The Boys - 1x1 The Name of the Game - Group Reaction -

The Boys – 1×1 The Name of the Game – Group Reaction

The Normies
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We are finally watching the season 1 premiere of The Boys! We are pumped to start this series with you all. Come find the truth about The 7 in season 1 episode 1 The Name of the Game! Hang back after the reaction for the Normie’s discussion and review!



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  1. “OMG just punch him, its doesnt matter that he is invisible you can hear him! God Huey is dumb”

    Literally 30 seconds later:

    “How do you lose a fight while you are invisible, fucking idiot”

    Yall just like to complain, Im gonna skip this reaction series with you guys.. sorry. Just insulted the characters the entire rime

  2. Okay brie is my new fav normie. Right behind chris and suraj

  3. Who’s that girl on the far right?? she’s hella attractive

  4. Woman can’t be boys Chris? Haha watch out or the left will cancel u

  5. I don't know why but throw in the middle is kind of making me annoyed

  6. bruh I always get a lowkey karen vibe on one of them and I aint tellin who and if you think you know, you know

  7. So can we talk just for a moment that the person of color in the middle has arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger she needs to be on that show

  8. I know I'm late (and that probably nobody cares) but you can one hundred percent be 110 pounds AND be 5 foot 6. I myself am 5 foot 8 and I weigh 111 pounds.
    I'm a dude by the way, so it's definitely possible for a woman.

  9. i beleive this show is a big metaphor on how the us industrial militar complex is perceived this days.

  10. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  11. As much as this is really violet and inappropriate, it’s worse in the comic.

  12. I'm 5'6 and been 110 most my life and I'd like to know why I don't exist! 😭😭

  13. damn, so much confidence in the idea of punching an invisible person, you're right guys, it's easy as hell

  14. These people are everything wrong with this country.

  15. lmao Marketa was right Chris, imagining arguing that war isn't already privatized

  16. i adored all of your reactions but especially the women and especially the black woman here. you're so right. that psychopath jawline? lol you're the friends i like to watch shows like these with

  17. "They're politicians!" No, they're worse, they're corporate scum.

  18. People who reacted on 'The Wire' should check out 'Banshee'.

  19. OK so it took me way too long to realise that was a mic hanging down and not a mark on my screen.

  20. I just started watching this show and I'm so hyped to see that Nikki is in these reactions!!! So far the show looks super good and I can't wait to watch the rest of your reactions!!!

  21. Billy Hargrove Deserved So Much Better says:

    The third person in the row, the girl? Amazing. First time seeing her and I just kept agreeing and giggling xD

  22. Well, someone here as a little annoying

  23. what would have happened if starlight and queen maeve she had done that also with homelander and a-train and black noir and the deep and translucent

  24. It’s not a “knockoff Superman or Wonder Woman”. That sounds like a simple minded idiot talking. You lot never even read the comics eh? It’s a different universe. That’s the whole point. IMAGINE IF SUPERMAN WAS NOT SUCH A CLICHE and UNREALISTICALLY “good guy”.. Imagine if Superman was never adopted by Martha, but instead.. he was raised like a lab rat his entire childhood. Imagine if Superman was evil, or more REALISTIC… Yeh, That’s Homelander. Basically. The rest are pretty much the same, but all scared of Homelander

  25. Wait, wait wait…

    I'm new here…
    Just need to ask, because I think it is sarcasm… or at least I hope it is…

    "I love how the parallel between the supes and the cops"
    (eh… already not quite right. It is more a parallel on hollywood.)
    "Yup… all supes are bastards"
    this is what gets me though… please don't tell me you think that cops are bad and the system is just out there to get you… because this is what it sounds like…

  26. sim, eu sei que vocês olharam para os faróis da morena

  27. La la la la la la la la la lala la 😈😈😈

  28. As someone who hadn't watch the bois till legiterally today, i do wonder at which point Brie&Nikki will despawn. Hope they are doing gud and btw (did they were in the avatar final reacrion?)

  29. 3:52 That's legiterally what Minato does whenever he redirects a nuke

  30. Brie your reaction was amazing 👏 and I loved your guys discussion afterwards

  31. I am Guessing You Guys have NeveR Watched Superhero Movies oR May Be NeveR HeaRd of It.
    This is Such a DeLibeRateLy Ignorant Reaction

  32. The comics are a lot more graphic and sinical

  33. Robin literally wasn’t in the street, it’s a stretch to say she was on the edge of the sidewalk.

  34. I just realized Billy Butcher is John Winchester
    Kind of a military strong man, running fake ids, An extremist, controling bastard with good intentions trying to work against the thing that took his wife away from him

  35. That chick with no bra is pretty annoying..

  36. Can't stand how us millennials don't understand the true meaning of things like capitalism.

  37. "Wait so there are 200 superheroes, and there's no supervillain?"

    Haha… well you see…

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