The Game ft Boyz N Da Hood ft T I - Dem Boys (Remix) -

The Game ft Boyz N Da Hood ft T I – Dem Boys (Remix)

Crazy T
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  1. I'm mad that I just found out about this song 😂😂😂

  2. I cry too okay Christina Perri the game a thousand years and thousand more wait more white cloud good more friends cold wind field I'm die too what about chu lol

  3. Great remix, been diggin this song for a long time hah

  4. cool as a fan but ill call a n****a like cancer

  5. been one of my favorite songs since when it came out

  6. Who y'all think went harder on this fire ass beat. Jeezy on the original or Ti on this remix?

  7. did he say Rollin crack in them nickles( blunts)????…hell nah u smoke that shit yo self

  8. Wish they would put the remix on Spotify

  9. Still 🔥 in 2020
    the new shit out there just doesn't have that hard feel to it- it's like society got "soft" and rap is suffering from it too. F*k that- we need the ol school gangsta boys back

  10. This beat brought the twista out of the game lol

  11. Rap the good but it is not worth emulating I tell the youngings don't ruin your life. Buddy stated in his verse all his life he did wrong

  12. Juelz Santana As Lacina Rowe (Capcom)
    Lil Wayne As Charia Milner (Marvel)
    Young Jeezy As Gerard Garnett (Capcom)
    Jody Breeze As Dayquon Haywood (Marvel)
    Big Duke As Charles Townsend (Marvel)
    Big Geez As Daquane Randolph (Marvel)
    T.I. As Lyric Mcglothin (Capcom)
    The Game As Jonathan Houston (Capcom)

  13. Young Jeezy Feat. Juelz Santana & Jody Breeze

  14. Lil Wayne Feat. Juelz Santana & Ludacris

  15. Ludacris Dtp Disturbing Tha Peace
    Juelz Santana Dipset Skullgang Young Money Aye Diplomats

  16. Lil Fate Dtp Disturbing Tha Peace
    Jim Jones Dipset Diplomats Purple City Byrdgang

  17. I-20 Dtp Disturbing Tha Peace
    Cam'Ron Dipset Diplomats Diplomatic Immunity

  18. The Game As Brandon Lymas & Dejanique Pennington
    Juelz Santana As Gerard Garnett & Lacina Rowe

  19. I randomly walk around saying “Acting like you’re sick in the head I got the antidote….. I’m cool as a fan but I’ll kill a nigga like cancer though “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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