Super Mario Bros. on a Game & Watch vs. Game Boy Micro -

Super Mario Bros. on a Game & Watch vs. Game Boy Micro

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I examine and compare two of my 15 copies of Super Mario Bros.
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Written and edited by Akfamilyhome

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  1. Dude, just wait until people learn how to edit the firmware. Rhythm heaven will play on it after that.

  2. But, can you play Super Mario Bros. on your blender?

  3. you know, looking at this made me think.
    it's been 35 years now that nintendo try to make us buy super mario bros AGAIN.
    why isnt it mario bros 2 or 3 ? :/

  4. If someone manages to hack the Game & Watch, I might get another.

  5. Any system that runs Rhythm Heaven wins by default

  6. game boy micros better it can play rhythm tengoku

  7. I'm glad this isn't just another boring unboxing video

  8. Comment Section says:
    The categories you chose were perfect.
    And the reasoning for your point assignment was flawless!
    We loved the bit at the end!

    (You got a medal!)

  9. i like how you used the 9-volt jingle from warioware twisted during transitions

  10. YESSSSS, somebody who shares my love for Rhythm Tengoku GBA. It's so good. And it's difficult to play on anything else. Emulators don't seem to be just as frame perfect. Oh, and if you appreciate music games, check out the highly underrated Japanese only Sound Voyager from the Bit Generation series.

  11. I thought someone stole my photo. I took the same one with my Japanese 20tg anniversary gameboy micro.

  12. You Should Review The McDonald’s DS Game.

  13. Fun fact: the battery in the Game & Watch is the same battery, they used in the joy cons. Also Fun fact: The battery of the Switch Pro controller is the same as the one in the 3DS.

  14. You know something? Nintendo kinda missed an opportunity to do a Game & Watch Classic Edition that features over 50 of their G&W games and has a digital screen! This Super Mario Bros one that can play actual NES games and a digital recreation of Ball is a step in the right direction.

  15. This is the Game & Watch video I've been waiting for. I'll disagree on one point however: They kind of screwed up the D-Pad on the NES Classic, though the ones on the Switch Online controllers is perfect.

  16. has a game boy micro owner the L, R button break quickly

  17. I honestly forgot about the Game Boy Micro and I can see why nobody talks about it.

  18. I love my GBmicro. Ironically, the game I choose to use it with the most is Game & Watch Gallery 4.

  19. Jesus dude, dat intro assaulted my ears

  20. Take a close look at the Mario sprites on the micro, his face is messed up for some reason

  21. You know I really wanted a gameboy micro when I was younger, and I've been back on another kick for it now, but I'm wondering if maybe I should wait to see how much people start hacking the G&W

  22. The Mario Game&Watch is nice and all, but I still wish that they did a bit more with it. Like allow us to play more Game&Watch games instead of just ball.

  23. I have to ask because I can't find this information anywhere: can the SMB Game & Watch display time in a 24-hour format? (a.k.a. "military time")

  24. Well, I want to see vs psp go so we'll all know sony plays better nintendos game than nitendos hardware x)

  25. The game and watch sure is the best portable way to play Super Mario Brothers 1 and 2 in a portable way.
    But at what cost?
    Uh…you don't wanna see.

  26. Actually can’t survive a drop already seen a cracked one from a guys daughter dropping it. The micro has a thick metal body and replaceable plastic shields so even if you get a crack you can replace the front.

  27. I haven't charged my gameboy micro in about 14 years and it still has power.

  28. Me at the bruh the gaming micro win wtf man it's the game watch not micro

  29. I really dislike the mushy buttons on the game and watch.

  30. I mean as much as the Game and Watch looks cooler, the Micro wins simply for being able to run Doom and Doom 2 ports. Yes, the GBA has official ones, but it's pretty much law that everything runs Doom 1/2 at this point.

    lmao, 1MB flash was an amazing choice realistically, Nintendo hates the fans so it makes sense.

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