The Analogue Pocket Made Me Love Game Boy Games Again - REVIEW -

The Analogue Pocket Made Me Love Game Boy Games Again – REVIEW

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Our review of the Analogue Pocket is here! Is this portable system truly the Ultimate Game Boy? Find out in our review that discusses tech specs, screen quality, battery life, build quality, Sega Game Gear adapter. and most importantly, how well do the games actually play?! All this and more in our in-depth review of the Analogue Pocket featuring a ton of gameplay!
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0:00 What is the Analogue Pocket?
1:15 Picture & Screen Quality
2:26 Pocket vs. Game Boy Screen Comparison
3:28 Old-School Filters
3:49 Playability
4:20 Save States!
4:38 Premium Feel + Button Feel
5:47 New Buttons, Headphone Port, & SD Card
6:55 Download NEW Game Boy Games via GB Studio
7:21 How are the speakers?
7:39 Dock Accessory + Controllers (And Super Game Boy Support?)
9:00 Battery Life
9:19 Wrap-Up & Verdict

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  1. What is the yoshis game in the thumbnail? I dont recognize it.

  2. Resolution is not 10 times the original Gameboy but 100 times.

  3. Just… why four face buttons? Every system it supports only has two face buttons. Having these unused buttons on the front makes it feel I’m playing a game on the wrong system, which defeats the purpose of such a specialized system. It’s a big turn off for me.

  4. Why am I drooling?
    Why did my credit card stick to my screen like a magnet?

  5. Analogue is going to get acquired by some triple-A company at this rate.

  6. What is the aspect ratio and resolution on TV? 1080p? I am sure it's not 4K.

  7. @GameXplain I was wondering, would it be possible to back up my saves from say Pokémon RBY / GSC and transfer them to my PC using this? :O

  8. This is why passionate gamers making game software and hardware makes this hobby a full circle treat. Analogue is by far a company that runs off the fuel of passion for the old school video games and making it relevant in the now. I can't wait to get mine to play through the first and second Golden Sun. Currently messing with the first one on my old GBA SP until I get the Pocket so I can really see and realize the difference when it comes.

  9. I think the only issue I had with this handheld is that it's vertical oriented and not horizontal like the GBA, Game Gear, and PSP. My hands aren't small anymore so the vertical design just doesn't feel comfortable for me to hold with two hands otherwise it's a nice handheld.

  10. Im so gonne get that think and il get the dock later and then i can finnaly play metroid fusion on my tv

  11. Donkey Kong '94 doesn't play in color even though it was Super Game Boy compatible?

  12. Alright, you convinced me. I am going to buy the $7 PS4 controller phone mount.

  13. So, there are really no legal issues with this console?

  14. I want one so badly. Once question, does it have x2 speed options? For shiny hunting in Pokémon, hehe…

  15. something I've noticed no review on youtube has mentioned is the fact that it's cheaper (about half the price at the time of this writing, if you can imagine) to buy this console + ALL of its adapters than the price of the original consoles this can "emulate" at their lowest working condition price on ebay
    it's not really emulation, it's running on an FPGA

  16. where did you get the .pocket file for deadeus?

  17. Going to have one hell of a time playing Metroid zero mission on this masterpiece.

  18. It would've been nice if Analogue had there own wireless controller pads.

  19. Order now and you are promised to get it in 2023, maybe, or later…

  20. Hopefully mine comes this year. Fingers crossed

  21. Nice console but too expensive ! I prefer original console with Screen Mod IPS LCD OSD 👍

  22. So we need to already have game cartridges to play on this???

  23. Too pricey plus you gotta have the carts I'll stick with the Anbernic rg351v.

  24. Me buy Mario goif advance tour me buy analogue pocket

  25. I’d love this, I wanted to get this for Christmas, but I found out that it was only going to be shipped in December if you pre ordered it earlier in the year. I purchased it on December 17th and I found out that there are 3 groups of delivery date for the people that didn’t preorder: Q1 of 2022, Q3 of 2022, and 2023, guess which group I’m in… :’(

  26. If Nintendo would just give us the Game Boy Phone like they should've a decade ago, we wouldn't need stuff like this

  27. Here's the thing. Not going to carry that thing on the go when I'm going somewhere not really intending to play games but with the perceived option of doing it. Therefore it does not seem to be the best portable solution to playing these games. I will take a back lit modified gameboy color.

  28. So basically this device is entirely pointless unless you happen still have original cartridges which are extremely rare and expensive.

  29. Great looking device, too bad order wait list is out to 2023

  30. What is that music playing from, it's familiar but I don't remember

  31. Available for $220…. LOL that's a good one. Good luck w that.

  32. The display on this thing really proves just how big a difference high DPI can make on smaller displays. The screen looks drop dead GORGEOUS! It blows me away every time I use it.

  33. I wonder if someone could make some 3D Printed shoulder buttons that extend out from the system a bit to make them more comfy to use?

  34. HA! You have the same LG Sound Bar that I have! It's an excellent sound bar!

  35. Can't wait for this thing to get those extra community made cores that we were promised! Hope those will come soon.

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