The Analogue Pocket vs the Best Game Boy Color -

The Analogue Pocket vs the Best Game Boy Color

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Temporarily got my hands on an Analogue Pocket, wanted to try it out and compare it to the largest and “best” GBC screen (the Laminated Funny Playing Q5 XL). The Pocket is a great little device! Worth every penny it seems (except for what they’re going for on eBay right now, please don’t pay that much for one).

Special thanks to (for the sprinkles Pocket Rocks buttons)

And to (for the screen)

And honorable mention to (will be installing her LED button board in this Q5 GBC soon!)

Tools and supplies I use:
Soldering iron:
Iron stand:
Solder wick:
Hot air station:
Screwdriver set:
JIS Screwdriver:
Scalpel handle:
Scalpel blades:
Silicone mat:
Metal spudger:
Metal tweezers:
Plastic tweezers:
Flush trim cutters:


  1. You've got the best hobby, having all these consoles and stuff.

  2. If I wanted to play my cartridges, I would've just grabbed one of those modded GBAs or a DS. I never owned a gamegear or genesis. So I'm fine with software emulation.

    Retro handhelds like the RP3 plus(the 4 pro had a shitty QC right now) and AYN odin 2 are far more capable. Streaming, native android gaming, browsing the web, a wider and more powerful selection of systems to emulate.

    Lots of channels raving on the FPGA like it's the second coming of jesus. Well as an electrical engineer, I just don't see that huge advantage worth raving about.

    The pocket is just not worth all the trouble of getting it. Don't even get me started on the price.

  3. People who don’t like the OG pixel mode didn’t really grow up w the original look smh 😞 it’s painstakingly accurate to simulating a sunlit gbc screen. Analogue mode is a bit over saturated and doesn’t include pixel borders that help to shade in a lot of the pixel art.

  4. I just pre-ordered it….I was back and forth on this vs original hardware, I determined the games are what make it best for me and I DO have an analogue product (Super NT) and its premium high end that future proofs stuff without needing to add a crap ton of things to convert signal and upscale. At this point in Retro gaming I see Analogue as the Gucci or Ferrari of consoles. Affordable and after market goes for big money. This will help keep things clean and modern. I was looking ad GBA SP AGS-101 but in the end I would rather have more flexibility with this. Imagine if Nintendo made updated retro consoles like this (not just the mini).

  5. Just got mine 6months later worth it blows away all my modded gameboys so sick

  6. Hi, I noticed that you have an English ROM in a Japanese Pokemon crystal cart, was this possible through a device like the GB Operator ?

  7. Thanks for the content, it’s helped me make a decision.👍

  8. Have to put also the rg353v in that compare

  9. Og game boy is better. The other is nice, but definitely feels like any knock off handheld. Yea I get the point it’s not really emulation, but it ain’t the same if your a purest

  10. So beautiful. Every video I see just makes me wish mine was coming sooner. But I'm satisfied knowing I will one day have it.

  11. I kinda really want one of these but I dont know if I can justify it because I have so many modded gameboys already haha

  12. Awesome stuff. Personally I think the Analogue is unbelievably good! But there's something about upgrading a device to a potential that it never should of had that makes it special.

    So for me Gameboy wins but at least Anologue are taking Handhelds to a modern level of existence.

    Have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year Sean and your player 2 as well. ✌️

  13. The analogue pocket is amazing. I really want to get one. The screen blows any screen mod away with it's display. I hope i can hold of one in the future!

  14. I'll wait for the analogue pocket slim or mini version. It will have the same size screen with much thinner bezels, and be the size of the GBC or GBP.

    It didn't need to be as big as it is, all the marketing material made it look so much smaller.

    Still very nice of course

  15. I have one one order but have to wait till 2023. I have been putting off getting a modded GameBoy for years because I couldn’t justify the price for what is essentially a 20+ year old piece of hardware an emulators just don’t appeal to me. This is exactly what I wanted, a brand new piece in every sense of the word, that plays genuine original software. It is going to be an interesting exercise in patience though LOL

  16. YESSS!!! you are the ONLY person on YouTube that did this comparison

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