The Game Boy Changes EVERYTHING For Nintendo Switch Online! -

The Game Boy Changes EVERYTHING For Nintendo Switch Online!

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The Game Boy and Game Boy Advance just shook up Nintendo Switch Online!



  1. Love your rendition of Metroid 2. Should be in the top 10 charts of the Rolling Stone Mag. LOL!

  2. A guy who likes minecraft story mode and Igglybuff says:


  3. Some games look better with a smaller screen and classic feel.

    I’d have liked a Super Game Boy filter added along with the borders. Maybe that will be added with Donkey Kong ‘94

  4. I was just talking about Metroid 2 and Gargoyle's Quest being Top 5 Gameboy games, and now I'm playing Metroid 2 after over 30 years since last I played it.

  5. It's just an emulator with nearest neighbor enabled behind a paywall. Retroarch is leagues and leagues better than this…especially with LCD filters. Hard to get excited.

  6. Do you have to play these games in FULL SCREEN or can you shrink the screen so its not so pixelated

  7. I need red and blue version Pokémon asap!! Lol

  8. the gameboy pocket doesnt ghost enough tbh mario games should be un p layable to get the feel right

  9. I haven’t played my switch in over a year and I’m excited for this. About to pull it out and play. Probably will get the expansion pack now also, this is actually awesome!

  10. Who want an original Game boy now 😂

  11. I'm just excited because my mom got a switch and all she wanted for it was Tetris

  12. Maybe we'll see the donkey Kong games and castlevania games soon

  13. Honestly I don't understand why so much excitement for games that you can play practically in any console, smartphone and portable in existence with even better performance

  14. I don't agree with the assertion that GBC should be considered a different system from the GB & GBP. Saying they're different systems is like saying 3DS and New 3DS are completely different systems, which is not true.

  15. I can't wait to try out The Minish Cap!!!

  16. II am waiting for Starcraft to come to the N64 app

  17. What's really cool is they added the e-reader stages into mario advance 4: super Mario 3

  18. Those GBA Mario games gave me a lot more stress than a 9 year old really needed to go through lol. Good move on Nintendo for bringing them back

  19. I see no one saying this but is mother 3 going to be finally localised?

  20. Nintendo missed out putting the Super Gameboy screens to get rid of Black Borders for Gameboy and Gameboy color games. That would be an awesome update.

  21. I wish we could get perfect dark for gameboy color but probly not

  22. I sense the Pokémon gameboy games and gameboy advance games coming soon

  23. Well if I don't own them I disown them. ( Online subscription psst ) I'd rather purchase the CLASSIC games I want for my NS Like I had with my wii U

  24. Wario Land 3 is such a cool game. What a blast from the past. I used to play this game on my gameboy colour over 20 years ago. I'm so happy!

  25. I’ll be picking up a switch oled just for the gameboy and n64 games.

  26. This stuff should have been ready at launch. Now it's worth the yearly fee.

  27. Dude seems happy or in a better place. There was a point where I had to stop watching. Subscribing again

  28. Mario VS Donkey Kong coming in may

  29. Of course Super Mario Bros 3 looked good, it's the Super Mario All Stars version from the Super Nintendo

  30. I got the expansion pack for the first time, because I believe that we will be getting some pokemon games on these game boy and game boy advance collections. The timing seems too convenient. They release these with a few games, right before pokemon day, where at least red, blue and yellow will probably be released for the game boy color. And possible fire red and leaf green on the gba. I don’t see them releasing all of the games (rby, gsc, rse, and frlg) at the same time, but if they do that’d be insane. Maybe we also see stadium 1 and 2 for the n64 announced on pokemon day.

  31. Halfway thru zelda minish cap again.. was the first zelda game I actually completed 😅

  32. Are they going to drop any Pokémon games?

  33. I've got my Gamecube and Gameboy player. I hate how these companies don't want people to own any of their games anymore. Smh.

  34. The sad thing is that there is no Super GameBoy Filter And this is a great loss, especially since it can make games completely colorful

  35. Does it? Does it really change everything for Nintendo switch online?

  36. I was hoping they would make Game Boy Mini Classic first lol

  37. It;s just another set of disappointments sure be excited about it for a min.Then when they dont update or just give you crap games it becomes another sad Nintendo online collection I'm not playing.Just like mario sports for the switch

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