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Super Mario Land (Game Boy Color) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

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A playthrough of Nintendo’s 1989 Game Boy game, Super Mario Land.

This version of the game has been patched to support color when running on a Game Boy Color system. For more information on how to play this game in color, check out

I’ve always loved this game. I first got it when I got my Game Boy for Christmas back in 1989, and have played it so many times in the years since. I thought that the work that was done to colorize this was really neat and suited the game well, so I figured I’d record a video of it in case anyone else was interested. It does work just fine on a real Game Boy Color with a flashcart!

*The video was recorded using the GBC LCD shader in Retroarch to give it that classic old-school hardware look that we all remember so well.*

Just in time for Game Boy’s 30th birthday, toruzz has just released a brand-new colorized version that he calls Super Mario Land DX, and it’s an extremely impressive update. Be sure to check out my new recording of it here:

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. Oooohhh mmmyyyyy ggaaawwdd the nostalgia hit me like shit hard

  2. Me: hears music nice

    My brain: SMG4? is that you?

  3. นึกถึงสมัยเด็กเลย

  4. What a sorcery happen in my brain when i hear the music of this

  5. 🥰🥰 this was recommended by YouTube first gameboy I ever beaten

  6. When I was young I thought this game was bootleg XD

  7. I love how the sub world's theme from this game made it as stage music in Super Mario Land 2 for that one stage in the Pumpkin zone.

  8. This was better than mario bros.. at least for me and my childhood memory

  9. Hygiene should be remade into a full switch game. I love how their is just odd stuff everywhere.

  10. This game was fun as hell back in the day.

  11. Кусок дерьма, а не игра! Fortnite – супер!

  12. Who else feel butterflies in the stomach everytime he jumps gaps?

  13. This was one of the few games that I actually liked and I beat it so many times

  14. Sometimes I like to break this game out to prove I can still beat it. Might be time to update the challenge.

  15. 8:46 Sorry, can we back the fuck up and explain how in God's perfect side-scrolling earth you're supposed to know how to do that?!

  16. 0:07 Esta melodía la escuché en un canal de YOUTUBE. ¿EN CUAL?🤔

  17. I remember that in this game there is a bug where when touching all the buttons at the same time on the main screen, the game starts at night

  18. Why they didn't remake this one .. I really enjoyed it when I was a kid. One of the best Mario games..

  19. I didn't even grow up with this game and it somehow nostalgic

  20. This is one of the video games the NYPD and DOE used to try to frame me for imaginary crimes….

  21. I was 11 when I moved to India with no friends and only this game for 3 years, man was I pro at it I wish I had recorded it, I got to a point I was able to played closing my eyes on some part haha good time

  22. So can the hack be patched. I downloaded it but it is not running on my emulator.

  23. 12:05 When you’re fishing it’s 12:00 pm and a fish is too big to catch so you gotta fight it

    13:06 Your plane is about to get hit by a missile then your plane goes down before the missile can hit it
    Seargeant: Quickly putting the plane down so they don’t die
    Crew: AAAAAAAAAAAA- Wait… is this heaven?
    Sargeant: NO! I SAVED YOUR LIVES.
    Mario: JACKPOT! collects coins
    Me: It’s just coins, dude…
    26:59 You’re going to San Fransisco

    This thing has no origin LOL

  24. I used to fight with my cousins playing this. lol

  25. I knew I wasn't fucking crazy. I went almost my whole life thinking the world 3 theme wasn't real

  26. so if you put super mario land in the gameboy color, it will not be in color?

  27. Does this super Mario land look like on the game boy Color?

  28. This is so nostalgic it's making me cry

  29. interesting that the submarine level is not under water, but under lava … with plants growing there at the ground and creatures swimming there and the submarine is not melting. And on the cover of this game Mario's submarine is diving in water.

  30. I remember my battery would always die in world 3 😂

  31. this just unlocked childhood memories I didn't know I possessed…thank you Mario

  32. I love this game, it reminds me of my childhood. Your playing is so amazing!!

  33. Are OG GameBoy Games Compatible With GameBoy Color

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