The Game Boy To End All Game Boys Gets Delayed By Suez Canal Boat - IGN Daily Fix -

The Game Boy To End All Game Boys Gets Delayed By Suez Canal Boat – IGN Daily Fix

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On today’s Daily Fix, the crisis at the Suez Canal may be over, but it could still be causing shipping delays. Analogue, the company behind the Analogue Pocket, has announced yet another delay for their handheld console. The hotly anticipated handheld is capable of playing Game Boy, Game Boy Color & Game Boy Advance game cartridges. Activision has issued DMCA takedowns to those sharing leaked footage of the 80’s themed makeover to the Verdansk map in Warzone. The takedowns have even affected outlets covering the leak, such as VGC. And finally, we give you a peek at the latest gaming craze, a Zoom-based battle royale!

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  1. Wassup Akeem! Been a while! Hope you're doing well!

  2. Sues Canal held up my homework as well 🙂

  3. GameBoy, what a problematic name in current year.

  4. I’m done with gameboy the Nintendo Switch is a handheld console the gameboy games had bad graphics the PS Vita has better graphics it’s too bad Sony didn’t make a PS Vita 2

  5. Divinii - Restaurant Discovery Platform says:

    The GameBoy that ends all GameBoys = GameGirl

  6. Boat stuck for one week = 8 months delay. Sure, why not.

  7. 1. You pronounded the Suez canal wrong. 2 that ship is over 220,000 METRIC tons without the 20,000 containers on board. Lastly it's not a "boat". If you want to understand the difference you can put a boat on a ship, but not a ship on a boat.

  8. "The Gameboy to end all Gameboys"

    So the Gameboy Micro?

  9. analogue pocket has been delayed since it was announced day one.

  10. They lied they just can’t provide what they promised

  11. It has nothing to do with the Suez. This thing was supposed to be finished and shipped in 4-5 weeks.

  12. Hopefully they just make more so more people can actually enjoy them

  13. the title made me think they were still releasing game boy games

  14. That game boy classic is supposed to have at least 100 games pre installed not cartridges

  15. If you want to play game boy games just jailbreak a psvita

  16. this bloke should be sponsored by vagisil. hes an irritating twat

  17. Ya’ll got scammed! lmaoo

    These things don’t exist. 😂

  18. Activision can not legally do anything to anyone who data mines info from a game they have already purchased

  19. No sydnee goodman is the worst april fool's day joke of all time

  20. Congrats on your victory on the one and only Zoom Royale. Hope there was a prize.

  21. oh come one now !! everybody gonna blame that boat for delays now gtfoh😒😒

  22. Okay, now call sydnee to come back it's been enough

  23. YouTube is an infidel. It only lets you leave comments that make it money. That's infidelity.

  24. A convenient excuse for a product that has already seen numerous delays.

  25. Delayed because of the virus. No its because of Suez. Actually it's because of the Iceland volcano. But the main reason is because of Joe Biden stumbling up stairs

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