the boys play WEST HUNT -

the boys play WEST HUNT

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JUICY – …​
EDDIE – …​
REE KID – …​

BUBBLES by Tokyo Machine
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  1. 0:40 as a Filipino, gay means "bakla" or "tomboy" in tagalog

  2. I can’t wait for Gabbys video, I know that’s gonna be hilarious 😂

  3. Never heard of this game. But it looks fun

  4. i smell a rat
    arthur morgan- i told you so.

  5. Haha and the red dead redemption 2 song in the background lol i like it very cool

  6. in bane voice Do it again for our entertainment you slags lmao awesome video guys funny as always 👍

  7. awesome need a round 2 with all of you playing it next time

  8. I love these types of videos. Josh please make more you guys are hilarious!😂😂

  9. they about to be banned from settings for this

  10. Josh why is eddie gerlfrend needs to be in every video and she copes all off the boys content I don't have a problem with it but dam gerl do yore own thing

  11. Seriously so freaking funny, I've genuinely already rewatched this 6 times. Can only imagine the comedic gold with the whole gang😂

  12. The smooth smooching as he walked by was hilarious, how did they not get caught right away.😂

  13. Oh I hope you guys keep playing this is so funny

  14. I dont know why but i thought vanoss was part of your group

  15. Omg I can’t stop watching this😂 it’s sooo good 👍

  16. HELLO GREEN SHIRT it looks like I finally smelled ("intense sniffing noise") A RAT 🤣😆😆😂

  17. "I don't like this man in a hat"
    Gun shot 😂😂😂

  18. I am of Scandinavian blood. But love your videos as always

  19. 11:40 Did you just smooch me? eyes suspicious person then indian woman walks past

  20. Hey Josh I wanna become a content creator like you an the boys I was wondering if your or ever one of the boys could help I'm I live in Washington state in the Pacific Northwest I want to become like you guys an make others laugh an everything so I was hoping to get advice from one of you guys an hope to have my name in a shout out in one of yalls videos

  21. joshdub pls play more of this cause this shit, was so funny

  22. Omg should've had the courage it would've been play of the game

  23. The beginning background music was nice

  24. Oh its Nico's game he have a youtube chanel you should put the link of his channel 😎

  25. Please play this game again! Could not stop laughing!

  26. 10:08
    She took a dna test and found out she was 0.2 percent Scandinavian

  27. You gotta play this with juicy and mully too man

  28. The red dead songs on the background st times is so funny

  29. Dood looks like Dutch vander linde

  30. This is an odd way to find out ed and gabby got married

  31. This game is awesome – I’d love to see more videos of this!

  32. when i heard "I finally smell a rat " i gave me red dead 2 vibes

  33. Okay but why is the person in the jail cell Mexican

  34. Narrators impression of Arthur morgan: it looks like I finally smell A RAT

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