The Game Boy Changes EVERYTHING For Nintendo Switch Online! -

The Game Boy Changes EVERYTHING For Nintendo Switch Online!

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The Game Boy and Game Boy Advance just shook up Nintendo Switch Online!



  1. I still would prefer Nintendo to go back with the virtual console

  2. I own ~85% of the GB, GBC & GBA games physically, but man I am so happy to see this finally happening to Nintendo switch online. I remember talking to Max & John at TMG expo, years ago about this being way over due. I’m excited to see what rolls out from here, as far as service & content from Nintendo, as well as the younger gamer generation, experiencing what we grew up with, in the 90’s and even in the early 2000’s.
    What a time to be alive.

  3. I started playing minish cap that very day, im gladThere is a way I can play these games my parents couldnt aford back then

  4. Gameboy and especially GBA holds up really well! N64 not so much. And they nailed the emulation! So happy for this addition to the online service!

  5. Since they got the origins game it, does this mean the Pokémon games will be distributed onto this as well?? Especially since the DS has been discontinued, and will the DS and GameCube also be a possible new console they make for the future?

  6. Not bad at all just as when some people have brought the oled. I'm still sticking to my standard switch and online pack.🎮

  7. I recently tried getting back into Minish Cap on my Gameboy Advance SP, but my save file was corrupted, and more than that I couldn't start a new save, the whole cartridge was just messed up (and it was a genuine Nintendo game pak). I'm so glad they included Minish Cap from the beginning with the GBA. I'm so happy just for that! And I also started playing through Metroid 2 with the GB Color option. So fun.

  8. All I want is for the mainline Pokémon games to be added. Once that happens, I'll be content with the Gameboy and GBA.

  9. Its crazy that you were just talking about us not having these then the direct happens the you spoke it into existence

  10. I'm hype for Warrior Land 3 😁 but so many great additions! Much better selection than the other emulators they put out there. Now we just need Emerald

  11. Someone at Nintendo probably: “They don’t like the $70 price for Zelda, what do we do?”

    Nintendo: “Release the Gameboy”

  12. Still cute that he thinks GBC and GB are the same. DSI and DS are the same despite DSI having a graphical boost.

    There's no way the 3ds could play things like Xenoblade, so the N3ds was significantly more powerful, but it's like the PS4 Pro of the system.

    And besides, have you seen graphical powerhouses of the og gameboy? The only reason why Alone in the Dark would be inavisable is because the semi realistic graphics would be hard to be discerned with 4 shades of green and the graphics would look muddy. Otherwise gameplaywise the game could probably be done on the GB in theory

  13. That theme of Metroid 2 LOVE it so much that very randomly I will listen to it on my day. So good

  14. Does anyone know if WARIO land 4 is coming

  15. It's cool ive been playing the Gameboy games an love it

  16. Why are you so appreciative so something they should have done 4 years ago?

  17. I am renewing my subscription, as we speak!

  18. If they put Metal Gear for Gameboy on this it would be crazy but I'm excited about Golden Sun and the Oracle games

  19. You can get rumble in super mario advanced 4. Just press "R" in the game selection between super mario bros 3 and mario bros then turn on rumble.

  20. I was thinking about cancelling my online expansion and just going back to default as they hadn't added much to the n64 & sega game this past year, however, I may keep it a bit longer now.
    Is there any difference between the European and American versions other than language options? Otherwise, what's the point of having both options?

  21. Throw in the first 3 gens of Pokemon and I may reconsider for expansion pak lol 🙂

  22. the expansion pack is pointless for me they should make it cheaper since i dont even own those games

  23. I've emulated GBA games on my computer, and you're right, they did a great job with the GBA emulation on the Switch.

  24. I would love to see more Advance Titles. Gonna consider expanding now. GameCube next hopefully. Good on Nintendo.

  25. Hopefully the GBA gets one of my favorites Yu-Gi-Oh eternal Duelist soul if not, I’m protesting 😂😂

  26. They mapped the button wrong for mario land 2🤦‍♂️

  27. I see zero reason Nintendo doesn't officially reinstate gameboy advance. Independent game makers would come out of the wood works like no one imagined and then Nintendo could sell all these games on their store, it would be incredibly profitable for Nintendo. They could sell OG game collections on hard cartridges too. It would be hot cakes, very little investment, tons of profit , everyone happy. Companies like SquareEnix would get in on it in a heartbeat…

  28. If they drop Pokémon on one of them I’m buying a Switch again!


  30. woah there were no other ways to play these games FINALLY I can pay Nintendo money for more rooms that I don't own.

  31. The snes, Nes, Gameboy and Gameboy color libraries are a joke… just a few titles and a membership is needed for them. Anyone can easily play those titles with an emulator anywhere

  32. Gameboy is sooo easy to play or emulate elsewhere. Why 'rent' a very short list of the games through a controlled subscription service? No thanks. #Gpi

  33. Do they have Oracle of Seasons?
    Oracle of Ages?

  34. Wario Land 3 is one of the best games ever made

  35. I have to disagree with the Gameboy changes, they are missing so many awesome titles that really made the gameboy like Golden Sun. We got a bunch of ok games, but nothing that would have really sold the system. So no, it doesn't change everything.

  36. Okay now put in Pokémon red blue and yellow please

  37. Can't wait for Pokemon to come to online!

  38. crisp you say, it looks old as f like me lol

  39. Will we get old Pokémon games like fire red gold silver crystal ruby sapphire leaf green fire red an that

  40. I’m happy this is happening now but I really want Nintendo to put the dragon ball z games for advance.

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