The Evolution of the Game Boy (1980-2015) - OLD VERSION -

The Evolution of the Game Boy (1980-2015) – OLD VERSION

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In honor of the release of the new Nintendo 3DS, I decided to explore the history and evolution of the Game Boy. Here we’ll see the changes in design and technology of every iteration of the Nintendo handheld family.

I probably should’ve called it the Evolution of the Nintendo Handheld, but I didn’t want to include the Pocket Pikachus and Pokewalker and such. It would’ve killed the flow of the design work. Bad enough that the Virtual Boy and Micro were off the design path.
I know the current line aren’t called Game Boys, but they are definitely the spiritual successors of the line. They certainly wouldn’t be around if the Game Boy wasn’t.
And the Game Boy wouldn’t exist without the Game & Watch series. I generalized the Game & Watches because that could be a video all by itself since there are 60 different games. I know the dual screens influenced the DS line, but I went with “Ball” because it was the very first one.

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  1. The History of Nintendo Consoles
    1980-2020 (UPDATED 2020)

    Nintendo Game and Watch
    Nintendo Game Boy
    Nintendo Virtual Boy
    Nintendo Game Boy Pocket
    Nintendo Game Boy Light
    Nintendo Game Boy Color
    Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP
    Nintendo DS
    Nintendo Game Boy Micro
    Nintendo DS Lite
    Nintendo DSi
    Nintendo DSi XL
    Nintendo 3DS
    Nintendo 3DS XL
    Nintendo 2DS
    New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL
    Nintendo NES Classic
    Nintendo Switch
    New Nintendo 2DS XL
    Nintendo SNES Classic
    Nintendo Switch Mini

  2. Just wanted to point out- in the transition animation at the end, the Game Boy Micro is missing. Not sure if you didn't include it on purpose, so just a heads up.

  3. I've got a oldschool gameboy I play pokemon on it 😀

  4. I love the Virtual Boy a lot, but its not a Game Boy.

  5. My parents call all potable Nintendo devices game boys…

  6. I Love my gameboy pocket and light I Always force my father to buy me one but he always says "what's the difference from that one to your gameboy". I always says to him that the gameboy light has a backlight screen and pocket has a classy style and design but he never buy me one until my 9th birthday it's the most greatest gameboy i've ever had, it's pretty revulotionary at it's time

  7. The video should be called "The History Of Nintendo Handheld Consoles"

  8. this should have been called "The Evolution of Nintendo handhelds"

  9. anyone else notice how the "New" nintendo 3ds XL says LL on the screen?

  10. I have a gameboy micro, a ds lite, a gameboy advance, and a broken gameboy pocket.

  11. I like it how it evolves, that's awesome

  12. the bass line sounds a bit like pumped up kicks

  13. the 2ds showed how nintendo went backwards in technology

  14. i think is the 2ds first come out before 3ds

  15. gb micro is not included in the last part.

  16. If they bring out a console that plays Gameboy to 3DS games, that would be amazing.

  17. nice music music like nentendo that's lots of ds game boy

  18. Nintendo y u no give USA the Game boy Lite

  19. Keep doing what you are doing! You're Doing a fantastic job.

  20. i have game orgin and color oh and n64 snes nad wii ps im getting new 3dsxl

  21. Hayden the eeeeeeeeeeevil male eukaryotic organism says:

    I have 3ds and bro has new3dsXL. I think the standard new3ds is the best of them all so far.

  22. Deadninja gaming roblox,vlogs,so much dislikes says:

    The dsi was my first video game system in 2010 when i was 4

  23. reply if you have the gameboy advance
    sp like me!

  24. I have the Gameboy,Gameboy Pocket and the DSiXL. I get a New Nintendo 3DS soon in metallic blue 🙂 4-5 years ago I bought a Gameboy color and advance, and a second gameboy Pocket in yellow but I sold them.^^ I'm happy to get a New 3DS XL 🙂 What about you ?

  25. That's a wrong title. Call it 'Evolution of handheld systems'

  26. the beat sounds like the chorus from shake that by eminem

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