The Evolution of the Game Boy (1980-2015) - OLD VERSION -

The Evolution of the Game Boy (1980-2015) – OLD VERSION

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In honor of the release of the new Nintendo 3DS, I decided to explore the history and evolution of the Game Boy. Here we’ll see the changes in design and technology of every iteration of the Nintendo handheld family.

I probably should’ve called it the Evolution of the Nintendo Handheld, but I didn’t want to include the Pocket Pikachus and Pokewalker and such. It would’ve killed the flow of the design work. Bad enough that the Virtual Boy and Micro were off the design path.
I know the current line aren’t called Game Boys, but they are definitely the spiritual successors of the line. They certainly wouldn’t be around if the Game Boy wasn’t.
And the Game Boy wouldn’t exist without the Game & Watch series. I generalized the Game & Watches because that could be a video all by itself since there are 60 different games. I know the dual screens influenced the DS line, but I went with “Ball” because it was the very first one.

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  1. The gameboy advance was made in 2000 not 2001

  2. And the gameboy advance SP was made in 2002 not 2003

  3. And the new 3ds XL was made in 2015 not 2014

  4. You forgot the game cube apart of game boy

  5. I used to play that virtual boy when I was a kid and the losing sound in teleboxer scares me. 🤣

  6. I think Nintendo has stopped the game boy series now. I think it's mainly focused on the ds family.

  7. The SP in Gameboy Advance SP Means “Small Pocket”, not “Special” I think.

  8. yeah now every nintendo handheld is a "gameboy"

  9. Don't you love when someone compares the Gameboy to the Virtual Boy. 'cuz the Virtual Boy is an evolution of the Gameboy. 😢🤔 Good video otherwise 🙂

  10. Game Boy Advance was announced in 2000 not 2001

  11. 😭 Nintendo way did you discontinue your best handheld games I mean the DS is ok but game boy is just amazing

    I have a game boy color a game boy advance sp a micro and the original

    Nintendo all I have to say is good job

  12. Why is Game & watch, Virtual boy and DS here? Is this evolution of Nintendo's handhelds or evolution of Gameboy?

  13. The Game Boy Advance is the best because it has GTA Advance

  14. Virtual boy isn't even a gameboy a gameboy has the name gameboy like the gameboy color or gameboy advance not virtual boy but that's just my opinion

  15. I remember when both Gameboy advance and GBA SP came out than 2 years (2001 to 2003) before I was born in August 28, 2003.

    thx for saving my nostalgia!

  16. Awesome video! Presentation is great! Info accurate! Just good😁👍

    Sadly this channel is dead😢 it has so much potential bruh😭

    To the channel owner if you're reading this – I hope the best for you and may you make another video in the future.

  17. Hey there are in the future there is 2020 not 2015 waha

  18. I was have the advance so it is still working but I lost it XD

  19. You got Battletoads background music on here. Nice!

  20. I think there’s a problem it says the DS is a 32 bit system when it’s really 64.

  21. The only problem is…

    How many units of each console sold ITSELF

  22. Bro thanks for all the info!
    Imma use it on a slideshow

  23. Rename to history of Nintendo handhelds.

  24. Gameboy is not good its bad for me i got here from a link

  25. This video should be titled nintendo handhelds not gameboy – the DS line is completely different to gameboy.

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