The Best Game Boy Advance Backlit Screen Ever! -

The Best Game Boy Advance Backlit Screen Ever!

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If you thought the 101 Mod for the original Game Boy Advance was good, wait until you see this.

Funnyplaying kit from Hand Held Legend:
There’s also an “unbranded” IPS kit available:

While these two kits produce similar results and are installed the same way, they differ in their power consumption at various backlight levels. At low backlight levels, the unbranded kit draws a bit less power, but at max brightness the Funnyplaying kit is more efficient.

Premodded shells:

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  1. They need to make another Wario platformer.

  2. Are these shells compatable with the clean battery mod?

  3. Hi is there a point to chose start button instead of select because my tp2 point is

  4. removing WILL destroy the screen, try using a heatgun first if you absolutely NEED to. DONT PRESS ON THE BACK OF IT! it'll damage it too

  5. I’m struggling between getting an gba vs a sp both modified.
    I really love the gba form factor

  6. Holy COW your soldering skills are amazing!

  7. Is Super Mario Bros from Super Nintendo decently playable on the GBA?

  8. Mine was a bit of a pain putting together. The ips shell I got barely worked with the screws, it's like I was drilling in to the plastic. And the rubber membranes for the buttons were defective which I realized after putting it all together. Thankfully I had a second set of membranes that worked fine. Other than that the mod looks and plays nice now. I'll probably just trim the shell on an old gba if I ever do this again and use the original parts to skip the frustration.

  9. I really wished i could do this with my Gameboy Advance, that i found last week, with some pokemon games. I have been playing with my 6yr daughter, but it broke down. Wish i had this tec knowledge, so we could get back to our sweet time together on the gameboy :/

  10. Hey Collin you should think about reviewing this one mod I found on eBay called GBA touch screen, I'm thinking of getting it for my Gameboy Advance

  11. Very helpful video. If you mess up the tp2 For the select connection is their another spot that would also work for that connection?

  12. They buy stuff on aliexpress and sold it as a kit for 5 the price lol.

  13. Heads up for anyone wanting to buy this ips mod messes up transparency effects due to how the original console used its screen limitations to create effect without using a lot of precious power resulting in blinking.

  14. I gotta get this now… Jus getting back into it. What's he best EverDrive type cart for it to load my fave games?

  15. that solder job was a little rough but very nice presentation otherwise

  16. So I’ve seen you say “the soldering is optional and still works without” do we know what the default brightness is if your chose to skip the bottom soldering? Does it default at the highest level?

  17. can you do an installation of the ips V3 kit form handheld legend?

  18. I got a shell but in having a hard time putting the screws in. They will only screw in a little and then the screwdriver just skips over the screw head and I risk stripping the screw. Is this a problem with .y new case or am I just dumb?

  19. My shoulder buttons don't work now that I soldered it and put it back together. Any idea what I did?

  20. I've had probably a fake Gameboy Advance SP and I loved it. So many interesting games… Why was it fake? All the text suggested that it was an actual Nintendo console, BUT it had many games built-in, while also accepting cartridges (which I had some – Scooby-Doo, Some 5-in-1 with 2 spongebob games…).
    A couple years ago it had died. After turning it on, selecting the game, it froze and some artifacts appeared on the screen with no sound… Sad…

  21. Very cool but for the same price you can just buy a ds lite

  22. I installed this exact display and it’s flawless. Such a beautiful display and never thought I’d ever see a GBA game so crisp.

  23. For anyone wanting to install this on their own GBA, I wouldn’t even recommend doing the brightness control wire soldering. The brightness control is not needed as the default brightness is perfect. Not too bright and not too dim. I may add the couple wires to be able to have this feature but I really don’t need it or think it’s remotely necessary.

  24. This is pretty much peak performance, how much further can you really push a gba screen from this point?

  25. Thanks for this tutorial. But unfortunately I did it the exact same way, and it doesnt work. Only the power light blinks up shortly but nothing else turn on. Can someone help me out?

  26. if i dont do the soddering, which brightness setting do i get as default? from 1 to 10

  27. This is the only video that I found that that shows how to do the bend for 32 pin gba's awesome video this helped a lot.

  28. I so badly want this but I don’t think I could pull off this mod myself 🙁

  29. What do you think about the v3 kit? Seems like it's getting some mixed reviews.

  30. hell yeah, i've been holding an old AGB in a drawer for a few years waiting for a good mod option to come along. Im not handy with a soldering iron, broken more things than i've fixed with it.

  31. I thought the bezel would cover the slight adhesive overhang. I was wrong. It doesn’t hide a millimeter. I broke the screen trying to take it back apart. Best 60 bucks I ever spent.

  32. I DON´t like the fact that they sell a kit, but they dont include the bigger screen glass in the kit, its stupid, i know its because of color, but at least 1 lens should be included

  33. Some sort of tutorial on soldering would be nice

  34. How do you go about the orginal ribbon cable slot being too long for the ips ribbon? Should it be positioned in the middle or to one of the edges? Didn't notice yours in the video having that issue in the Oem board.

  35. I find this video very instructive and interesting. However, i'm not a big fan of replacing shells, when i mod my old consoles, i like to keep them as they are, but with a couple a improvements that only change stuff like screen quality, battery and all, but nothing more.

    For exemple, i bought a junk GBC for 10€ with a broken screen, so i thought "why not buying an ips kit on Aliexpress?". I bought it for 38€, the screen was a bit smaller, but you needed to have an original gbc next to it to notice the difference. It didn't bothered me that much, but the glass replacement that come with it did, because they added the mention "light" next to the "Gameboy color". I was so uppset, cause i wanted my childhood memories to be intact while having just a better screen, no fancy shell replacement, no pokemon or link on the shell, just the original one as it is.

    Do you guys think the same way ? If so, do you have any advice to where can i find that kind of screen for GB, GBC and GBA ?

  36. I installed this mod but I felt that it looked a bit soft. not quite pixel perfect as you claim. a bit disappointed tbh but it's ok, this confirms that I'm one of the people that prefer the AGS 101

  37. ofc ips looks better cause you get the percent from sales lol

  38. I got the sp isp mod on the way. Looking forward to this one too. I definitely prefer the ergonomics of the og gba.

  39. Soldering is what keeping me away from getting this :/

  40. Thank you for this tutorial, I was able to re-shell my GBA and install a backlit screen. Everything is beautiful, and I’m glad I finally did it. What a gorgeous difference between the original screen and this one.

    The only part that I think could have been touched on a little more is the soldering. Which is, personally, the biggest part for me. You mentioned to “take one of the wires and solder it for the select button” but if we’re only soldering one of the wires, which wire is supposed to be soldered? Why solder the other two wires to the ribbon if they’re not going to be soldered to the motherboard? I have never done any work with electronics, and likely never will again, so this is totally foreign to me. Maybe I missed something in your video. But as of right now, I’ve got two of the three new wires loose in the GBA.

    I soldered the “select” wire to the motherboard, but I can only adjust the brightness by touching the select button, and it only goes up. I cannot bring the brightness back down. The L and R triggers don’t do anything in regards to brightness.

    Is there any advice you can give me in regards to this?

  41. First of all I want to say thanks for the review/tutorial that I was looking and hoping for in order to decide whether or not I want to mod my GBA with a backlight and which company/screens would be a good option to use for it…

    Secondly, (and more importantly) thank you for turning me on to this Dan Mason fellow… never heard of him before right now and I'm about to go download more of his deep chilling, wavy ass tunes. 🌊

  42. good news I just installed mine and I am having a blast!!

  43. I just purchased this kit after watching this can't wait to get it & review it on my gaming channel 😁

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