The Analogue Pocket vs the Best Game Boy Color -

The Analogue Pocket vs the Best Game Boy Color

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Temporarily got my hands on an Analogue Pocket, wanted to try it out and compare it to the largest and “best” GBC screen (the Laminated Funny Playing Q5 XL). The Pocket is a great little device! Worth every penny it seems (except for what they’re going for on eBay right now, please don’t pay that much for one).

Special thanks to (for the sprinkles Pocket Rocks buttons)

And to (for the screen)

And honorable mention to (will be installing her LED button board in this Q5 GBC soon!)

Tools and supplies I use:
Soldering iron:
Iron stand:
Solder wick:
Hot air station:
Screwdriver set:
JIS Screwdriver:
Scalpel handle:
Scalpel blades:
Silicone mat:
Metal spudger:
Metal tweezers:
Plastic tweezers:
Flush trim cutters:


  1. Glad to see you back! Looks good! Love that laminated Screen & buttons. Good video as always!

  2. Awesome Video Brother! The analogue pocket is Amazing,need one of them the meantime Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🐗❤

  3. Got my hands on a Pocket and am blown away by it. I do have a small issue with my flash cart not working properly on it, but it’s overall great.

  4. The 2 things the Analogue Pocket lacks are cheats and fast forward mode. It's so hard to go through pokemon at 1x speed for someone who has played it in FF mode.

  5. Whats with the analog pocket dot In the top left of screen?

  6. Impressive device but I'm all about playing games on original hardware.. highly modded of course. XD However, for someone interested in something like that it looks amazing!

  7. The frame blending is for the rapid flicker sprites to simulate transparency effects. You can see that really well in the chain of Chain Chomp in Link's Awakening (one screen to the left of where you wake up at the start of the game). In fact, if you still have the Pocket at home a comparison of the chain between your Q5 GBC and the Pocket would be neat. That's one thing previous iterations of the Funnyplaying mods have struggled with but supposedly it's better now in the newest version?

  8. I just got mine yesterday and it is amazing
    And btw 1:55 lol

  9. Great video! I just got mine the other day, also a white one. Happy holidays buddy!

  10. I really love the analogies and will get one but nothing beats original

  11. Awesome comparison video that pocket screen is beautiful man😍 Im looking forward to the pc engine cart adapter. Happy Holidays man! Hows that nutmeg coming along?

  12. You left out one important factor – "coolness". The real deal is much cooler. Seriously, the pocket is pretty good and considering the problems with the Everdrive will eventually get worked out, it's fine. But it's way too expensive for what one gets and it's still not a Gameboy. I also feel Analogue should have sent more of the first production consoles to their actual backlogged customers, opposed to flooding the reviewers with the first run of units as they did.

  13. Frame blending is for games that use fast tile switching to create a fake transparency.

  14. I don't like it I'd rather have the original, and If I can't find an official game cart or a flash cart rom for the gbc or gba consoles then I got to an emulator device why waste 300$ and then fork up even more for attachments just to dock and play other console games. Nintendo consoles cost half the price to use or modify and still you'd see profit from. You wont sell a fpga 6 months from now for what you paid for it. But the Nintendo classic consoles, now they will be forever wanted. It's a nicely shelf boy you'd never want to take out and run around with because the don't make shells for your wonderful mess ups. Nintendo remanufactured shells are everywhere. 😉 Parts are readily available, the RnD has been done, the need to have anything else is not necessary any longer. Just keep expanding on our ideas for the original consoles and we'll keep fishing our even better feats or engineering. No need to make anything new or innovative that can't be already done on your favorite 90's and 2000's handhelds. Good day.

  15. I love the analog pocket more than I love my girlfriend!!!

  16. I don't like the pre-order structure but I'll certainly be picking one up when they're finally in stock.

  17. You should change the screen to Original GBC, then set the Desaturation to get the best screen mode. Frame Blending is for games that flash frames to simulate transparency

  18. Talk about its price and compatibility 😉

  19. I actually dont like it that much, it looks too simple and boring. The edges of the frame is too square. I straight up prefer the OG gameboy . Nice video Sean 👍

  20. I just canceled my pre order , too many complaints about cartridges moving or even coming loose while using the shoulder buttons . Original game boys that are fully modded or still the best option

  21. Everyone else lucky to get a analogue pocket: oh my God, freaking wow, daily driver forever right here.
    This guy: ohh okay, nice, *tap, tap, tap*. Okay I'm just gonna quickly mod a gameboy.

  22. I would get it if I had more old games, but I got an Anbernic RG351V, it's… awesome! And doesn't break the bank, plays all the old games and reminds me so much of my original gameboy.

  23. I have a question. Can you play with a bluetooth controller when it's not docked? Just wondering?

  24. I love how he took the time to put together that laminated gameboy and basically never picked it up again so he could play on the Pocket. haha legendary.

  25. Not trying to knock the “Best Game Boy Pocket Color” as it is a very solid piece of hardware but the Analogue Pocket while some have complained about the shallow cartridge slot it must be said that it does so much more than just play GB & GBC games i.e. Game Gear, TG-16, Lynx & Neo Geo Pocket plus future updates will unlock even more potential.

  26. Got my pre-order in for Q4 2022. I'd been trying to build a backlit GBC for years but all the screen mods and revisions along with the weird issues with IPS screens kept me from doing it. After seeing the Analogue Pocket and it's amazing hardware accurate screen modes for GB/GBC games I have to say I'm glad I waited haha

  27. I’m not huge on the price and the preorder structure 😕 it sucks that it won’t be available till like late this year or 2023. I also don’t have a lot of cartridges as I sold off a lot of my games when I moved but it is really nice and the white looks really good! That screen is super nice. I’m huge on those crisp and well saturated colors.

  28. You got the white one, I opted for the same, still waiting on mine.

  29. These are awesome enhancements but for me nothing will ever compare to playing on original hardware, Super Game Boy 2, or Game Boy Player. And for modding GBC I don't think I would want to actually cut the plastic to install one of those screen mods, not to mention they introduce new problems like battery life.

  30. That's how I play all my Pokémon games I just tap the crap outta the back of my gameboy hoping to catch em all by glitching 🤣 I can't wait to get my pocket but for now I enjoy my GBA IPS V2 with my usb c rechargeable mood

  31. 4:40 Where did you get those colorful buttons from? They look nice!

  32. thanks for telling us the cartridge stays in place and tapping on the cartridge to see if it freezes. i feel comfortable purchasing it now, looks like i will have to wait till 2023 though😭

  33. The Analogue Pocket "emulates" pixels to look like the OG. Meaning it makes larger red blue green pixels to make white. This is from the my life in gaming video. I only own modded Game boys.

  34. I was thinking of swapping the screen and battery mod on my old gameboy pocket, but seeing this device doing everything I could do but better kinda makes me lose interest in it all.

  35. I love my analogue pocket, can’t even go back to me GBC anymore.

  36. That is such a cool Game Boy Color mod, and it honestly looks way cooler than the Analogue Pocket to me. The Analogue Pocket actually looks like an unfinished factory mould without any of the final details and button labelling and such applied to it imo, which honestly isn't a great look. Just not a fan. I'd take your modded Game Boy any day of the week.

  37. The screen is far superior to any modded screen currently on the market, but there are issues with the rest of the hardware. Once that custom screen becomes a distinct mod, I'm going to consider that as an option.

  38. Nothing beats taking any old gameboy and mod it yourself with a new screen or amp , or a brand new shell. Nothing beats the feel of the original stuff , even with all these new retro handhelds on the market. At least for me that is.

  39. the original GBA mode is giving you the matrix lcd display mode very nice to have totally see why no one would want to use it though.

  40. Are the colors good on the analogue other then the fact that they’re bright or is it slightly off in comparison to a modded GBC?

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