The Game Boy is BACK! -

The Game Boy is BACK!

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The Game Boy is unofficially back and better than EVER!
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  1. Dont need it my Game Boy still works but not the games

  2. Got one and fully enjoying it. Thanks for the review.

  3. $200? Lmao ill just keep using my normal gameboy thanks

  4. The game boy color is back in 2022.

  5. I had this pre-ordered but cancelled it because the release got delayed til December. I kinda want one for the collection but I have a modified Gameboy and Gameboy advanced so I'm good. Also I have the steam deck pre-ordered and recently got Nintendo switch OLED.

  6. Can someone explain how this is legal? I see they're not using Nintendo naming obviously. But it's utilizing Nintendo cartridges. It's this legal?

  7. So you still have your save file on the cartridge itself but if it’s in sleep mode and you turn it back on it will be where you last were

  8. I’m going to rush put my order in to get that thing…in a year…

  9. US $220 preorder for 2023. $100 for dock. $30 for each adapter.. It's definitely a niche collector item…

  10. Loved the video as I love these retro consoles!

  11. First off the videos are fire and where did you get that hoodie🤔🤣

  12. It's cool but it isn't worth the price. You could get a Switch for just a little more.

  13. I was just looking at my game boy collection yesterday and said Nintendo needs to make another one probably will pick this up

  14. the anbernic devices are much better imo. if you still have your old cartridges I can see why this would be appealing but I have a rg350m and I have hundreds of games on the go.. for free as well.

  15. It’s really cool. Even if I wasn’t able to play with gameboy (cause simply I wasn’t born😅) I’ve always loved it and this thing is really well done

  16. It wasn't mentioned in this review but for those who don't know, Analogue products typically get "jailbroken" (which is EXTREMELY simple to do and completely risk free) after a while which unlocks the ability to run roms off an SD card. So you get a super accurate, high end, retro gaming console that has the accessibility of running roms off an emulator, so keep an eye out for info on that.

  17. Hey! Don’t forget that Jesus Christ loves you and he died for you have a blessed day❤️

  18. I’m definitely gonna wait for this, price is a bit much.

  19. Damn, that final fantasy tactics brings back memories!!

  20. Great understanding of the hardware. Thank you. I gotta have one of these.

  21. That things sounds really amazing and I really love the idea of it but I’m not sold on the look one thing I loved about the old gameboy color was how amazing they looked they had color to it. I wish this thing had more color like maybe red buttons. Or make the console red and the buttons black. I just hate how plain it looks lol

  22. waaaait a second, the sleep mode is not practical for me and our pokémon fans. if u missed the super rare pokémon and kill him instead of catching him how do i restart the game 😂

  23. Buddy trying so hard to be a Pokémon fan😩😩😂😂stop it

  24. 10:37 what did he mean by that? What do I need to look for when buying games off eBay? Did he say a new battery? I’m confused

  25. I can't do it lol I'll stick to my Gameboy emulator on my Galaxy Z fold and download all games for free .

  26. I wanna see someone use the gamegear master system converter with this. Just for fun.

  27. Seems neat but makes 0 sense to get this over your own phone… does this even have save states

  28. this guy is literally not an avg consumer….

  29. Every other day I watch another video about this device, and I’m sold. As soon as I have the cash I’m buying, including the dock and cartridge adapters. But man waiting up to two years for delivery is gonna suck, hopefully they can streamline production and shipping sometime soon.

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