The 26 Best Game Boy Games of All Time -

The 26 Best Game Boy Games of All Time

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The classic Game Boy has hundreds of great games, but which are the pick of the crop?

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  1. Balloon kid's song reminds me of hello kitty world on the nes

  2. Donkey Kong land two is definitely the best

  3. Pokemon yellow is better because Pikachu walks with you good list.

  4. I feel it’s a huge disservice to the console that the Invader Bob saga wasn’t more represented on your list. What a hidden gem!

  5. When I was young kid I always wanted a Gameboy for Christmas. I guess it was too expensive for my parents. Either that or they didn't want to 'corrupt my mind'. A friend of mine had one though and we used to play a game on the way to school every day for some time. For the life of me I can't remember what that game was but I loved it. Not one on this list though. Another good friend of mine had a Game Gear which was even better. But I can't complain because we had an Amiga 500+ (greatest machine ever) and after that a pentium 200 pc.

  6. Algorithms. Also, Tetris, Super Mario Land and Super Mario Land 2 are timeless masterpieces!

  7. I would say Pokemon Yellow and Zelda Links awakening are top of the top!

  8. How is Final Fantasy Legends or TMNT not on here???

  9. No Catrap. No Earthworm Jim. No Cool Spot. No TMNT. No Turrican. No Super RC Pro Am.

  10. Batman with a handgun, I know what I'm emulating tonight haha

  11. Wario Blast (Featuring Bomberman!) says hello! 💣💣🔥🔥☠☠

  12. Wait a minute… Isn't Batman's number 1 rule 'no guns'?

  13. Here are 5 amazing games left off: final fantasy adventure, ninja taro, monster max, warrior land 2, kirby’s dream land 2

  14. big miss not putting dark wing duck in this list

  15. Trip World deserves a spot here so badly! It's an extremely delightful GameBoy game filled with very charming creatures in every single screen! Cannot recommend enough!

  16. I reporting you for calling us nosey sausages lol jk 😂😂😂

  17. Nice video ☺️ The games can also be played wonderfully on the RG351 devices. I made a couple of videos about it. Greetings 👋

  18. Double Dragon 2 is way better than the first Double Dragon game on Gameboy. It’s a Kunio Kun game in Japan, but the Double Dragon license fits it really well over it.

  19. Can't really argue with anything on this list, I guess. I fully agree that Link's Awakening is by far the best game on the console, and possibly the greatest Zelda game of all. I can't quite express what I love about it so much- the almost fairy-tale whimsy, the vast cast of quirky characters (especially the unforgettable Marin), the obviously-intentional dreamlike bizarreness, the brilliantly-designed dungeons and creative bosses, one of the greatest 8-bit soundtracks of all time, the brutal plot twist that turns the story on its head on the way to the gut-punch ending… it's a practically perfect game. But I'm surprised you didn't make room for one more game on this list to include one of the Final Fantasy Legend/Saga games.

  20. Aren’t the donkey kong country gameboy games nutritious for being absolutely awful?

  21. Funny story. When me and my bro were kids, we’d write Christmas lists. As a TMNT junkie, I asked for fall of the foot clan. My bro asked for Batman. My parents made a mistake and put my name on Batman, his name on TMNT. when we opened the gifts, I was so mad. My parents obviously couldn’t admit the mistake so they asked us to sort it out. The only way my bro would give me my tmnt was if I traded him Batman, and a gi joe (captain gridiron). I made the trade, my bro’s an asshole lol.

  22. Great list but Donkey Kong would definitely be in my top 5🕹‼️

  23. Absolutely Nice! Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪 ✌

  24. Where is the background music from I feel like I've heard it somewhere, such nostalgia?

  25. Just discovered these channels and these face reveals are throwing me for a loop. I imagined these Brits in their late 40's doing these videos in some English posh manor on the ocean side.

  26. There are twelve of those games I don’t have and probably never will because of the prices of them now. 😭

  27. Tetris is WAS the Gameboy. It started everything in terms of hand held gaming as we know it today. And no other version on other consoles comes close to the experience of Tetris on an original gameboy

  28. Wario Land, Kirby's Dreamland, Pokemon Red/Blue, Link's Awakening, Metroid 2
    Ahhhhhh such great classics.

  29. 17:42

    That urchin looks like the Super Mario Maker spike trap in the Super Mario World Game Style.

  30. Tecmo Bowl, Skate or Die Tour de Thrash, World Cup, Blades of Steel, Qix, Klax, Mario Picross, Tennis, Alfred Chicken, tons of great games…even loved Missle Command on it and all the atari ports…And this version of Tetris is still the best but so hard not being able to "hold" a piece

  31. Burai Fighter or Dr Mario but then you coud only choose 26

  32. I watched this because Nintendo could be bringing these games to the Switch online. I think I should cancel the switch online.

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