Super Mario Bros. on a Game & Watch vs. Game Boy Micro -

Super Mario Bros. on a Game & Watch vs. Game Boy Micro

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I examine and compare two of my 15 copies of Super Mario Bros.
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Written and edited by Akfamilyhome

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  1. The Game & Watch certainly can play Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels, and Ball.
    The Game Boy micro can play Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario World 2, Fire, Donkey Kong Jr., Mario’s Cement Factory, Boxing, Donkey Kong 3 and Rain Shower, as well as Chef, Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Octopus and Fire Attack.

  2. I wouldn't buy a console today just to play 2 or 3 games, sorry game&watch. -5 points

  3. Well, if you actually instal a cfw on the game & watch you might be able to play rhythm heaven

  4. Although I am sorta disappointed at the fact that they didn't include the famous words "Wide Screen" on the Game and Watch.

  5. rhythm heaven isn't important becuase the game and watch was made especially for super mario bros so it doesn't count

  6. Therapist: mario without mustache doesn't exist, he can't hurt you
    Mario without mustache:

  7. What the fuck you talking about, the d-pad on the pro controller is great

  8. When hack emulator on Game & watch. So we can play other Watch games or Virtual Boy or 😂

  9. I saw the New Fame and Watch version at Walmart, but never heard of the smaller. Game boy Micro version. Are these smaller Micro games available in the U.S. ?

  10. But you know… you can play hundreds of games on the micro.

  11. Him: "Gameboy Micro Wins"
    Internet: "Are You Sure About That?"

  12. This vid made my day
    What a 1 sided comparison

  13. With moding on the SMB game and watch you can play doom

  14. 0:48 your hands are in the incorret possition kind of like how people complain about the nes controller when they are holding it incorrectly

  15. Shouldn't the game boy micro get another point, for the fact that it can play Gameboy Advance games?

  16. One thing that people need to understand is this Game and watch is true to the Original dimension wise. It is designed to recreate that nostalgia. It's not supposed to be a GB micro by any stretch. This is a piece of high quality collectable nintendo art with updated internals, a treat for those who actually played them when they first came out.

  17. Btw u can turn the volume down on the game and watch in the pause menu

  18. Yeah, but can it play vbchuvhdewuhuherwfhuuwwrhyiurewwuihueunhfnuh? I thought not!

  19. in a alternative timeline game boy micro doesn’t have rhythm heaven so in that timeline game and watch wins

  20. Booo👎🏼👎🏼 It was supposed to be super Mario bros not rhythm heaven.Your making it look like game boy micro is better.


  22. Can it play Mario Drawing Song?
    Game & Watch wins!

  23. The "how fast can you start playing" test was not fair because the g&w was in sleep mode, and you started the gbm from power off. also the gba mario had a "save high score" feature that actually does not save high score but saves the last world you played on, so you can A+start even after you power off…

    but then at the end gbm won anyways so i rest my case

  24. Not much of a side by side when one plays 4 games and the other plays every gba cart.

  25. its funny how on YouTube, the outline on the Game & Watch is red, but in person, its maroon

  26. I wonder how the old game and watch compares to the micro, to sound and display and I wonder what batteries did game and watch have back then

  27. Sure the game boy micro can play rhythm heaven BUT the game & watch can run doom

  28. People are always complaining about scanlines, big pixels in handheld consoles and keep comparing with LCD screens. When you play a game MADE for these screens, the game looks amazing! When you play this games on LCD screens, without any sort of artificial scanlines, it looks awful!

    The best way to play GBA games is using nintendo DS 'cause you can play pixel perfect with a really great screen. When you play GBA games on LCD, it just looks bad.

    People should appreciate more the pixel art, the TRUE pixel art.

  29. On game boy micro details messed uuh yeah game and watch hats the point

  30. when you turn it it almost looks 3d-

  31. The secret to the game and watch sounding so loud is that the speaker is placed in sort of like a chamber that echos the sound making it louder.
    Pretty smart.
    I saw it in one of the videos on youtube where someone is taking one apart and to see whats inside and how he can hack it.

  32. hello guys, i have the gameboy micro 20th anniversary Mario edition does it worth anything ?

  33. Are you joking the game boy micro did not win you just give it One point so that means the game and watch Has six points so yeah game boy micro loses busted

  34. This guy reminds me of Dumbledore🤣

  35. If anybody is wondering, the transition music is 9volt’s jingle in warioware twisted

  36. oof

    Looks like i’m getting game boy micro!
    No seriously rhythm heaven is holy

  37. Not right gameboy micro is better cause on gameboy micro you van play more games,on game and watch just one👎👎👎

  38. I’d say the Game Boy Micro is built better. It has an aluminum case after all.

  39. Can’t wait for your review on the Legend Of Zelda one. IT HAS FOUR GAMES NOW!

  40. Game & Watch : You cannot defeat me
    Gameboy micro: I know but he can

    Introducing Gameboy Advance SP Famicom Edition

  41. Me: Yup, nice that the Game & Watch won.

    Video: One more criteria…Can it play Rhythm Heaven?

    Video after criteria: Game Boy Micro wins 9999999999 to 6!

    Me: Augh….

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