The Game Boy Sewing Machine(s)! Sewing and Embroidery for the Game Boy Color -

The Game Boy Sewing Machine(s)! Sewing and Embroidery for the Game Boy Color

Kelsey Lewin
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Game Boys and Sewing Machines are a weird mix, which is exactly why I’ve always wanted one of these things…despite the fact that I don’t really know how to sew. I may have gone a *little* overboard ordering a second one from Japan so that I could show off another color and all of the things it came with…the pink is so pretty, though!
Still working on a format that works for listing my sources. I may have lost a couple this time around, but have them all listed at the bottom of this video if you’re interested. ALSO, I did digitize the Japanese VHS tape as well, and I’ll upload that somewhere soon. Just trying to figure out if it warrants a second channel of mine or if I should give it to someone else’s channel. It’s very similar footage to the US one I mostly used as B-Roll. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

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Special thanks to TheIronToupee for the footage from the Izek VHS tape, [] and to Phil “Shadsy” [] for helping me snag an article I couldn’t locate.

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Kirby Family.

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  1. I embroider for a living and love Game Boys… This is actually really cool to me.. lol..

  2. How do you get one of these, can you buy them? I wants it

  3. Japanese innovation is insane, I have seen GBA car tuners, Wonderswan sonar, Gameboy sewing, gameboy learning games honestly impressive.

  4. TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR SHIPPING FEE?! I can't stand a 5$ fee….

  5. · doubleplusgood · ʞɐǝdsʞɔnp · says:

    Could have shown it in use, e.g. by sewing a dress or shirt. JS

  6. "Power tool for women" man that's something you wont see on a ad these days lmao

  7. Who else came here from the Gaming Historian's Game Boy Pocket Sonar vid?

  8. you have to try the "Game Boy Pocket Sonar" lol

  9. This would have literally been my dream in the 90s. I love Nintendo and I love sewing. I miss weird tech like that

  10. I recently picked up a Singer Izek, and I agree with you about it feeling more like a novelty for the more experienced sewer. A fun feature I did notice though is that there is an option for push button operation (my model has a broken jack for the pedal.)

  11. Te re bancamos en argentina, por cierto aguante el Cerebro

  12. En Argentina te bancamos fuerte a vos y al Cerebro!

  13. Mario es argento como el diego y el dulce de chele.

  14. Hey "El Cerebro de La Bestia" Podcast praise you and say that Mario is Argentinian just like Dulce de Leche, mate and the Diegote

  15. Greetings from Argentina and from El Cerebro de la Bestia.

  16. Kelsey, bordate un parche del Cerebro de la Bestia! 🙂 (L)

  17. I'm from Buenos Aires and I said "Aguante Diego, el papa, Messi y Mario son argentinos aguante El cerebro de la Bestia"

  18. I found out about this video because of "El Cerebro de la Bestia" podcast. Amazing work! Aguante El Cerebro y el Dulce de Leche!

  19. If anyone's interested, I am converting all the gameboy embroidery patterns for use on brother machines (or others if you know how to edit SVG files in inkscape/inkstitch etc..). So far I've created the tiger tennis girl in the gameboy cart Raku Raku Cut Shuu

  20. Hey can you confirm if this works on the gameboy advanced

  21. "Foot pedal"

    I know she said she doesn't sew, but as someone who sews for a living, I had a bit of a laugh at that.

  22. Wow I didn’t know they were working on Kirby Version. Wish someone who have access to that sample cart would release the rom file. I got the machine fairly recently too, but finding those sewing carts are harder….:(

  23. I found a gameboy color at value village and there is sewing machine operation software game in it. The problem is that it dosent say singer on the frunt of the game cart. Also dosent say singer is a trademark at the bottom of the label and says 2001 jaguar instead of 2000. Is it fake?? It has a circle gold Nintendo seal of approval instead of oval. It has a "c e" logo instead of "e for everyone" and the side of the label says "DMG-BRAZ-EUU" im not a knowledgable gamer so i have no idea of this is a fake or just a different version. Seems very suspicious though dosent say singer on the label. Please help!

  24. why dont they have this shit just like as a produce now for the computer w like a pattern maker or someshit

  25. They gave me one but the machine does not work the light keeps blinking

  26. Ok, this is actually really amazing. You earned a sub in tribute haha

  27. Damn girl you so are intelligent and well spoken. No bullshit video, easy to follow

  28. I’m an amateur seamstress; I make some of my own garments. I don’t even ~like~ machine embroidery, but I desire this machine with all the avarice in my heart!

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