The Crying Game • Theme Song • Boy George -

The Crying Game • Theme Song • Boy George

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.Soundtrack from the 1992 Neil Jordan film “The Crying Game,” with Stephen Rea, Jaye Davidson, Forest Whitaker, Miranda Richardson, Adrian Dunbar & Jim Broadbent.

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  1. Bonita Janet no quiero más este valle de lágrimas

  2. This is what happens when the main goal of a movie is to entertain and show a good story without agendas or ideologies behind it. While watching it almost forgot there was a plot, for me it was like seeing life. A very sincere and good movie.

  3. Cambio mi perspectiva sobre las personas transexuales con el documental disclosure, véanlo, aún así sigo amando esta canción

  4. Brilliant song and film, very emotive and great acting

  5. Canzone che ti fa fare quello che ti eri riprosto di non fare

  6. An incredible, ground-breaking movie for its time, and it has aged well, if not even better!

  7. This film is about "nature", human nature. Hence, the use of the scorpion and frog story. No matter how he might try Fergus could never love a man. The great accomplishment of this film is that it never plays Dill as a freak or a joke but rather as a full and complete human being completely and beautifully female. There is no pretension in Dill's embrace of who she is and that's what makes her love for Fergus so heartbreaking. In addition to the challenge to Fergus's nature, the male audience and my guess many females as well are both challenged by Dills's beauty, sexuality, charisma and decency. It's a breathtaking performance by Jaye Davison and a crime that he never became the world renowned actor he most surely had the talent to become. But the Dill/Fergus dynamic isn't the only example of "nature" that the characters challenge us with. Jody's nature is loving, gentle and kind certainly not the nature of a warrior. The IRA maniacs are driven not by goodness or passion for justice but by hate and blood lust and of course, Fergus is no killer. He is much closer in his nature to Jody and Dill than the cretins who use politics as a smokescreen to justify their murderous impulses. For whatever reason the first act of this film never really worked for me and the third act really didn't improve on the magnificent second act. Perhaps being in the company of characters like Dill and Fergus who were so beautifully realized made the intrusion of maniacs simply unwelcome.

  8. Vuonna 1993 tämä oli ihan mahtava elokuva, biisi

  9. Una película maravillosa ❤️😍❤️

  10. Nobody else could sing this song, but Boy George, NOBODY!

  11. Ok this spoiler wasn't a spoiler for me. I knew this was a man before anyone had to tell me. I've never watched this movie as it was not anything I needed to see.

  12. tried to find the original as in the movie on YT. This is in my opinion a miserable version, mostly because of Boy George's voice.

  13. Always loved this movie no matter what it's about

  14. Captain Winkie from the ace Ventura movie

  15. Please, can someone, tell me that the main person woman/man transgender was out of Stargate?

  16. Love doesn't have a form,it just does what it does best,unite people in any form

  17. I saw the film and with it learned to love this song over 20 years ago in my English class. I've never forgotten it since. Now I'm about to use it in my own English class.

  18. HA – I remember watching this movie with a male friend of mine. We kept going back and forth whether Dil was a man or a woman…..even after his thingy was shown. LOL

  19. I was 17 when I saw this movie in my house with those famous vhs. He was a young gay man in the 90's, imagine and suddenly see a movie like this fascinating and with such a particular love story. Never forget it. By the way, the movie was nominated for an Oscar and the two protagonists the same. What happened to Jaye Davidson?

  20. Jaye Davidson was the greatest drag queen of all time. Even when you saw her naked, it was impossible to think of her as a man.


  22. Jaye Davidson was so hot but the gay community couldn't accept him . So much for diversity.

  23. Voce divina ..testo favoloso musica stratosferica….film ?bellissimooooooooooooo………..che vinca sempre l'amore comunque e dovunque..!!!!!!

  24. It's funny…on the VHS version, the audience is surprised when I find out that she is he (transgender). In the digitized version, it is quite clear that Dil is transgendering a person.

  25. Miranda Richardson was extremely beautiful in this movie

  26. Classic !!
    The best performance atores.
    The best trilha sonora.
    Rj Brasil

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