The Boys 1X1 REACTION 'The Name of the Game' | THESE ARE NOT SUPER HEROES!!! 🤯 -

The Boys 1X1 REACTION ‘The Name of the Game’ | THESE ARE NOT SUPER HEROES!!! 🤯

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Welcome back to the channel. Today, I’m starting the first episode of “The Boys” for the very first time.

This might be on the same level if not WORSE than Invincible…Ya’ll let me know if I should check out episode 2 🤦🏾‍♂️

🎬 To view the uncut reaction video for this movie, you can access it on Patreon.

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  1. took getting ran thru to a whole new meaning fr

  2. I cant wait for you to go on this journey lol

  3. Brandon should join on this reaction if he can man. The boys just gets better imo

  4. Can’t wait for him to get to Gen V 😅

  5. 2 months? Ill probably take the 45k. Check with a lawyer first. 2 years? Im going out swinging.

  6. Guess we won't be getting your mums reaction 😂

  7. You gonna continue watching this alone? Would love to see you watch this with your crew.

  8. The way I just threw my head back and cackled! You, watching The Boys? 😂
    I'm SAT!
    Subbed after watching your Harry Potter reactions. And you're gonna need Brendan for The Boys!

  9. Lmao 3:21 “one thing is for sure, ain’t no cable gettin’ laid!” That delivery made me crack up 😂😂😂

  10. I lougfed so Hard bicas my Name ist Robin 😂😂😂

  11. Oh boy, you gotta watch every single episode of this beauty 🤣 such a good idea for a series👌

  12. I'm worried you're too innocent/pure for this show because it gets waaayyy worse 😅

  13. Whens the return of the king reaction coming?

  14. 6:31 2 month relationship for $45k, YES
    2 year relation for $45k, HELL naw.
    Sorry not sorry
    P.S. Brandon should be here for this

  15. Two months 45k is easy money ima cry to the bank

  16. Invincible is like a kid’s story compared to the boys. I fear you may not complete this one 😂

  17. @edn THIS IS ONE OF THEE BEST SHOWS CURRENTLY OUT THERE!!! From it being super current and making big political statements about all sides (though it leans more left which I personally vibe with but don’t judge), to the special effects, story telling, twists and turns, and cast of characters that you grow to love or grow to love to hate.

    And yes it pushes boundaries with nudity and gore. HOWEVER I think that at times that’s one of the most questionable things about the show because sometimes I think they do it just strictly to be controversial and get people talking. But sometimes it does feel like it doesn’t exactly need it. I stilll LOVEEEEE THE SHOW REGARDLESS!!!


  18. this is a great show to react to, so many shocking moments


  20. I watched The Boys finally and binged every episode over a few days 😂 Awesome show!

  21. For the question about if it happened to my gf that I had been dating for a time, it would depend. But I think if I was dating her for some time and felt as strongly about her as dude seemed to feel for his girl, I would go scorched Earth, maybe even take the money to put towards weapons or rss.. Nothing left to lose at that point if the one you loved gone. But I think the wise thing to do, would be to honor her by telling the truth while trying to find love again. She would probably want that I think, if she was as awesome as we are imagining.. Tho if it happened to me? I would want my gf that survived me to do what she wants. If she wants to move forward and be happy, I am happy for her. If she wants to go avenging angel, I will do my best to help from the sprit world and become her guardian demon, as she gets retribution on these super fools! 😂

  22. I dont know Adison. This may be too much for you to handle 😂

  23. Great reaction! I had the exact same reaction when I watched the first episode.

  24. Him – “why they had to have the black guy do that”

    M – “oh your little innocent mind you will see lol”

  25. Re-watching s1 after watching the newest season is soo crazy lol.

  26. I know he won’t watch the whole show but IF HE DID

  27. This is gritty, but I prefer anti-hero types of superhero stories and this falls into my sweet spot.

    I think Hewie hasn't had dozens of girlfriends… I mean he is adorable, but as roles go, he is meant to be a bit geeky. Robin was the girl who got him in the (sexual) game. She is not just a girl friend. She's THE girl. Never letting it go.

    Also, Simon Pegg, Hewie's dad, was the person the original comic book artist envisioned as Hewie.

    "Where is HR?" OMG–I love it. Definitely following through all of these.

  28. Like that, you are reacting to this show.
    You have a great team on your channel!

  29. Okay. Now that you've watched all Harry Potter's and Hunger games, I'm needing y'all to react to Princess Rap Battles: Hermione vs Katniss. It's so good.

  30. you guys should check out Fantastic Beasts, it has 3 movies and its also apart of the harry potter wizarding world.

  31. The superheroes in this are like OJ Simpson, basically.
    There are way too many business interests behind them to let it all go to waste over some nobody woman they killed.

  32. Would be coming out with a “surviving a-train” cause that $$ ain’t $&:+

  33. I appreciate a reactor that's not afraid to pause and rewind. 👏

  34. i want you to keep watching but i fear you'll want to quit LMFAOO

  35. Definitely you should watch more! One piece of advice I can give you is just don’t bother looking for a hero. It’s like I tell my kids and their friends “You’re all nasty and you need Jesus”.

  36. I don’t think he will finish this show…I honestly don’t think he should 😂 Adison is not of the world…And this show goes to places he couldn’t imagine!

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