members setting up the console each showcase

  9. They remembered about the gameboy micro but forgot about the gameboy light lmao

  10. I love that game boy advance sound😊

  11. Nothing can be beat the classic game boy with it's popular game Tetris

  12. You forgot about the Gameboy Light, and the OG Fat DS, as well as the DS Lite

  13. You let everyone play out except for that game Boy advance, the game Boy hell you go. Where there is no game Boys only games

  14. You are telling me that the Gameboy Light was a product of my imagination? 💀💀💀

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