The Crying Game • Theme Song • Boy George -

The Crying Game • Theme Song • Boy George

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.Soundtrack from the 1992 Neil Jordan film “The Crying Game,” with Stephen Rea, Jaye Davidson, Forest Whitaker, Miranda Richardson, Adrian Dunbar & Jim Broadbent.

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  1. El título de la canción "El juego de las lágrimas, el guión original, los actores y la dirección conforman una excelente película

  2. nice song by boy george…nice movie too…but the plot twist abt dil being a man is no big deal…dil very obviously looks like a man…eyes wont lie…

  3. Superb movie….superb. Perfect song for it.

  4. I don't know how ugly are the women who men here date, but that's clearly a dude. And the main actor is as boring as shit.

  5. Świetny film, ale reżyser nagrał również alternatywne zakończenie. Koniecznie to obejrzyjcie !!! Jest zaskakujące !

  6. Gr8 movie and a gr8 theme song. Memorable.

  7. "Is that a rabbit in your pocket or are you happy to see me"? 😂

  8. Wow!!! Where does the time go??? This song is pushing 30 years old!!!

  9. This was an extremely interesting love story. He loved "her" as a woman. He later learned she was transgender but the love didn't stop; it changed to a love for one human to another. That was fascinating and beautiful to me.

  10. garbage movie- rubbish song….lets not get sentimental about the past….

  11. Obviously everyone knows the reveal now but when I first saw it on its release it was a real eye opener.

  12. So relevant in 2021, I don't know. I'm straight as an arrow.

  13. I remember that morning in 1992 I walked from Normandy ave. And Beverly blvd. All the way to Tower records on Sunset Blvd to buy me the single Lp that I still have in my garage with Boy george beautiful face in. I will . always love and admire him. I watched the movie at the Beverly center the same day.

  14. Que película más grandiosa, atrapa te desde el comienzo al final. Stephen Rea un bombón

  15. This has a Duran Duran "Come Undone" vibe. Who else thinks so?

  16. is she the sister of the bloke who played RA in Stargate??? The resemblance is striking. Oh & great song and movie clip btw.

  17. Great movie and song. Gran pelicula y canción.

  18. 인생영화 나만이상한사람인줄알앗는데 이거보고 세상나만 그런게 아니란걸암

  19. Everyone wants to say he looks like a dude after the fact when they know damn well they thought he was a woman.

  20. Nice to see Superintendent Ted Hastings in an early role before he joined AC12

  21. wow jay davidson looks amazing he should continue on acting . he could be in the movie ready to wear . love him on stargate.

  22. I think I enjoyed the movie better the second time, knowing the story. 💙Beautiful Dil.

  23. cada que la escucho es estar en otro sitio donde jamás he estado, pero aún así, reconozco con nostalgia
    magnífica canción♥

  24. me toco verla aqui en guadalajara como estreno en el cinema lux o en el tolsa. fantastica.

  25. I really never saw that infamous scene coming 🌭😂

  26. 나 이영화 보고 진짜 쇼크 먹었었잖아~~ㅠ ㅠ

  27. remember jay Davidson in the film Stargate.

  28. Pity she wasn't a real woman but that was the point. No offence intended. The movie challenged a lot of sterio types. Great acting by all the cast.

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