The History of Game Boy -

The History of Game Boy
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The Nintendo Game Boy is a classic handheld console that is known all around the world! Everything started in 1989 when the original Game Boy was released, and as the times changed, so did the Game Boy! Join us for a trip down memory lane as we take a look at when Nintendo released each version of the Game Boy. What was the first Game Boy handheld you owned, and what was the first game you played?😌

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  1. Even dk oldies be forgetting the gameboy light 💀

  2. I have the. Nintendo Advance SP and Nintendo MICRO I just need the chargers.

  3. The game boy advance sp is my favourite game boy

  4. Everyone is talking about the Gameboy light but what about the Visteon.

  5. Bruh the Matte Black Nails always looked so dope imo

  6. Matte black fingernails? 😮 Wow, never seen that before

  7. My favorite handheld system, only perfection!!!!!!

  8. You failed when you didn't continue to use the tetris cartridge and then swap to the tetris for tba cartridge

  9. Redo this, with a gameboy light (no it's not just a gameboy pocket, it's the size of a gameboy colour but with a pockets aesthetic)

  10. What about the game boy light the Japan exclusive game boy that had a built-in light and came before the gbc

  11. We're gameboy light

    Edit: I know it was a Japanese exclusive, but still

  12. Why would cut the GBA jingle! How dare you

  13. You forgot the Gameboy Light that release after the pocket only in Japan.

  14. That has to be some non binary freak behind the camera

  15. My first gameboy system was the color and my favorite games on were donkey king country and super Mario land

  16. I love the game boy advance in the game boy advance SP

  17. I’m sorry but I never liked the game boy pocket one

  18. I want a Gameboy advanced with mario world advanced

  19. There's a rare Game Boy called The Game Boy like it's like the original with a built-in light

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