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When I tell you I’ve lusted over the Game Boy my entire life, you better believe it. Imagine my satisfaction to finally have a mini Game Boy clone that, despite a few shortcomings, feels INCREDIBLE to play on!

If you’re a Game Boy fanatic, the new BittBoy is a no brainer. But lemme explain why!

📷My gear:

Canon 70D

24mm lense

Video Mic Pro

Canon G7X Mark II


– Great, affordable Bluetooth headphones

– Excellent pure Android experience on a budget smartphone

– Must-have Bluetooth controller for emulation on a cellphone!

– Amazfit Bip, an unbeatably affordable smart watch

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  1. You should probably mention that the shipping takes FOREVER. This product ships from Shenzhen, China. It ships 2-3 weeks after order and takes 1-2 weeks to hit Los Angeles USPS for delivery. I am STILL waiting for mine ordered 4 weeks ago.

  2. Well… Somebody as an inferiority complex.

  3. This is the first video of yours that I've seen and I liked it and I found you quite likeable too! You've got yourself a new subscriber. Thanks!

    Now, about the Bittboy. I have one of the first generation units and I play it a lot so when they announced the second generation, I ordered one immediately. Unfortunately it was lost in the mail (NO!) so they sent me another one and it arrived two days ago (great customer support, BTW). I love it! It's totally worth the money. If they have one next year that adds support for Gameboy Advance and Super Nintendo games, I'll buy a third one without hesitation.

  4. From Uruguay here, but third world is nothing bad, is just third world countrys are not rich but not poor, but we always had Gameboys, maybe a little more expensive than USA or Europe, but all my friends had GB and GBC, my first one was GBA, and now i have a complete colection of gameboys iin my house, i prefer the GBA and GBC with backlight screen and a Everdrive instead of buying clone consoles.

  5. Does anyone know what Pokémon game was in the background of this video? And also is there any way to get or add L and R shoulder buttons on that thing?

  6. Onde compro no Brasil, maninho?

  7. They should increase the screen size and include SNES too..

  8. can't find any roms that'll work 🙁 I dragged them on my SD card and it won't read any games!!

  9. I'd totally get this if it could support GBA games. Perfect gift for my wife since I lost her GBA SP _

  10. Just got my New Bittboy for my birthday from my son, love it. I new i wanted one after watching your reveiw. I take every thing I have apart and try to make it better. If you take a Dmg-01 D-pad and trim around to make the circle smaller. You have to trim a little off the tip under it That will get it to fit. The new D-pad makes game play that much more fun.

  11. I wasn't around during time of the original Gameboy, but damn I must be from that one 3rd world country where these things were everywhere, the only reason I never had any Gameboy or any Nintendo console growing was because I just was never into Nintendo, until now that is.
    Now I'm starting to collect all these things I missed out on.

  12. I was hoping for the entire GameBoy family on this thing. That is really a deal breaker for me. I have a console that takes actual carts, does GB, GBC, and GBA. But it only played GBA natively and emulates the others. And the GBC emulation is hit or miss.

  13. Odroid Go >> new bittboy >> PocketSprite >> old bittboy

  14. What I think is the best is a GBA Micro with an EZ flash 4

  15. Hey Izzy, the New bittboy now have a new firmware with more emulators, How about make a video about it.

  16. i'm sorry to break it to you, but screen tearing is worse than hitler, cancer or demonetization

  17. Does it support the clock in pokemon gold?

  18. Bought this.

    It came with a button that had a witch's wart, A headphone jack that was malfunctioning out of the box, light bleeding through the plastic on all corners, dust on the IPS screen, and buttons that would get stuck if you pressed them (specifically the D-pad). Needless to say, the quality control on this item is extremely hit or miss.

  19. Hi. Great reviews. After watching your review I'm after ordering a new bittboy v2. Can you please recommend a GBA emulator for the PSP. Thanks.

  20. As a kid, I ALWAYS wanted a PS2, but my parents couldn't afford it. Now, I have 6! And I can't stop buying it

  21. Bought one from ali express for 27.03£ to UK and will get for 5£ on smazon a 16gb sdmicro class10! 😉 Thanks Izzy for one more great review!

  22. i want that but i cant buy it iam from poor family can you give me one

  23. I'm sure my parents could've afforded any console I wanted but they thought video games would turn my brain to mush

  24. Im from Romania so you dont even know how much I relate

  25. why we need 4 button for wht… Gameboy advance just have A and B button only…lmao

  26. Screen tearing = shitty refresh rate screen = no buy this thing.

  27. Don't listen to sellouts, the device sucks. Controls are unprecise, the d-pad is infuriating. Emulation is terrible too. Just don't buy it, ever.

  28. You're intro hit me, haaardd…. so hard that I immediately click subscribe

  29. I ordered an ldk game and waited 2 MONTHS FOR IT !!
    THIS THING !!!!! 😭😭😭

  30. Outlet… just use a battery bank that way you can still play 😉😊

  31. Your first statement right off the bat is spot on.

  32. Black bars. I want the original aspect ratio. 🤷‍♂️

  33. It’s gorgeous and I’d really wanna buy it but not supporting native saves is a dealbreaker for me. 😞

  34. I hear ya! I was lucky to get an old brick gameboy as a child as my family was poor. So as an adult I get everything gameboy! Im obsessed with them lol thanks for the review from a real gameboy fans point of view!!

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