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Super Mario Land DX (Game Boy Color) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

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A playthrough of Nintendo’s 1989 Game Boy game, Super Mario Land.

This version of the game is running a patch that updates the game to support full color on a Game Boy Color system and modifies many of the game’s sprites to make the graphics more closely resemble the more modern Mario games. It also works just fine on a real Game Boy Color with a flashcart! For more information on the patch, check out

The updates are all the work of a guy that goes by the name “toruzz” on He’s the same guy behind the similarly excellent Super Mario Land 2 DX upgrade patch. You can check out my video of that one here:

I’ve always loved this game. I first got it when I got my Game Boy for Christmas back in 1989, and have played it so many times in the years since.

In all honesty, this patch is a pretty amazing piece of work. The game’s palettes have all been custom-rebuilt, and it doesn’t look like a hack at all – it all looks like how you’d imagine Super Mario Land would have looked if it had been made for the NES instead of the Game Boy. There have been a number of changes made to the enemy sprites to improve their detail and color definition which look awesome, as do the backgrounds – especially in the caves with the animated water. It’s a much cooler effect when it’s blue instead of olive green. I’m not so much a fan of the new Mario sprite, though. It looks great, but I can’t help but get distracted by how big he is. He doesn’t really feel true to the scale of the backgrounds and enemies anymore, and Big Mario’s running animation looks a little goofy. Still, I feel like a jerk mentioning something so minor when it’s clear so much work has been put into this, and for how excellent the overall package really is.

This is the OG-style Mario game that I wish Nintendo had released on the Game Boy Color – I mean, yeah, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe was awesome, but Super Mario Land needed more love than it got!

But if it’s any consolation, now that Game Boy is officially thirty years old, the system’s well-loved Mario launch-title has finally been given as good, if not better, a round of TL&C than Nintendo would’ve likely done for it themselves.

I’m sure Gunpei Yokoi would love it if he were still around. His baby has all grown up, and had babies of its own. Cue Elton John singing Circle of Life.

*The video was recorded using the GBC LCD shader in Retroarch to give it that classic old-school hardware look that we all remember so well.*
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. Flawless up until @12:38 but amazing playthrough. This really brings back my childhood

  2. now apparently the game boy color has color but i STILL CAN'T SEE THE SCREEN!!

    -Nathaniel Bandy

  3. Hello could help me is hard find …i played mario but forgot year wen was wa like this:
    Was need trough many lands and find medals for open big dor castel for fight boss.

  4. I have this game but the colors are pretty brown white and blue

  5. How does this play on a Gameboy pocket?

  6. Honestly I prefer the old sprites for Mario, not enought difference with big and small mario in this one

  7. The walk/running animation looks like Mario is leaning forward about to fall over.

  8. So on these playthroughs, y hasn't any1 ever gone by da boss characters an' hit da plug?

  9. NA: Super Mario Land DX
    EU: Super Mario Land DX
    JP: スーパーマリオランドDX

  10. Wow that's so cool I love the Gameboy Color Super Mario land

  11. Wow the New GameBoy COLOR Edition Style is 🙌👍👏

  12. They should keep original Mario sprites, this look like Wario.

  13. i actually cant get this game to run on my gameboy advance

  14. This game was technically made on Nintendo’s 100th Anniversary.

  15. This is cool. Some colors I would have chosen differently

  16. Childhood-Memories… The Original was my second Game after Tetris on my first Console, the Game Boy. This Game was quite easy, so I finished it very quick when I was a little Boy…

  17. What an amazing improvement over the original game. I highly recommend this version if you are new to Super Mario Land.

  18. Too bad the original game didnt look like this at all on GBC..but you could add a filter

  19. This game really was hard for me back in the days

  20. I really love this colorization, but the new Mario sprite is horrible, and that's why some people on RHDN do not recommend this hack. Plus if you notice, his death sprite is actually taken from Donkey Kong '94, which is… I dunno.

    By the way, if I knew how to colorize Game Boy ROMs, I would make a GBC patch for Atomic Punk (also known as Bomber Boy or Dynablaster). Because there's a port of the original Bomberman for NES, which is one of my favorite games, I want to see it in full color!

  21. This and SML2 DX look great but I feel like there’s something off about the Mario sprite…idk what it is

  22. This was a game that I played all the time when I was 4, too bad my gameboy has a problem with dead pixels so I cant play it easily anymore

  23. The only thing is missing is the color of Mario's outfit when using the Fire Flower.

  24. I was trying to guess where the sprite of this Mario came from and I realized that it was from the GB Donkey Kong 1994 game. Quite frankly it is the best sprite that could and should had been used for this game. Love it <3

  25. Wtf? Someone literally remade the original super Mario land.

  26. It was always a treat to see Game Boy games running full color via Super Game Boy or Game Boy Color and now that this exists we can all celebrate!

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