The Boys 1x1 REACTION!! "The Name of the Game" -

The Boys 1×1 REACTION!! “The Name of the Game”

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Eric Shane Rick and Aaron react to and discuss season 1 episode 1 of The Boys – The Name of the Game

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  1. If only they know the only decent hero was black noir

  2. I have a question: are full reactions on patronite with the episode view (as on YouTube) or without (as in the one you shared for all – full reaction)?

  3. I adore the train sound A-train made when he ran through Robin.
    Edit: A little side-note, the costumes in this are amazing.

  4. I can’t believe I just now started watching this show such a good anti-imperialist critique

  5. i was also hoping Homelander was a good guy i really wanted to like his character

  6. Just a reminder that the MHA society of heroes is probably the same screwed up as this one

  7. Everyone watching episode 1: I hope Homelander is one of the good guys.

  8. Thanks guys. You showed me The Boys, I will never experience satisfaction and completion within a show, so thanks

  9. Hey my name is Samuel i think y'all guys are cool it would be nice to hang out with friends like y'all and react on superhero movies and and games 🎮 😊

  10. Hey my name is Samuel it will be fun to hang with good friends like y'all it will be nice to do a reaction video with y'all

  11. Hey can I hang with y'all guys it be nice to have friends my name is Samuel

  12. who was that handsome man showing them the security footage at 6:10

  13. Hello, make videos of Reactions of the episodes of 'Nowhere Boys' please…

  14. just finished the first season. so much color in this reaction! tought it was just filmed to be dark and not so colorles, but it turns out that I watched it on 10bit with an 8bit display. need to pay more atention to my torrents

  15. First time here, Hoping you will enjoy the series. I personally LOVED this series. Going to subscribe right now.

  16. I haven't noticed this the first time I watched, but translucent STOPS a home invasion! This is hilarious! You can catch the burglar or handle a hostage situation, but there is only one way you may stop a home invasion! Hahaha

  17. "They're all fucked except… Homelander." I know that at the time they obviously didn't know the full story, so I ain't ragging on em, I just find it funny and honestly, I was on the same boat XD

  18. 4:39 “He’s so tan.”

    Wtf Rick. THAT’S what you took away from that shot?!

  19. Every 4 – 5 months I rewatch the crew's The Boys reactions because I miss the show so much. This is my 4th watch-through

  20. Homelander wearing an American flag as cape should have been all they needed to see to know that Homelander was gonna be the villain in a show made by lefties.

  21. I honestly thought it was the boys from YouTube , josh, mully, juicy, narrator, and Eddie.

  22. I also love Jack Quaid as Hughie. Boy loves Billy Joel, and so do I!

  23. I remember watching the first episode and thinking that all the other heroes are gunna be evil but Homelander is gunna be good and oblivious to everything happening, and then him shooting down the plane surprised me so much, I love this show

  24. “I hope Homelander is the only one who does the right thing” lololol nope

  25. Shane was Blind Wave's "The Deep" and it's why he is no longer a part of The 7.

  26. Why is Jason mamoa reacting to these videos here?

  27. robin's death really traumatized me for the rest of the season, like anyone can die accidentally. they did a good job with that.

  28. Only starting watching the boys the other day coz I saw the plane clip which is worse than this absolutely the best series I’ve wasted in ages so different and fucking fun most off all so great can’t wait for more kinda glad I’ve only just watched it knowing there’s another series coming in June

  29. rick speculating about bizarro homelander lmao

  30. you all seemed trying so hard to give the superman the benefit of the doubt haha

  31. Just started watching this show. That scene where Robin got fucking recked hooked me. This shit has been awesome so far!

  32. what would have happened if starlight and queen maeve she had done that also with homelander and a-train and black noir and the deep and translucent

  33. in my opinion making homelander a narcissist that has everything under control was the best move instead of just making him the only decent person in the group

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