The Analogue Pocket Made Me Love Game Boy Games Again - REVIEW -

The Analogue Pocket Made Me Love Game Boy Games Again – REVIEW

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Our review of the Analogue Pocket is here! Is this portable system truly the Ultimate Game Boy? Find out in our review that discusses tech specs, screen quality, battery life, build quality, Sega Game Gear adapter. and most importantly, how well do the games actually play?! All this and more in our in-depth review of the Analogue Pocket featuring a ton of gameplay!
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0:00 What is the Analogue Pocket?
1:15 Picture & Screen Quality
2:26 Pocket vs. Game Boy Screen Comparison
3:28 Old-School Filters
3:49 Playability
4:20 Save States!
4:38 Premium Feel + Button Feel
5:47 New Buttons, Headphone Port, & SD Card
6:55 Download NEW Game Boy Games via GB Studio
7:21 How are the speakers?
7:39 Dock Accessory + Controllers (And Super Game Boy Support?)
9:00 Battery Life
9:19 Wrap-Up & Verdict

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  1. Why did 4 gaming channels im subbed to all post videos about this almost simultaneously?

  2. i wonder if the old gamesharks and action replays work with this thing

  3. So sad it's impossible to buy one… This system is already a myth

  4. If Nintendo released this as a Game Boy Classic with say 20-30 games split between GB and GBC I'd absolutely buy it.

  5. Probably a dumb question, but what about certain games like Pokemon. Is there any opportunity for trading forward online or cords?
    Again i get its probably a dumb question, but, was curious.

  6. if you play the Oracle Zelda games does it identify as a GBA for the extra content? what about some gimmicky game like boktai? would it work? :3

  7. Is the Advance shop unlocked in the Zelda Oracle series? Some GBC games had unlockable features when played on a GBA, so it might be nice if you could still access them on this multipurpose console.

  8. You mean to tell me that you stopped loving Game Boy games?

    Such heresy requires a review of Conduit 2.

  9. Looks cool, but I hope they make more designs, like one based on the original GBA or the GBA SP.

  10. Wish I had a hard copy of Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

  11. We've had systems like this for older consoles like NES, SNES, Genesis, etc for a while now. It's nice to see the equivalent for the Game Boy line.

  12. dang bruh this looks cleeeeeean. I'm not sure if I'll get one, but it looks really dope and I hope it does well.

  13. I watched Game Sack's review of this, and you answered a question I left on there, looks like you can connect to a GBA.

  14. (Proceeds to furiously dig through my parent’s garage in attempt to find any game for this absolutely-gorgeous device)

    Excellent review. Personally I’m in the market in for a “true” handheld gaming console right now. I generally prefer playing my Switch in docked mode after buying an MClassic HDMI adapter for it (which basically upscales the image to 1440p and adds some of the best anti-aliasing/subtle bloom I’ve ever seen) while of course playing games on my phone is torture between the fact that only free-to-play gacha games sell well on the App Store and notifications block half the screen at inopportune times. Finally, there is a lot to be said how limitations in some cases actually result in more creative and fun games. Don’t get me started on the impossible-to-read tiny fonts in many Switch games, making certain mediocre ports impossible to play in handheld mode. This was of course never an issue on low-res Game Boy screens, where every pixel was a luxury that needed to be fully taken advantage of.

  15. Should have used the GBA design, it's perfect with a backlit screen.
    Didn't expect it to be that heavy!
    6:45 WHAT?! Remember!? Did I travel in time by accident?

  16. 220 for this ? laughable . there are 100 better and cheaper options

  17. These games look beautiful, can’t believe it honestly makes me want to go play game boy games again, Wow! 🎮

  18. I mean it’s neat but it’s more smart to just buy a used WiiU for 120 bucks and using the other 100 for Virtual Console

  19. Not sure why you called the dock a switch lite dock 😂

  20. Interesting how you can play so many portable games from the past. Including Mixing Sega Game Gear handheld console. Game boy Advance did let us play back to Original 1989 Game Boy Games which makes sense but adapter to play Game Gear also a great Idea. I bet there will be a Nintendo DS/3DS adapter as well for even more handheld fun for that.

  21. Seeing Donkey Kong Jr from "Game & Watch Gallery 3" is awesome, as I love DK Jr. Also, I used to think Tails was wearing lipstick on the start up screen of Sonic 2 for the Game Gear, lol.

  22. Looks great, but a pretty niche product. I think most people would rather have these games available on NSO, instead of buying another piece of hardware to play these games. Andd of course you have to own these games in order to use this in the first place.

    The fact that this is supposed to be nostaulgic of Game Boy hand held consoles doesn't really work on many Nintendo fans right now.

  23. I didn't know about this impresive Game Boy console recreation to be real! 😅 Thank you, you made my day quite happy.😄👍

  24. looks at my only copy of Pokémon pinball finally….I can play it again

  25. I never owned any Gameboy system but seeing this amazing device, just made me want to get one. The sheer quality, effort and love put into this is majestic. Amazing review, I'll definitely look into getting one in the future

  26. Sounds great but almost no one has these games anymore.

  27. Ordered this last year when Spawnwave mentioned it, and it should be shipping out as early as this week, so pretty excited. One thing I'm surprised that wasn't mentioned in this review is that the system is also a synthesizer and sequencer designed for music creation. Probably one of the main reasons the speakers are as good as they are.

  28. not advocating for emulation here, but I certainly wish flash-carts were a little more affordable…. I don't love the idea of having to carry around my entire game collection to be able to play them. I remember losing a few cartridges as a kid, and it was a huuuuge bummer.

    other than that it sounds pretty great.

  29. Inb4 Nintendo drops GameBoy online to fan the fires of their overpriced service and undercut the competition with a worse yet more accessible option

  30. Can you change the color pallet for Gameboy games? Can you add roms on the micro SD card?

  31. Running with Y and jumping with B … Even Nintendo forgot how important that is!

  32. Ive Never Played Kirby And The Amazing Mirror. I Was Thinking Of Getting An OG Gameboy ADV But I Think Ill Get This Better.😅

  33. 6:30 if this has a multiplayer cable that works with other gameboys, can it connect to the gamecube to play four swords and pokemon colosseum/ xd?

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