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Today on Talk About Games we discuss Ryan’s Gameboy Games that happened to be sitting in a bin in the room we record in. What are some of the Gameboy games in your collection?

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  1. Videos like this are why I shouldn't have the eBay app on my phone.

  2. Okay, hold the phone! We need to talk about this… New hairstyles? Groomed well kept beards. What has happend? Looks great! 🙂

  3. There are a couple of memories I have with the Game Boy. Super Mario Land on Game Boy was Princess Daisy's signature Game Boy Appearance. Fun Fact: Daisy's kidnapping by Tatanga was planed by Wario as it was a setup for him to take over Mario's castle shown in Super Mario Land 2. As shown in the Mario manga, Daisy punched Wario as a result of it. Many Game Boy games focused on more than just Princess Daisy and all the other Mario characters. If memory serves me right, the last game for the monochrome Game Boy was Pokemon Yellow and it was the only time Pokemon ended a Nintendo system.

  4. My best Zelda game was for the game boy.
    Link awakening

  5. If I want to play gameboy games on my SNES, should I get the super gameboy 1 or 2?

  6. Truth be told but i just recently got myself a copy of solar strike because i played the shit out of it way back at my sisters house. I loved it but i never completed it. So yea i have it right here and played it not too long ago. Cheers!

  7. Played gameboy back in the day. Thank GOD those days are gone because those games ALL SUCKED!!!

  8. which game boy is better to buy?

  9. Bonk's Revenge for the Gameboy is a different game than the Turbografx one. It's pretty good actually, although the Turbografx games are better. The SNES also got two good Bonk games, at least in Japan.

  10. Gremlins 2 is the most frustratin game, it's hard as Battletoads.

  11. Double Dragon 2 for gameboy is actually a resking of a Kunio-kun game (River City Random) which was also done by Technos.

  12. i had all 3 in the thumbnail,
    it's nice to have had an older sibling with good taste

  13. Pokemon Pinball is a really good game, I hear bionic Commando is challenging as well

  14. Yoooooo wtf Ryan kinda lookin’ fresh thooo😩👀👀

  15. These guys make me laugh. This is how we lived when the Gameboy came out. No cases, misplaced game holders. hah

  16. well I don't have a 3d printer but I work with wood constantly I will experiment on a case or drawer type setup for tons of Gameboy games to go in!

  17. I have solarstriker. I found it like 3 weeks ago in a bin in my garage.

  18. The only game boy game I have left is Killer Instinct. The storage box of games was lost and that was the one in the game boy. Rough luck.

  19. Just use a hotwheels carrier to carry the games

  20. Na. When you beat one, you had to enter in some sort of code from one or the other to fight Ganon upon beating the one or the other as the second.

  21. Would a hotwheels display case work for storing game boy games?

  22. Burger time Deluxe and Bases Loaded are great

  23. Operation C (contra). Just found that game and a silver Gameboy Pocket at a garage sale the other day. It’s pretty impressive for a Gameboy game check it out.

  24. Game boy games I have but love them.
    1. Super Mario land 1,2,3
    2. Kirby dreamland and 2
    3. Tetris
    4. Dr mario
    5. Mega man dr wily revenge, ll , lll , lV, V, xtreme, and xtreme 2
    6. Legend of zelda link's awaking
    7. Metroid ll samus returns

  25. I actually do love solar striker, its simple but fun. I can still hear that boss music

  26. Solar Striker was one of the Gameboy games I grew up and played regularly at my great grandmother's house before going to school, especially over the summer. I never beat it, but I remember it fondly.

  27. Acrylic nail polish display racks are perfect for storing/displaying Game Boy games.

  28. I don't have DK Land but I do have a Solar Striker cart and I play it fairly frequently. I love its simplicity

  29. I have a big gameboy collection and I store mine in pokemon card tins

  30. I am from Canary Is. Spain and i love Solar Striker

  31. Double Dragon II for Game Boy is a weird localisation of Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun: Bangai Rantouhen, the sequel to River City Ransom.

  32. I have the solar striker, it is a good game but it does not have continuous.

  33. Dude no fucking way. Listening while playing solar striker on my original DMG.

  34. The method I use to display my Gameboy games, is I use nail polish racks. It may sound weird, but it works really well because, the games will face forward and it works with both the cases and without the cases.

  35. You know those plastic gameboy cartridge protectors by a bunch on amazon and hot glue them together done

  36. Got my copy of solar striker today. How dare you talk about how nobody talks about solar striker.

  37. The GameBoy Could Have Been A Calculator Too If It Was On A Cartridge. And I Would Have Liked A Video Game Like STREET'S OF RAGE Playing As A WOLF And As A RABBIT Fighting Against The Bad Animal's 😃👍. And There's A RARE Video Game Called TRIP WORLD And I Bought The Reproduction Cartridge, The Japanese Version Is Really EXPENSIVE. And The SNEAKY SNAKE'S Video Game Is My Favourite GameBoy Video Game 😃👍.

  38. "Horizontally, vertically, and up and down"

  39. Capcom PS4 and xbox disney afternoon is dope 6 NES classics.

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