The Evolution of the Game Boy (1980-2015) - OLD VERSION -

The Evolution of the Game Boy (1980-2015) – OLD VERSION

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In honor of the release of the new Nintendo 3DS, I decided to explore the history and evolution of the Game Boy. Here we’ll see the changes in design and technology of every iteration of the Nintendo handheld family.

I probably should’ve called it the Evolution of the Nintendo Handheld, but I didn’t want to include the Pocket Pikachus and Pokewalker and such. It would’ve killed the flow of the design work. Bad enough that the Virtual Boy and Micro were off the design path.
I know the current line aren’t called Game Boys, but they are definitely the spiritual successors of the line. They certainly wouldn’t be around if the Game Boy wasn’t.
And the Game Boy wouldn’t exist without the Game & Watch series. I generalized the Game & Watches because that could be a video all by itself since there are 60 different games. I know the dual screens influenced the DS line, but I went with “Ball” because it was the very first one.

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  1. The DS line isn't considered the same as the gameboy line.

  2. This video is so awesome! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Hey, how is the effect called, which starts on 5:35 ? Thanks 🙂

  4. *Reads Video*
    I went out and got a 64GB MicroSDXC for my New3DSXL, and I find that it's not compatible!

    Buy anyway, great choice of music for this! Excellent production!

  5. that moment you realized you forgot about the 2001 console the pokemon mini

  6. one thing that they put the ds in the gameboy family

  7. GameBoyAdvancedSP was released in japan on the same day I was born

  8. My first video game console was a gameboy micro i still have but
    I lost the ac adapter (cries in the room corner)

  9. XI - B - 18 - Kristoforus Natanael N says:

    when you upload this video on November,2016 the 3DS game is Pokemun Sun&Moon

  10. Ihad no idea that gameboy micro was newer than the gameboy advance .-.

  11. Are they still selling? Nintendo DSi's??? I really want one for my birthday 🙂

  12. Best GameBoy is the Micro, because it has brightness setting just like the original GameBoy contrast settings, the buttons feel identical to the GameBoy Colour, comfortable landscape design like the GameBoy Advance, rechargeable just like the GameBoy Advanced SP, Small & lightweight like the GameBoy Lite. The Micro has all the best features from past GameBoys.

    Sure it can only play GameBoy Advance games, but by the time it was released most original GameBoy & GameBoy Colour games were remade for GameBoy Advance. So you could still get all your old-school Pokemon Red (FireRed ), Tetris, Zelda & Mario, just in a smaller cartridge. XD

  13. sp in game boy advance sp mean small pocket because it a small and can fit perfectly in your pocket

  14. HA 10 MB of vram 😂 Amazing consoles/video I grew up on the game boy sp

  15. Did anyone notice that he forgot to add the GameBoy Micro at 5:38

  16. Great video and very informative. I love it!

  17. Update:Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 2DS XL, 2017

  18. How is the game and watch in the Gameboy family? It was made before the Gameboy

  19. I love video games and remember i love rebember in special the consoles portail big portails video and special the game boys the first game boy.

  20. the NDS is not an gameboy you dumbass !!

  21. 2:15 The SP actually stands for small pocket. Because it can fit into your pocket.

  22. Like and reply if you have an original gameboy!

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