The Best GAME BOY money can buy | Analogue Pocket -

The Best GAME BOY money can buy | Analogue Pocket

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The Analogue Pocket really does live up to a lot of the hype, but here’s what it’s like to actually use one for about a week.


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  1. Still waiting to buy this – but when there's a V2 model improving on all known issues and dislikes.

    Please play Pokémon Emerald or Silver/Gold. Love the music in both!

  2. Maybe the V2 model will have an insert for cartridges at the bottom.

  3. Just popping in to mention that this also plays Game Gear and other handheld games with attachment modules.

  4. Sold the majority of my gameboy and gameboy advance game collection back in 2011 / 2012. Kinda wish I didn't but I needed the cash at the time lol.. Probably had over 50 games. Anyway, this is a really cool device for those who still have a gameboy game collection to play on it.

  5. I’ve really been looking for an old Pokémon player and this seems expensive but pretty good

  6. Looks hella cool!

    And I have both Ips V.something screen on both my Color and Advanced..
    And I'm still interested on this, gsus xt..

  7. Lol imagine complaining about a USB C to C cable. "I love all this modern tech, let me not use a modern standard".

    Oh, mac user. Explains it all. Nvm.

  8. I'm about to blow your mind Bob, you can use any USB A to USB C cable you already have to charge it

  9. Not for this pricetag… Overall it´s a very pretty device, yes.
    But the cartridge port and also the choice of material for the surface is a dealbreaker for me.
    That just looks cheap to me and the lack of save states is pretty disappointing.

  10. I’d say it’s worth the $220 if you just play on the tv. If you plan on using it hand held you’ll get triggered when you move the wrong way and your game pauses. Or just buy a gameboy sp cheap then add a screen mod which still is cheap

  11. Every phone manufacturer atm yeah everyone has usbc to c you don't need a wall charger

  12. I’ll probably just stick with my custom ips gba for now, this just doesn’t give me enough over that to spend that much money

  13. Thanks for the sponsor, the grip and case actually seem pretty cool

  14. Why would you get this garbage when you could preorder your amazing TRDR Pocket that youll get someday.

  15. Whoa wood got WRECKED in that match. Dude is playing my favorite character too so I say this with great sorrow. 😂

  16. Can you trade from a Gameboy advanced with the usual link cable? Pokémon to Pokémon?

  17. Definitely a buy in the future. I’ve been wanting to play my cartridges, but I also want to persevere my retro handhelds.

  18. I dint watch the full vid can the analogue play without game cards

  19. Love it, looks amazing. But I'm not gonna drop $200 to play games I've played already. I dont want to pay a super premium price for games that have been around for decades, if this your thing it's cool no judgement but not for me.

  20. My sizable collection of games would justify me buying this thing if not for the shitty cart slot. Having a loose cart can majority fuck with cart pins and cart data so it's gonna be a pass for me

  21. How do we know if this is truly not emulation? That this is a Game Boy implemented in hardware then why does it play Game Gear games? Unless that's a separate board.

  22. I know he says you have to use "original game carts" in the video, but does he know that flash carts are a thing? I use them on original hardware since ROMs are just data while emulation can be not 100% accurate.

  23. This thing is pretty darn cool!

    I love the TV mode too, since that kinda helps move past the GameBoy Player.

    The only downside I can think of is some games being incompatible. (Boktai comes to mind.) I wonder if patches or even just GameShark compatibility could be a thing.

    Either way, even if I have to play a few games differently, it covers most incredibly well!

  24. Thank you so much for this in depth review. Not many other reviewers had any cons in their review, almost like reading for a script. Thanks for your honest review.

  25. Not sure what controller you are using but the Nintendo Switch does just turn on with the home button in dock and handheld…

  26. Ill be honest the box only coming with a usb-c to usb-c cable isn’t gonna be a bother to me and maybe a lot more people. That cable is becoming more and more common use now (from what I’ve seen) from where I’m from and to the point where even my parents use mostly usb c stuff and theyre pretty much tech illiterate as I can see

  27. How did they get a GBC game to look so good on a HD TV 😮

  28. I'm group C – 2023. A little gutted at that time frame but hey ho! ✌️

  29. It's not a Game Boy….It's a FanBoy as all i see is people forgetting their roots. Original hardware will never be beat. Stop instagramming your new shiny Analogues you gumps like they've reinvented the wheel. No rom support unless you hack it? Utter shocker

  30. They forgot to engineer a cartridge slot 🤡🤡 if the wind blows the game crashes !

  31. Why the f would I buy this 🤣 I need something that can hold all the games no just 1 at a time bruh

  32. LOL did you seriously just drop the Pocket in your review vid? LOL you conveniently got a drop test on camera. Now we know the thing is at least halfway sturdy!

  33. I'd be remiss if I didn't say that I am a bit disappointed that so many of the promised features aren't available on day one. Even some of the more basic stuff like save states or ripping carts are not available yet. It seems they are just starting to work on developing this new OS that they touted for the system, which is a bit strange after all the time they've had to work on it.

    At this rate it could be another year or more before we start seeing some of the more advanced features that we were promised on the system, and that is a shame as I expected most of this stuff to be available day one. Like being able to have community developed cores on the system, that is the feature I have been most excited for. How come we don't have more of those features available yet?

    Right now the Pocket feels a bit more barebones than it should, considering what has been promised. By the time we get the features we were promised, interest in the system may have waned a bit, and that's a real shame. I hope they work quickly to give us these things that we are currently missing out on. I really feel like most of this stuff should have been available day one as it feels like an incomplete product at this point. The potential is very exciting but I am wondering how long the wait will be.

  34. I am willing to bet that the delays were just as much software related as they were hardware related. It seems to me that they promised a lot of the features before even starting work developing them, as the Pocket experience is noticeably barebones compared to what I expected based on the promised features.

    I imagine it's going to be quite a long time before we finally see a lot of the promised stuff in a complete form on the Pocket, and that's kind of a shame. Willing to bet the cart adapters are not available yet simply because the cores are still being worked on & are not complete yet.

  35. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that we will probably see the TG-16/PC Engine cart adapter around the same time that the Analogue Duo system becomes available, simply because that's when the core will finally have been completed. I know that developing cores like these, specially to fine tune them as well as Analogue does takes a lot of time, so hopefully it's at least close to complete at this point.

  36. The super loose cart slot is EASILY the biggest flaw of this device, and it is a rather glaring & inexcusable one imo for such a premium device. I really don't understand how Analogue was ok with this design as it is a serious problem when you can't even sit the unit down without having your game freeze.

  37. You didn't even mention that the Dock can also pair up with 2.4g controllers, which is far more important than it's Bluetooth syncing imo. My guess is you don't even know about 2.4g & the benefits of it do you? Aka the fact that 2.4g has zero added lag compared to Bluetooth. And I thought you were supposed to be the expert…. The fact that you're still even using Bluetooth controllers for retro consoles makes me question your expertise.

  38. I truly hope the ability to dump your own carts to the MicroSD comes soon. There is zero reason that feature shouldn't have been available day one. If you're gonna allow for box art for your games then allow users to be able to rip their games to their card to create their own on the go library of games to play!

  39. The funny thing is that the Gameboy stuff is the thing that I am actually least excited about for this device. I am more excited for the community cores in a device that can be played portably or as a console!

  40. What are you talking about? Money CAN'T buy this. It's just not available – like fucking EVERYTHING else worth having.

  41. I finally beat a stupid level in Spyro season of ice yesterday on my pocket. It's an AMAZING system and that screen is everything.

  42. You can't actually buy it, though. Unless you're cool waiting until 2023.

  43. I'd love to play so many nostalgia games 🎮 I never finished

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