The Game - Dope Boys - LAX [dirty version] -

The Game – Dope Boys – LAX [dirty version]

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Track Listing:

01 – Intro 01:21
02 – Lax Files 03:59
03 – State Of Emergency Feat. Ice Cube 03:39
04 – BulletProof Diaries Feat. Raekwon 04:52
05 – My Life Feat. Lil Wayne 05:21
06 – Money 05:13
07 – Cali Sunshine Feat. Bilal 04:33
08 – Ya Heard Feat. Ludacris 04:05
09 – Hard Liquor (Interlude) 01:51
10 – House Of Pain 04:32
11 – Gentleman’s Affair Feat. Ne-Yo 03:39
12 – Let Us Live Feat. Chrisette Michelle 04:39
13 – Touchdown Feat. Raheem DeVaughn 04:00
14 – Angel Feat. Common 04:28
15 – Never Can Say Goodbye Feat. Latoya 04:40
16 – Dope Boys Feat. Travis Barker 04:01
17 – Game’s Pain Feat. Keyshia Cole 04:22
18 – Letter To The King Feat. Nas 05:46
19 – Outro 01:28


  1. Legendary makes me sell this jawlock harder

  2. U.S. Marine here blasting this shit since Falllujah like the DOPE BOYS IN THE BUILDING

  3. By far nothing can compete with this track nor the album period. I grew up on the game please bring this chuck Taylor back!!

  4. When Travis went off on them drums in the end…epic shit

  5. "and I'm sick of blow jobs, bitch leave me alone" says no one. Ever!

  6. I like this song because it's an old favourite of mine. There's many more on this album I like and it was a great time playing he record and enjoying still to this today.

  7. Shit like this never ever gets old. Real og music shaking through the streets and making the cement crack

  8. Say what you want about Game..but .that nigga dropped ALOT of hard ass gangsta shit.

  9. Bring this type music back! Everyone in their feelins today smh…

  10. This is a song that makes you walk down the street like you fucking own it.

  11. Comin straight out the pyrex pot, black air force 1s with some white sox 😎 the world is my grandmas kitchen time too cook crack 💯💨

  12. R.i.p RAKSTA!!!!

    Mahhh NiggA! Dope Boys in the Building!!!!!!

  13. Best collaboration ever in history hands down in my opinion no matter the genre

  14. Damn I forgot about this jawn till I seen a Travis Barker video on Facebook. Then I remembered he did this with game.

  15. And tell Dr Dre to pick up a phone 📱before I climb through his window like Nigga I'm home 🏡 🔥

  16. this makes me feel like i took a ounce of coke and im at the biggest party ever

  17. The legendary Los Angeles Carlifornia. King of Cali' in the booth

  18. Was homeless running in projects in Beantown when this was out…ended up being an awesome anthem to making money and fatalistic behavior…ahhh…nostalgia

  19. Just remember raising my younger siblings to this sh!t!

  20. Could someone make this song in 432 hz or 528 hz version? I'll be very thankfull

  21. Can someone who can transform frequencies in music make this song in 432 hz or 528 hz version? I'll be thankfull very much

  22. 2022 and I'm still bopping my head, keep that crown on ya head

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