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Teen Boys Explain The Menstrual Cycle To A Doctor | Telephone Game

Doctor Mike
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Medical telephone is a game of communication, medical knowledge, and fun. Here, I challenge my three nephews who were staying with me to rapidly understand a medical concept and try and teach it to their brothers. If they successfully teach the subject back to me after 2 times they will win $1,000!

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– Doctor Mike Varshavski

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  1. The fact that these boys didn't know ANYTHING regarding a female menstrual cycle just screams that sex education is severely lacking in schools. UGH! So sad!
    I don't know where the money ended up being donated but I kinda really hope it went to promoting real sex education. Those poor boys…and the girls they encounter down the road.

  2. these are probably the most dumb kids i’ve seen

  3. “hair foggles” is going to get me through this day

  4. I want to become a Surgeon first because it makes a lot of money , a lot of my family were Surgeons and last because I can put Dr.Haynes on a lot of stuff

  5. You should donate it to the animal shelter

  6. God what are the teenage boys gonna say I heard. Cramps are related to heart attacks lol

  7. Oh my gosh! I can relate slightly when my family asks me what the doctor says only I have to put it in laymen's terms for them….

  8. On the last one they could’ve said

    Body wants baby
    Body doesn’t get baby
    Body gets revenge

  9. As a girl, watching boys try to explain a period is hilarious

  10. CannI go next, plz, I need no price, I want for fun, like they look a hit too good, I want to try.

    Jk hahah jk jk

  11. As a female who gets a period, seeing these boys get so awkward honestly made my day.

  12. Donate to Planned Parenthood
    They also do a lot of education for women”s healthcare

  13. The teen in the red shirt was ruining all the explanations while the other two were great 😭😭

  14. Girls are your hobby? I lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  15. You should donate it to kids and people who don’t have homes

  16. Wow his 12 years old? he look like 14 to me

  17. Daniel reminds me of a kid named Callum in my class. This is not a complement.

  18. I love how passionate Dr Mike is about getting the period right – Represent for women, teach those young boys lol!

  19. I have a ankle problem I’ve had since I was born, i can roll my ankle almost 360

  20. Kinda right that these boys don't have intrest studying these….😂😂😂😂

  21. Me having ankle issues and rolling my ankle every day 😐

  22. We learned about this stuff in 5th grade, it was a choice (which my parents were like “totally 100% you already know all this so we’ll send you here to suffer”) and it traumatized 90% of the people who went there including me.

    When I got my first period (at the age of 12) I knew what to do and stuff and I admit, I just call my period “the uterus’s monthly cry for war” because I bleed heavily every single time and get a ton of cramps 😭

  23. What kind of ankle sprain was it when the top of my foot touched my shin because I slipped on a leaf and my foot slid behind me? It didn't roll either direction, it just bent way farther than it was ever intended too, and my ankle was really floppy until it healed.
    Edit: Actually, does it still even count as a sprain at that point? My doctor called it a sprain, but that may have just been because that was simpler than explaining it was some wierder, more obscure injury…

  24. ari: and dont get pregnant

  25. 👹👹👹👺👺👺👺👺👺👹👹🤕👿😈👿👿👺 m u s t y


  27. This was super cute tbh. However I actually think the boys did very well. Boys of this age tend to do a lot better with visualizing things. I find that when i try and explain something to a teenager I use an analogy of something they like or know well. Big words and sentences are often easily lost on boys (girls are different most of the time and yes there is left brain/right brain at play here but boys will be boys). If one could have visualized a lot of these concepts to them they would have scored 90s+ across the board! 🙂

  28. F- the 2-7 day period! I had my last one for two weeks! TWO WEEKS!

  29. I cracked up when the boys explained the menstrual cycle. You should have girls explain testosterone lol.

  30. "they cut off your toes"

    Sir isn't that frost bite?-

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