The Boys Season 1 Episode 1 "The Name of the Game" Premiere REACTION! -

The Boys Season 1 Episode 1 “The Name of the Game” Premiere REACTION!

Dos Cavazos
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We started a new show! This is our first episode of The Boys and we already love it! Thank you all so much for suggesting it.

*This video is for commentary and criticism only and is not a replacement for watching The Boys, the full episode is available on Amazon Prime Video*

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“Everything is about people. Everything in this life that’s worth a damn.” -Eastman (The Walking Dead)

“I have spent my whole life scared, frightened of things that could happen, might happen, might not happen, 50-years I spent like that. Finding myself awake at three in the morning. But you know what? Ever since my diagnosis, I sleep just fine. What I came to realize is that fear, that’s the worst of it. That’s the real enemy. So, get up, get out in the real world and you kick that bastard as hard you can right in the teeth.” -Walter White (Breaking Bad)



  1. Coming in completely blind only ever seen short clips without any context or knowledge of the show

  2. Man ! Just catching up season 1 , before the second season starts ! Man how can I have overlooked this show! Btw .. Cheers from San Antonio ! Thanks for representing # the Spurs cap 💪👍

  3. ''Homelander's the exception'' Oh boy….

  4. "I want to become a villain now" at 5:50 – now you're getting the show!

  5. Would make a good drinking game. Everytime you say WTF you have to take a shot.

  6. stop looking into the camera and trying to interact with the audience when you react, plz.

  7. "This world is so fucked up."

    Umm…I have some bad news for you…

  8. Ah, Super " Heroes" with dubious Morality and Competenz.

  9. With great power comes complete irresponsibility.

  10. "What the hell are we watching" Yeah the same question I asked myself

  11. First time viewer. well second time viewer first season. Loved the season 2 finale!! Can’t wait!

  12. You should check out WATCHMEN.
    The movie I mean, not the shit-fest SJW piece of garbage from last year.

    It's phenomenal.
    It is a movie and not a series but it's also like 3 to 4 hours long (depending on what edition you watch) so you could break it up into parts.

    Even if you don't feel like doing it I strongly suggest you watch it for yourselves.
    As far as superhero movies goes its one of the best ones ever made.

  13. She didn't just die, she friggin exploded. 🤣

  14. Actually Capt. America like character is coming in S3

  15. This show is very violent and vulgar. But a more realistic take on superheroes

  16. Karl Urban was also in the remake of Star Trek

  17. This shows how superheroes are in the real world

  18. I am very very glad I decided to watch the boys before your reaction. I wouldnt have even started the series though if I didn't see it on ur channel can't wait for season 3!

  19. Honestly – I see what the show's saying and I love that it is said in this form… Basically – change the super-speed to a lambo with some senator's son – and you got yourself a short tuseday morning report at best. Or a movie star. Yeah, we hear about it now and then, but it's as Butcher've said – the real numbers are bit different. And about what and HOW happened to Starlight – is owfully graphically realistic. It's very painfull to watch this show. As it should. And I will continue to. Thanks for the reaction guys, you're cool.

  20. Suddenly Marvel guy got a reality check about DC superheroes universe, well first six issues were part of DC and this definitely was part of that. DC rocks. Marvel sucks.

  21. You two are a beautyfull couple 🙂 I´m just watching you now, since i´m thirsting for season 3 😀 But in the meantime i just enjoy your reactions to the greatest superhero show ever 🙂

  22. This company has got to be pulling in trillions ….. one of it's supes kills someone ….. here have 45K ……

  23. Finished your Hill House reactions yesterday, might as well watch the Boys again with you

  24. It kinda irks me how noone ever sees an issue with the guy being killed at 2:20. He was a criminal, but obviously no threat to Homelander. And instead of subduing him, Homelander just tossed him into the air. Him assumimg the position of both judge and executioner and his disregard for collateral damage and human life was already evident from the first two minutes

  25. If you take the superpower out of the show, reality remains. If you take it exactly, America remains. You can guess why Homelander is called Homelander and why he wears a cape that carries like the American flag. It's no coincidence that this is out of a whim. Homelander represents America. The show is satire and satire is always based on reality. Everything you get to see in this show is reality. This is what it looks like behind the façade of good looking clebreties and politicians. Here it is only shown openly. The sad thing is that many continue to lie to themselves and don't see the truth.


    yup, welcome to The Boys lol

  27. I used to enjoy Marvel and DC and then the boys came out and that along with the Umbrella Academy and remembering how amazing Heroes was and then the Watchmen TV show came out now I'm just cannot deal with horrible writing such as thanos's plan to wipe out half the population of the universe first off the Earth had three billion people on Earth in 1959 both my parents were alive back then and guess what that's less than half of the seven billion we have currently. Not only that they neglected to think about the fact that fenos wiped out half of life in the universe not half of life that controls the planet it lives on half of life and the majority of resources come from something that was once living also there are many populations that would die out simply because they don't have the numbers to continue going which could create a catastrophic collapse in the ecosystem in general.
    Then there's the fact that if you add up women and people of color all of their screen time and then add up all of the screen time of white males that the white males are going to have a lot more screen time then everyone else even though there's no reason that white male should have over 50% of the screen time. Yeah I know the boys is also partly that way however they do have a lot more diverse people. And then there's the fact that it took them over a decade to make a movie with a female lead. Then there's the fact that they mainly cast Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow so that they could have people Ogle at her in skintight leather and often have her in scenes where she is not needed simply so that people can Ogle. Also just the bad riding of having the villain have the same power as the hero 90% of the time or just bad riding in general like you'd plot holes that you could fit in the entire Multiverse in.

  28. If you think $45,000 is not enough for the value of a life then you should look at how The sackler's who own Purdue Pharma and see how much they're having to pay in court for the opiate crisis yet sounds like a lot six billion dollars but then you take into account how many people died because of the opioid crisis and are still dying because of the opioid crisis even though it's a lot less than it used to be people are still dying because of it. $12,000 per person. And that's only for the people who have officially died from it and only a rough number because I mean the numbers always increasing. They're also requesting that they never be sued for this ever again in the future indicating that they are interested in continuing this and just having a legal loophole where they can't be charged with it again.

  29. The reaction on that opening scene never dissapoints.

  30. what would have happened if starlight and queen maeve she had done that also with homelander and a-train and black noir and the deep and translucent

  31. "I'm going through the five stages of grief"

    Him too lmao

  32. I would say good on Vaught for even offering restitution for Robin to Huey. He isn't entitled to any of it, since he doesn't have a legal connection to her. However, it is what Huey calls it, 'hush money'. And, what do you do, when everyone just wants to use you, and nobody has your interests in mind. Huey is stuck between one villanous organization, and another villanous organization. And, now he's a murderer.

  33. I really hate when she says "is the captain dude" or "so the seven are the avengers"
    NOOOOO, they are the Justice League!
    Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Batman, the other are more debatable

  34. Her: "I'm Starlight."

    Me: "Starlight Anya?"

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