The Analogue Pocket Made Me Love Game Boy Games Again - REVIEW -

The Analogue Pocket Made Me Love Game Boy Games Again – REVIEW

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Our review of the Analogue Pocket is here! Is this portable system truly the Ultimate Game Boy? Find out in our review that discusses tech specs, screen quality, battery life, build quality, Sega Game Gear adapter. and most importantly, how well do the games actually play?! All this and more in our in-depth review of the Analogue Pocket featuring a ton of gameplay!
➤ Watch our Unboxing:

0:00 What is the Analogue Pocket?
1:15 Picture & Screen Quality
2:26 Pocket vs. Game Boy Screen Comparison
3:28 Old-School Filters
3:49 Playability
4:20 Save States!
4:38 Premium Feel + Button Feel
5:47 New Buttons, Headphone Port, & SD Card
6:55 Download NEW Game Boy Games via GB Studio
7:21 How are the speakers?
7:39 Dock Accessory + Controllers (And Super Game Boy Support?)
9:00 Battery Life
9:19 Wrap-Up & Verdict

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  1. Damn. completely Sold Out.

    i wish they couldve made one in clear.

  2. I better put this in my bucket list because this looks super amazing! 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  3. I have like 3 battlenetwork games I bought and cant play cus my R button is messed up, this looks like a solution

  4. but can anyone make a comment on how well it works with R4s?

  5. @GameXplain When you said the Analogue Pocket uses the GB Cartilages along with GBA Cartilages as the default cartilage slot, what happens if you attached the Adaptors on the actual GBA systems like original GBA, GBA SP, GB Micro, GB Player, and even the original DS systems for playing Game Gear games, TurboGrafx-16 games, Neo Geo Pocket games, etc.? I do have GBA Consoles except Micro.

  6. Just for clarity, I didn't fully understand by the video. Is this sponsored?
    edit: Just saw the other video of the unboxing, so I think it's safe to assume it totally is. I don't think there was ill intend, but I believe it really hurts the credibility of a review not stating if is sponsored or not.

  7. This looks amazing!! Maybe I could get this someday?

  8. This is one of the best things I've seen in a while

  9. Super dope but damn it’s a nightmare trying to get one in your hands.

  10. "you have to provide your own games like in the good ol days"………or u just get a flash cart

  11. So your telling me, that I bought that GBA SP for nothing?

  12. I wonder if the Micro SD card can be used to hold games for those who want an expansive digital library.

  13. It's just about perfect except for the shoulder buttons. I would rather them make it wide like the GBA but I understand that the focus was on GB and GBC.

  14. its too hard/expensive to track down a lot of these carts though as they become more and more rare…

  15. I would love one of these for the original DS, with better screens and a modern touchscreen. I have so many games I would love to revisit.

  16. I’m jealous! I wish I had some more gameboy games… sadly for me I wasn’t even born at the time of the gameboy’s release, haha. And the games I wanna play are all way too expensive to get so I can’t play them on my DS lite… oh well, at least I have the wiiU! ..Even though the console was a complete flop, LOL.

  17. Question on a divisive topic. I'm looking to play the best version of Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy 6). Which should I track down?

    SNES version, PS1 Version, GBA Version, or Steam Pixel Remaster Version. I am open to emulation services for the GBA version since I heard it had the best script and music, but I would need a recommendation to a website or a service that provides it.

  18. Im curious, does it work with a GameCube to Gameboy adapter? It would be funny if people played 4 swords adventures with this thing

  19. When docked can you play gb games 2 player split screen? Like 2 player tetris?

  20. This looks good but it would be awesome if some of these older games were re-released so that people who missed out on these could have a second chance to enjoy these games.

  21. Can i use gba flashcart such as Ezflash omega with this thing?

  22. So… still no Super Game Boy support, then?
    Also, what about a game like Conker's Pocket Tales, which had a GB half and a GBC half, which are not one and the same? Any concessions there, or are we committed to the GBC mode?

  23. I would want at least 5 of them at minimum

  24. this device is a dream come true. I'm so glad I decided to collect gba games years ago.

  25. If it plays GBA games I might finally get a portable Megaman Battle Network again… hrm.

    My cartridges are probably dead battery-wise, though

  26. I can play with other one like Pokémon 1vs1 with 2 device of this ?!

  27. Sad to see it can't actually emulate games, some physical copies are crazy expensive now.

  28. Does anyone know if this console can connect to the original consoles via a link cable or something?

  29. All I wanna know is, when will the Nintendo DS/3DS get this type of new portable analogue system love? Cause that would be an instant buy for me.

  30. This is a console for rich people or people that already have a large collrction. A retroid pocket 2+ is the best deal on the market right now. 99$ and can emulate all games up to some GameCube/ps2!

  31. Give it three years and they will have an updated model without the screen bezel.

  32. Let's make a prediction: 1 year from now, Boxypixel will release an all aluminum shell for this thing

  33. Its a great idea, but 20 years to late… wish i hadn't sold my old gba or gbc games…

  34. Preordered it the instant preorders opened today at 8am, can't wait

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