the best GameBoy deal of my life. -

the best GameBoy deal of my life.

The Retro Future
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I got the best GameBoy bargain of my life on FaceBook marketplace for an absolute STEAL!

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The Retro Future
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  1. I kinda want a GBC Flash Cart so I can play Pokémon Crystal Clear on original hardware.

  2. Should I get the DMG gameboy or the Pocket???

  3. Damn gameboys are kinda cheap in the uk, in the US they could go for 100 dollars

  4. I don’t have a charger on me so let’s open it up and change the battery

  5. I Have a GB pocket , a basic GB , a GB color , 2 GBA SP , a ds , a 3ds , and pokemon red , blue, green,silver and gold

  6. can you please provide link hear of this please please please please provide us the link of this please please please please please respond please please please respond please please please respond please

  7. I NEED the music from the start of the video!

  8. The YouTauber: I found this on Facebook Market Place for 30 bucks.
    Me: Oh I wanna buy it too.
    GameBoy cost 200 dolars
    Also me: U aRe ShItInGiNg Me.

  9. My game boy color works I tried Pokémon red it works but you have to wear headphones if you want to hear the game audio which is super pixelated and that’s how I like it

  10. i bought a Gameboy color the other month with pokemon red. it was also a lime green one. i like to think of it as the watermelon

  11. Just had a moment and realised sl3d means sled on that monsters inc game

  12. Well, today I know how does it feel get envy! D:

  13. XD I was born the year final fantasy first came out (in japan?) XD

  14. can you post a link or the name of your screw kit?

  15. Lego ninjago season intro is a good one for me and my banana boat is a bit different from the teapot of the departed and the world wearing bikini in the morning and the world wearing bikini in the morning and the world wearing bikini in the morning and the world wearing bikini in the morning and the world wearing bikini in the morning and the world wearing bikini in ninjago dose of the departed is a bit of a wimpy kid but I think I ran too fast and I have to contact you

  16. ok I'm gonna be honest i got more exited at looking at the gb modding store bc now i can have my own XD

  17. The best thing I ever gotten from Facebook marketplace was a complete inbox copy of chibi robo for 40$

  18. dude got the best deal in history… i can't get my hand on pokemon games for my GB

  19. Nice find there. I need to do this clean up on my pokemon emerald game. Bought it off some kid awhile back and its all wonky. Pretty sure I need to replace a battery or two at some point on my pokeon blue, red, yellow, crystal, as well. Never knew how to check that. I lost all my crystal save data. With my precious Mew 🙁

  20. Uster love buyin old pokemon games and seeing what they had or got in the game

  21. I must have 300 game boy games (advanced and og) and so many game boys from when I was a kid. I think I’ll hold onto them for a few more years then give ‘‘em a sell

  22. The best game boy deal I had was using Retroarch and getting the games on Vimm’s lair

  23. GBA games will also work on the Game Boy Color.

  24. It always hurts me remembering I sold three GB pokemon games and an original GBC for $50 back when I was a kid and needed the money. Then again, I got all of them for about $20 originally. A few years back tho I did happen to grab a lot on ebay with a GBA, GBA SP, and DS Lite for only $40

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  26. thank you so much i was just thinking to buy a gameboy and now i know what to do if theres something wrong with it

  27. Man im so jealous i recently hade to resort to buying fake pokemon games because real ones are way too expensive for me 😭

  28. I've only recently been interested in starting an old consoles collection. Wish I had never given away my GB, GBC, and both GBAs. The pokemon cartridges are crazy expensive too, and don't even get me started on anything that still comes with the original box.

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  30. Didn't know I was gonna find a select button fixing tutorial in this but I did need one.

  31. creators need to stop telling everyone where they get good deals from.

  32. One of my bestfriends gave me 2 gameboy sp, game boy color and gameboy advance and all his pokemon games and other games for my bday and i couldnt be more grateful

  33. Two 15 second commercials, youtube is really getting too comfortable with these commercials

  34. Elliot, since you mentioned the ifixit Toolkit. May I ask, which one you got there? I can't seem to find one, that has Phillips,Triwing and Gamebit in it, which is frustrating. I heard many good things about these toolkits.

  35. The gameboy advance is my childhood, along with accidently wiping my older brothers pokemon saphire save.

  36. Think if we give those genuine who made the game 1gb for GBA

  37. We borrowed that Monsters Inc game and finding Nemo from blockbuster when my little brother had to have surgery on his mouth to extract an extra tooth. They hold so much nostalgia for me. We played those games for hours!

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