The boys memes (game edition) -

The boys memes (game edition)

TriChaos xD
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I made all the memes myself :). If you want a sequel or a different type of the boys memes, leave a comment ;).
original star wars video:


  1. The soldier punching the spy must’ve hurt as hell

  2. its not too bad but u should use fail moments

  3. This is SO DAMN GOOD!!!! What the fuck!!! That New Vegas one was absolutely TOP-TIER editing.

  4. I find vader's scene lame when he kills the second sister, since she doesn't fall into 2 pieces from the shoulder to the hip.

  5. It's not a the boys meme if you just put tag there

  6. Pause at 0:34 and look at the left dude's face. now laugh, unpause and have a nice day.

  7. IMma admit… that TF2 edit I could see coming a mile away…. And it’s still my fav 😂

  8. Not gonna lie, the game was rigged from the start… *bang*… Ari, ari, a got this feeling that you know.

  9. Truth is… this is entertaining

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