The Best Game Boy Nintendo Ever Made: Game Boy Light -

The Best Game Boy Nintendo Ever Made: Game Boy Light

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The Game Boy line of consoles is much beloved by our generation, but it’s one major flaw shouldn’t go unrecognized. Luckily, Japan had a solution…

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  1. I exchanged my Game Boy light for a Game Boy Color, I was so disappointed afterward I had to buy the game boy worm light.

  2. This was so great to watch. My family visited Japan when I was 8 back in 1998 and my Dad bought this for himself as a souvenir. Like you said, it was exclusive to Japan – I remember waiting for this to come out in the states and it never did.

  3. I know what you mean with everyone nowdays acting like they're common in the states. I asked a game store about them and the guy was like "Yeah they're pretty common". Me surprised by what he said, I told him they were only in Japan, and he was like "No they were here in the states too." And of course they didn't have one.

  4. Import games and consoles were a HUGE part of every non-chain video game store I shopped at in the 90s.

  5. I'm craving for one of those! even though' I have a Color and an AGS101

  6. I thought they had the Game Boy Light in the UK for a little while


  8. I used to have a gameboy light that my Aunt brought back from Japan for my birthday one year but i have since lost it and never found out what happened to it

  9. the best current option before the release of Game Boy Classic, is to manually mod Game Boy Pocket or Color by adding a backlight

  10. just mod the original DMG01 with a backlit its the best ever 😀

  11. My aunt in the US bought me a game boy light and shipped it here in the Philippines. So no, they’re not exclusive to Japan.

  12. i have a gba sp, i can turn the brightness down.. i did and OH LORDY ITS BAD

  13. I started looking at the Gameboy and I started wanting it. Sad thing, I’m skeptical that the sellers will rip me off, and I’m broke.

  14. I had one n never been to Japan we had a lil Japanese run shop in Yonkers ny… no toys r us

  15. Is there varying levels of brightness with used consoles because of use and time or are they all pretty uniform? In the market for a used one and want to know if this is something I have to consider. Some seller don't even include pictures with the light mode on!

  16. Modding a Game Boy Color with a backlight is easy. I just did it in 10 minutes.

  17. Yeah I had a Gameboy Light, but you wouldn't know about it because it goes to another school.

  18. but does ANYONE remember the aluminum gameboy light!? They do exist, buuuut I can’t find em :/

  19. I've always said, I would have preferred to have a gameboy light over the gameboy color I think. I did have a worm light when I was a kid. But it still just boggles my mind that one of the best selling consoles of all time had a screen that you can't even see. I mean try playing one today, it's just terrible. How much more would it have really cost for them to put a back light or hell, even a damn front light in the gbc though? The gbl literally used he same type of light as a watch so it could not have cost much.

  20. Hey wulff den would you do a video of using the Gameboy camera with the Gameboy light? I think that'd be a good video idea. Doubt you would even see this comment though. 😣

  21. Is the speaker significantly quieter than the DMG? I just bought one and it seems too quiet. My headphone also only work in one ear

  22. I finally got my Game Boy light in the mail today that is the jewel of my collection. The speakers a little bit low for my liking but nobody outside of a brain surgeon is going to be opening that device up. It is an original Game Boy light with the battery cover and I love it like it's my third child

  23. Gameboy Light and modded Gameboys/Pockets/Colors/Advances is SO good for stuff like Kirby Tilt n' Tumble and Gameboy Camera. Don't have to deal with turning your GBAsp upside down when taking pictures, nor worry about reverse controls in Tilt n' Tumble

  24. In manhattan in the lower 90s (west side) we had a place called "cyber games" where they always had some import gameboys from japan. I remember owning an pink advance before they got big in the states and i deff saw some gameboy lights on the shelves as a kid. what a great video! now i need to try and grab one of these!

  25. me as a kid who envied my cousins who got the color one while i got the light lmao 👁👄👁

  26. Actually one of my friends had that… until now i thought my memory was messing with me… (his dad was working overseas) It was like 2007 and im from germany. Im really glad to see that my childhood memories aren't fading. I also exactly remember my aunt gifting me my red gameboy pocket with Pokemon Yellow ❤️❤️❤️

  27. the color has an active matrix screen so it's not as blurry

  28. if you played osd and laminate version of gameboy then you will feel uncomfortable playing gameboy light

  29. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I have this when I still a kid.
    This with the sega mega drive 2.

  30. My Gameboy is a DS lite I still pick heart gold and gold on my DS right now

  31. Having ONLY a minimal Japan only release , proves Nintendo never had brain one in their heads , , , ,the gamepad for the "N64" reaffirms they are still brainless , , , , GB light is great , , , but look at how they handled it , , , , missed opportunity proof of Stupidity , , , , , Japan only , spit on em , , , 😡🤬😡

  32. These gameboys were available in Europe. Not sure if Nintendo sold them in those regions or people brought them back from Japan on vacation, but I remember my cousin had one when I visited Germany in the 90s, a silver one

  33. In 1989, Nick saw a trailer for a game boy. He loved the concept of playing NES games wherever he’d like. He begged his parents day and night for one. Finally, in Christmas of 1990, he got a present that his parents said, was video game related. Excitedly, knowing what it was, he ripped open the present. 100 likes for part 2.

  34. I never liked Game Boy. Small screen. Black and white. No backlight. Game Gear was amazing and had a TV adapter.

  35. all of his footage of the pocket light reveals that it looks awful.
    it's like a timex indiglo watch.
    you can barely see any detail at all.

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