The Game Boy is BACK! -

The Game Boy is BACK!

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The Game Boy is unofficially back and better than EVER!
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  1. 4K display for a Gameboy, eh? That's like using a.. uh.. just like a… it's just excessive, alright.

  2. Hmm I’m concerned about how it holds the game from the back. I saw retrododo review and when he set it down the game froze. The back doesn’t hold the game that well. Also when you play and you slightly bump into the game cartridge it causes it to freeze as well. Other than that it works great

  3. That’s cool and all but I’ll have to pass. I’m sticking with emulation, way more convenient vs cartridges for me

  4. honestly i will say I love the intro music. It's really vibey

  5. Where were you man we missed your videos 🥲
    Live from India 🤘

  6. My Powerkiddy A20 runs circles around this thing.

  7. I'd love to cop myself one of these for sure! Maybe after pre-orders or something but idk about that price tag. 😅 Wouldn't mind paying like $150-$180 for one but then again the dock and the other features is a plus.

  8. This thing is actually dope! Maybe I will put a Pre-Order eventually.

  9. This is sooo cool. I was lookin at buying a gba sp and to see all of the game boy consoles combined is the best thing ever.

  10. You should try the hyperkin supaboy to play old super nes games

  11. I’ll love to have one of this, Bring me back in the days❤️

  12. Nice. Now I want something I can’t have for a year 😃

  13. I actually ordered mine off of the last video you did on it

  14. I don’t understand why they just don’t release these games in our phones already. Such an easy cab grab.

  15. Weird. Feel like the algorithm got us on this one 🤣😣

  16. I'll stick to an android phn with the gma emulator and rom games for now. After a few waves then I'll get 1.

  17. I’m old enough that I had a game gear. I don’t remember the must have games. Maybe MK. Damn after watching this I wanna go find my game boy color and Pokémon game(s)

  18. This would actually be pretty useful for old cartridges, since those have a limited amount of savestates or the savestates are bound to a battery. So if the device saves progression locally, it could add to the lifespan of those old cartridges.

  19. Just get a 3ds and mod it, it’s cheaper and better

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  22. I can’t wait for mine to get in. Got lucky with Q1 2022 orders. Gonna be a nice pocket system for road-trips

  23. I don't know what's going on but I've gotten a notification for this video every 5 minutes for the last 2 hours. Even after silencing the notifications.

  24. Serious question: How has Nintendo not shit this company yet?

  25. You must live alone with a place that clean. My girl trash my house up. Lol. I def want one of these jawns tho

  26. If there was a way to get this quicker than 2023 or end of this year and it was like 150-180 bucks would be a lot better of a sale and I might get one. I just found all of my old cartridges and I like the screen. Although it's cool I don't think it's something that is worth dropping like 200 bucks plus for. I'd pay 200 if they included the dock like a bundle, a 100 bucks plus for a separate dock is super expensive :/

  27. Back for whom? Nobody can get a hold of these things

  28. tell me this video is sponsored without telling me this video is sponsored ..
    not only is this a quick buck gadget its a pricey one too you can almost get an xbox for that money ..
    original psp from like 10 years ago does a better job with emulation

  29. Do you have to use cartridges to play games? Or is there a way to download the games straight to the system?

  30. Way too expensive. Yes the price is probably them using Nintendo license to be able to play cartridges but damn that's a lot for such a limited functionality


  32. Pretty cool device if you want that retro feel. I'll stick to emulation through the phone, PC, etc. though.

  33. My favorite reviewer of all time!! 🔥🔥🔥 can’t wait for mines in 2022 baby!

  34. I see no reason to have this when i can just Emulate them on my phone lol

  35. To be fair though that's not a GameBoy so technically you're wrong. But looks really cool. 😜

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